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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Part-Time Jobs For Older Workers

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If you’re over 50 and looking for work, part-time jobs are a great solution. Learn about the options.

By Dan Woog
Monster contributor
May 2019

“Your company won’t always take care of you. So you’ve got to take care of yourself.” That sobering advice, from syndicated career advice columnist Jim Pawlak, is hitting home with an increasing number of men and women who were raised to believe that doing a job well translates into a lifetime of comfort but instead find that job security is rare. Unsurprisingly, jobs for older people - workers over 50 - are especially being sought out.

ACCORDING TO THE BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS, more than 40% of adults age 55 and older are either working or looking for work as of March 2019. And a report from United Income said that 20% of adults over age 65 are either working or looking for work as of February 2019, compared with 10% in 1985.

The good news is that older workers may have fewer financial obligations than younger colleagues. With children are out of college, and homes possibly paid for, older candidates have some flexibility in the jobs to consider.

For these men and women in search of the best jobs for seniors over 60 and for workers in their 50s, part-time jobs may be an answer, although it will probably mean taking a more junior position, because, as Pawlak notes, there are no part-time positions in management.

Part-time jobs for older people are more likely to be lower-level positions in industries like retail and health care. And even for these positions, older workers must still brush up on computer skills and evaluate whether they need to expand their skill sets. But with a bit of insight and creativity, older workers can land part-time jobs that provide stimulation and challengesand pay more than minimum wage. (Have a look at all the part-time jobs available on Monster.)

Flexibility can pay off

When looking into available opportunities in your 50s, and even when researching best jobs for seniors over 60, remember that all your experience has gifted you with some valuable transferable skills. You might find you have better luck finding work outside of your industry.

Steve Reilly spent three decades in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, but when work in that field dried up, he turned to real estate. He enrolled in the necessary courses, researched firms in his area, and sold himself as someone with both technical and organizational skills. “It’s different than getting paid for work every day,” he says. “But I love the challenge of helping people - not organizations - deal with problems.”

Michael, who asked that his last name not be used, had to dumb down his resume to get work in a Phoenix frame shop. Thirty years of hiring engineers and running MIS projects priced him out of similar work in a field flooded with younger, cheaper employees. So he turned to his earlier background as an artist, removed unrelated degrees from his resume, and landed a job.

Plenty of jobs for older people start out in a similar way and then grow over time. Michael’s hours vary, but he’s made himself valuable because he volunteers to work any shift. He’s earning less than he once did, but he’ll soon be a manager.

Dave Harrison and his wife, Marianne, were also looking for work. They weren’t laid off, but after retiring in their late 50s and moving to Florida, they wanted to work again. In their new community, they networked and asked everyone they met for advice. They applied for full-time positions. When granted interviews, they offered to work part-time to help prospective employers save money.

Eventually, Marianne got her job as an aide in an academic office that way. Dave’s job as an assistant in the office of a youth sports organization was advertised as part-time.

The key is that “we took jobs where the tasks were less than we could handle, and the pay was less than we hoped to earn,” says Dave. “We knew if we got our foot in the door, we would earn our way to more responsibility and more pay.” They set a target of one year to prove to their employers that they could do more than they were hired for and should be compensated accordingly.

They proved themselves indispensable. In less than a year, Marianne was managing logistics for a graduate MBA program while her husband became executive director of a 1,200-player program.

“No one would hire us part-time at a salary we deserved,” he says. “We had to prove our value during the first year, and swallow our pride about wages.”

Advice for older job seekers

Some of the best jobs for seniors over 60 and workers in their 50s may not be what you’re expecting right off the bat, but its important to cast a wide net and keep an open mind. Dave Harrison recommends a few strategies when seeking out jobs for older people:

· Examine all potential job opportunities, full-time and part-time.

· Consider less-than-desirable assignments.

· Go above and beyond what an employer expected.

· Give an employer enough time to appreciate your contributions before asking for more compensation.

