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Cayce on World War III “Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrows questions.” - Edgar Cayce Many of Cayce’s psychic readings occurred in the early part of the 20th century during two World Wars and the Great Depression, but before his death in 1947 he had already seen many of his predictions come true, including FORETELLING… Elvis 04/23/18 0
Evictions Desmond won a Pulitzer Prize in 2017 for his book, Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City. His latest project is THE EVICTION LAB, a team of researchers and students at Princeton University dedicated to amassing the nation’s first-ever database of eviction. To date, the Lab had collected 83… Elvis 04/17/18 0
What Not to Say To An Isolated Older Adult As her grief escalated, so did her feeling of abandonment. “Nobody knew what to say in the situation, so they just left me alone,” said Kubota. Though they offered the standard “Let me know what you need,” Kubota, facing responsibilities she really couldn’t manage on her own, found it hard… Elvis 04/16/18 0
Why the World is Being Decivilized Money is no guarantee that a person or place is civilized (exhibit one, the White House). You might say it means power - but that’s false, too. Nero was powerful, but he wasn’t civilized. He was a barbarian wearing a crown. What made him one? To the barbarian, violence is… Elvis 04/08/18 0
Workplace Stress "It’s pretty clear that the human costs—in terms of death—and the economic costs, in terms of elevated health care spend, are quite substantial,” Pfeffer said in a recent interview about his new book, DYING FOR A PAYCHECK. Pfeffer’s book, released Tuesday, is built around a 2015 paper that said more… Elvis 03/31/18 0
Book: The People Vs. Democracy Mounk, who grew up in Germany in the 80s and 90s, attracted attention in late 2016 for co-authoring an article that found people in the Westand young people in particular - are less enamored with democracy and more open to autocracy than ever. Coverage of the study was criticized for… Elvis 03/29/18 0
Global Hypnosis Your car will drive you. Your fridge will order new food items. Your heat and air conditioning will operate beyond your control. Your toaster will decide how brown the bread will be. Your whole home will run on prescribed algorithms, deciding how much energy you can use and when. You… Elvis 03/28/18 0
Third World U.S.A. Part 10 - The Gig Economy "Due to the huge numbers of cars available with desperate drivers trying to feed their families,” wrote Schifter, “they squeeze rates to below operating costs and force professionals like me out of business. They count their money and we are driven down into the streets we drive becoming homeless and… Elvis 03/27/18 0
Corporate Grief One Friday in May 2008, I walked into the corporate job Id held for a year, and dropped by the bathroom before going to my desk. Inside was a young woman weeping, hands covering her face, her tears hitting her white blouse. It was disturbing, but I said nothing to… Elvis 03/26/18 0
Why Don’t Americans Care About Each Other Today, high school students across America are walking out. But lets remember exactly why. Because their elders HAVE ALLOWED gun massacres at schools, and appear totally unmotivated or unmoved to change it. Hence, its left to the vulnerable kids to fend for themselves. Pull yourself up!! How Lord of the… Elvis 03/25/18 0
American Suicide Is In The Cards Most Americans are unaware of Identity Politics, and those who hear about it dismiss it as something silly. But it is the core politics of the Democratic Party and the liberal/progressive/left that is rivaling the neoconservatives for control over the American psyche. I wrote about the article in the Texas… Elvis 03/23/18 0
Returnship A corporate communications specialist, she was hired when she was 61. She’s able to telecommute three days a week. She participates in a weekly “Fit Over 60” exercise class at the office. Her employer has allowed her to take classes to learn new skills. Meagher said that when she previously… Elvis 03/22/18 0
Cutting Old Heads at IBM But when high tech suddenly started SHIFTING and companies went global, IBM faced the changing landscape with a distinction most of its fiercest competitors didn’t have: a large number of experienced and aging U.S. EMPLOYEES. The company reacted with a strategy that, in the words of one confidential planning document,… Elvis 03/22/18 0
Millenial Musings Older generations, and even millennials who are better off and who have managed to achieve a sort of petit-bourgeois freedom, might find this sentiment unimaginable, even abhorrent. And yet, in studying the reaction to the CNN piece and reaching out to millennials who had responded to it, I was astounded… Elvis 03/19/18 0
Failure Long-term Unemployment Statistics In February 2018, there were 1.397 million long-term unemployed individuals. There are 20.8 percent of the unemployed who have been looking for work for six months or more. That’s better than the record high of 46 percent in the second quarter of 2010. The number of unemployed… Elvis 03/15/18 0
Orlando The Next Silicon Valley The consolidation of TALENT BUBBLE in SILICON VALLEY has burst. It was a great run. Where do people and companies go next? When you’re considering where to relocate, which I’m in the process of doing myself, access (both to capital and talent) is key. What I look for in a… Elvis 03/15/18 0
Big Media Hides Truth About Immigration II The OPTIONAL PRACTICAL TRAINING (OPT) program, in which the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT pays American employers to discriminate against American workers has grown rapidly in recent years, and during FY 2017 it used nearly $2 billion swiped from trust funds for the elderly to favor 240,000 alien college grads over an equal… Elvis 03/02/18 0
Preying On The Job Seeker 17 The recruiter emailed me this: Authorization & Release: As a registered candidate of Big Staffing Company Inc., I may elect to participate in certain programs, including, but not limited to, training, assessment, and certification programs and courses ("Programs"). As a condition of my participation in the Programs