Lastly, he stresses the importance of working in a nonbureaucratic environment. ”You want a place that is small enough so that one person’s efforts can be seen and acknowledged,” he says.

Could you use some help in the later years of your career? Join Monster for free today. As a member, you can upload up to five versions of your resume and cover letter - each tailored to the types of jobs that interest you. Recruiters search Monster every day looking to find people with the work ethic, experience, and skills for top jobs. Get found and get to work.


Posted by Elvis on 09/20/20 •
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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Media Brainwashing Part III

image: media manipulation

As a matter of course, if there is a protest in a city, they might mention it, but they will not go into detail as to why the 99% are doing a protest. However, they will share their opinion how “these people” had to be shot at, beaten, and thrown into jail for peaceful protest! Moreover, the news is not information, it is justification for police brutality. When we protested the Vietnam War, everyone knew why…
- Dumbing Down the News

10 Strategies of Media Control According to Noam Chomsky

Exploring Your Mind
May 29, 2018

Noam Chomsky is one of the most highly respected intellectuals in the world. The New York Times said hes the most important thinker of our current era. One of the major things he’s done is calling out and analyzing the different strategies of media control being used today in the world.

Noam Chomsky first got attention for his work as a linguist, but hes also a philosopher and political scientist. He’s also become a major voice in the world of political activism. People share his writing all over the globe, and hes always gaining new readers.

Chomsky wrote an educational piece summarizing the strategies of media control. While his thoughts on it are deep and complex, he summed it up in simple, accessible terms with the aim of educating people.

1. Distraction

According to Chomsky, the most common of all the strategies of media control is distraction. It basically involves shifting public attention to meaningless or irrelevant things. Thats how they keep our minds occupied.

They also overload people with information or emphasize sporting events, celebrities, and trivia. The aim is to make people lose sight of the real problems.

2. Problem-Reaction-Solution

Sometimes the powers that be purposefully neglect, or at least don’t really address, certain realities. They make their citizens think its a problem that needs an outside solution. And THEY THEMSELVES PUT FORTH THE SOLUTION.

This is one strategy of media control used with unpopular decisions. For example, they might intentionally portray a public industry to be worse than it is because they want to privatize it. The idea is to justify selling it off.

3. The gradual strategy

The goal here is to get the public to allow things that they wouldn’t normally accept. How? By introducing them very gradually so the people wont even notice.

For example, it’s what has happened with the reduction in workers rights. In some societies they’ve implemented rules, or kinds of work, that make people eventually think its normal for a worker not to have any guarantees of social security.

4. Deferring

This strategy makes citizens think that they’re taking steps that might be bad in the short-term, but could pay off for the whole society in the future. The ends justify the means.

The goal is for people to get used to the bad things and not reject them. How? To get them to think about how good it will be later on. When the time comes, the normalization effect has already done its job. The people don’t protest not getting what they were promised.

5. Treat the people like children

A lot of televised messages, especially in advertisements, talk to people like they’re children. They use very strategic expressions, words, and attitudes topped with a halo of innocence.

The point is to get through peoples defenses. It’s a form of media control that tries to kills peoples’ critical thinking abilities. Politicians use these tactics too, impersonating fatherly figures.

6. Going the emotional route

The puppet-masters don’t want to activate peoples thoughtful sides. They want to stir up emotions and reach people’s unconscious. That’s why so many of these messages are full of emotional content.

The point is to cause a kind of short circuit in rational thinking processes. They use emotions to capture the overall meaning of the message, but not the specifics. This is another way they kill people’s critical thinking abilities.

7. Keeping the public ignorant

Keeping people ignorant is one of the main goals of those in charge. Ignorance means not giving people the tools they need to analyze things themselves. It means telling them the interesting parts, but never revealing the behind-the-scenes of what goes on.

Keeping people ignorant also means taking the focus away from education. It results in a huge gap between the quality of private and public education. They put quiet peoples thirst for knowledge and make intelligence unimportant.

8. Making the public complacent

Most trends and fashions don’t just come out of nowhere. There is almost always someone setting them in motion and promoting them. They do it to create homogenized tastes, interests, and opinions.

The media constantly promotes certain fashions and trends. Most of them have to do with frivolous, unnecessary, even ridiculous lifestyles. They convince people that acting this way is just whats in style.

9. Reinforcing self-blame

Another strategy of media control is making people think it’s them, and only them, to blame for their problems. Any bad thing that happens is entirely BECAUSE OF THEM. That’s how they get people to think their environment is perfect and if there’s anything wrong its their own fault.

Thus, people end up trying to fit into their environment and then feel guilty for not pulling it off perfectly. They misplace all the anger the system causes, endlessly BLAMING THEMSELVES instead.

10. Knowing people better than they know themselves

Over the last few decades, science has given us access to such knowledge about human biology and psychology. But this information still isn’t available to most people.

Only a tiny bit of information ever reaches the public. Meanwhile the elites have all this information and use it as they please. Once again we can see how ignorance makes it easier for the powers that be to control society.

The goal of these strategies of media control is to make the world into whatever the most powerful people want it to be. They block everyone’s critical thinking abilities and freedom. But it’s our responsibility to stop passively letting them control us. We must put up as much of a fight as we can.



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Friday, September 18, 2020

Freedom or Fascism

image: sucker

Freedom or Fascism? “Refusal to be Derailed from the Path of Truth”

By Julian Rose
Global Research
September 14, 2020

Here we are. No more speculation about “what awaits around the corner” the jail keepers are escorting us down the concrete corridor and the cell keys are hanging from his belt. Each one of us, in turn, convicted - without notice and without trial - of being Human and electing to express ourselves accordingly.  That is the new definition of “terrorist.”

The battle lines are drawn; there is no other way to honestly state it, we are in the fight of - and for - our lives. We go forward, with the courage and conviction which comes with refusing to be derailed from the path of truth. Or, capitulate to the central control system and fall into a very dark pit from which there is no charted escape.

We shall know each other by the calibre of our actions. We do not have to wear a badge announcing the “resistance.” The army that we are becoming is forming organically. No uniform required, no “uniformity” visible. We know our task and do not need to wait for a command.

We are aware of the composition of the war being waged upon us. And we are aware of being susceptible to certain elements of its dark agenda. So we know we have to rid ourselves of those vulnerabilities in order to come out on top. That is the first lesson in the art of this form of warfare. A warrior without self discipline and self awareness, is a lost cause.

Confronting an often invisible enemy is a new game. Yet a key component of our repressor’s armoury draws upon weaponised digital, algorithmic and irradiating technologies. One deals with these by withdrawing one’s allegiance to the tools and practices of a mind controlling ‘convenience’ culture.

The tyranny which is now directly manifesting has taken hold as a result of the inability, or unwillingness, of those in positions of responsibility to break the top-down anti-life chain of command and stand firm for truth and justice. Fear and bribery are the main tools being exerted to silence those who should not be silent.

This is leading to the complete capitulation amongst all categories of ‘officers of the state’ - to maintain integrity, responsibility and the imperative to uphold fundamentally civilised moral standards.

Yet there are many awakening to the realisation of their imprisonment. For some, this provokes a desire to seek shelter from the storm and, if possible, to turn a blind eye to recognising the degree to which their imprisonment stretches out into all corners of their daily lives. But others, sensing the profound implications of what lies in store should they not take action, turn to face the music and become warriors in the cause of justice, truth and liberty.

Now the beauty of turning to face the music, is that an unseen cosmic element immediately provides support in the mission one has chosen to undertake. Whereas for those who try to hide, no such propitious event occurs.

Choosing freedom makes one powerful. But carries with it a keen sense of responsibility to ‘practice as one preaches.’ It is not really possible to ditch all ones bad habits in one go, as those starting out on the conscious path find out. But is is possible, and absolutely necessary, to act on one’s key digressions without delay.

Making the decision to oppose the ways of the deep state and its corporate globalisation spiders web cannot involve resisting it with one hand and supporting it with the other. That is the road to somewhere worse than nowhere and the antithesis of the warrior’s path.

In order to ensure continuity between one’s words and one’s actions, one needs to take a quick scan of those daily routines that are not in line with ones determination to stand for justice, truth and liberty.

The most obvious priorities, given the nature of our oppressors, is to withdraw one’s support (money) from the major banks; one’s food purchasing from the major supermarkets and one’s medicines from the major pharmaceutical companies. Other steps will follow, but without starting by withdrawing ones support for these great behemoths of rampant social, ecological and economic degradation, can one really say that one is standing against fascism and for freedom?

The dictatorship descending upon us - using the alibi of the current Covid chimera provides the starkest opportunity most will ever have to turn to face the music. It is exactly the right catalyst to make one see, or at least seek, the truth -and then act on it.

The intentional chaos now manifesting, is our wake-up call. The preplanned ‘order out of chaos’ is the imposition of a FASCIST STATE; its that simple. And we have plenty of time to recognise the symptoms.

Every artery of society, in whatever part of the (post) industrialised ‘democratic’ world one might live in, has been steadily poisoned by the social engineering, predictive planning and creeping technocratic agenda emanating from the deep state’s global ambition to rule the world.

Our political institutions have capitulated to the blueprint of the global corporate elites and most of the population have gone along with them, not realising what agenda is being played-out.

The leading edge of the ‘new’ fascism is not an army of occupation, but a digital re-programming of the human mind. A technological toxic blanket of ‘virtual’ control separating man from nature, thus destroying the foundations of human evolution.

We who are now joining together, are doing so to create an army able to resist and turn around this cult of death. That’s why our own integrity in ‘practising as we preach’ is so vital. We must use our powers of discrimination to see through our own vacillations, and to dump the supposed ‘conveniences’ that undermine and delay our active commitment to respond to the key imperatives of our time.

Then, slowly but surely, the compromises that detour us from our goal - only to refresh the pockets of those we claim to be fighting - will be deleted and done away with. The integrated beings who emerge via successfully battling with their own vicissitudes, will be the only ones capable of taking-on the seemingly immovable oppressors of this planet, its peoples and all the living entities that comprise its vast diversity.

The emancipation of all these rests upon the courage and voracity we invest into harnessing our inner and outer drives for integrity and truth. That is what it actually means to choose freedom over fascism.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, writer, international activist, entrepreneur and teacher. His latest book ֑Overcoming the Robotic Mind Why Humanity Must Come Through֒ is particularly prescient reading for this time: see He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.


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Monday, September 14, 2020

NWO - Biden’s New World Order

image: global reset

“Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective - a new world order - can emerge.”
- President George H. W. Bush, September 11, 1990.

“The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order.”
- Vice President Joe Biden, April 5, 2013.

“I think that his [Obama’s] task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period, when really a ‘new world order’ can be created. It’s a great opportunity.”
- Henry Kissinger, January 5, 2009.

“And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.”
- Revelation 11:8

Biden’s ‘New World Order’ and UN Agenda 2030 - One World Government

By Michael L. Clark
Communal News
April 3, 2020

The Holy Bible of Christians TEACHES a prophecy of a “one world leader.” As we take a look at the UN AGENDA, we can see ourselves getting closer to a one world government and with that, eventually, a one world leader. The idea of a One World Government/authority has been in the minds of some politicians for quite some time.

The list of current world leaders that have pushed toward a new world order is increasing in numbers. A partial list of top government officials in the United States would read; George H W Bush, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, just to name a few, and by their own admission.

Bible prophecy or not its easy to see whats culminating. We see the Pope aligning himself with the enemy of Christianity. We see the UN set to control by 2030. We see top government officials around the world openly discussing a new world order. So it’s certainly only a matter of time until that Bible prophecy is fulfilled.

KISSINGER stated in 1994: “The New World Order cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change its perceptions.” Then on January 5, 2009, when asked on television by CNBC anchors about what he suggests Barack Obama focus on during the current Israeli crises he replied that it is a time to reevaluate American foreign policy and that, “he can give new impetus to American foreign policy.  I think that his task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period, when really a new world order can be created. Its a great opportunity. It isn’t such a crisis.”

Former United Kingdom Prime Minister and British Middle East envoy Tony Blair stated on November 13, 2000 in his Mansion House speech: “There is a new world order like it or not.” He used the term in 2001, November 12, 2001 and 2002. On January 7, 2003, he stated that “the call was for a new world order. But a new order presumes a new consensus. It presumes a shared agenda and a global partnership to do it.”

Not everyone would agree to a ‘one world overseer.’ At present it seems impossible to appoint one person as World Leader, but in the near future it certainly seems plausiible. Rosa Koire does an excellent job of decyphering the UN AGENDA 2030.

A one-world government is a goal popular with Liberals, Globalists, and others ranging from the Right to the far-Left, in which all the Nations of Earth will abandon their sovereign rights and bend to the will of the United Nations or some other worldwide government. Liberals and Globalists, and Socialists see this as a utopian goal, while opponents see it as a dystopia.

A one-world government is an ultimate goal of the Left, Liberals and Socialists. They believe in the concept that humanity is progressing for the better, and they want to create a world where humans are unified and where there are no wars, conflicts, or borders around the world. Supranational organizations such as the World Trade Organization, the Paris Climate Agreement, United Nations, European Union, appear to be running neck and neck to a complete one-world government. All these organizations are supported by Liberals, Globalists, and Socialists.

This is big government on a grand scale.

Many Christians believe that the Earth will be united under a one-world government, based on Scripture. In the popular Left Behind series, the Antichrist begins his plan by subsuming America into the One-World Government. This is based on the Book of Revelation. Orthodox Christians believe that the ultimate reason for the push for a one-world government is rebellion against God leading to the Antichrist. Globalist, Liberals and Socialists believe that their God has no authority over how the Earth is ran, including governments. Some globalists also want to effectively create a unified world religion. In my personal opinion, such a religion would have to be forced upon the people.


Posted by Elvis on 09/14/20 •
Section Revelations
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Sunday, September 13, 2020

I’m Voting Green

image: american flag

This aging old man had it with the democratic party after BERNIE SANDERS sold us out - for the second time - EARLIER THIS YEAR.

It’s time to vote green and stop supporting either of the EVILS of our phony two-party system.

Like Chris Hedges SAYS;

“We must overthrow the system, not placate it.”

“I am not willing to surrender every issue I care about to become an accomplice in this moral squalor and death march to extinction.

But I am also not naive enough to tell you we can win. The corporate state has built very effective mechanisms of control and oppression, but these corporate forces have us by the throat, and they have my children by the throat.

In the end, I do not FIGHT FASCISTS because I will win, I fight fascists because THEY ARE fascists.”

Statistically, my vote will mean nothing - but it means I stopped buying into our horribly CRUEL system that destroyed so many lives - now after the PLANET:

It might be all over for the Greenland ice sheet.

A new study has found that even if global warming were to stop tomorrow, its glaciers will keep shrinking.

Still the EXXONMOBILS of the world keep up with their pollution while the politicians in their pockets look the other way. 

Whose the green candidate this year?

image: howie hawkins green pary

HOWIE HAWKINS from Syracuse, NY.

A retired Teamster, Howie Hawkins is the original Green New Dealer, the first US candidate to campaign for a Green New Deal in 2010.

Howie is also one of the original Greens in the United States, having participated in the first national meeting to organize a US Green Party in St. Paul, Minnesota in August 1984.

As the Green Party’s candidate for governor of New York in 2010, 2014, and 2018, each time he received enough votes to qualify the Green Party for a ballot line for the next four years.

Outside of electoral politics, Howie has been a constant organizer in peace, justice, union, and environmental campaigns.


Posted by Elvis on 09/13/20 •
Section Dying America
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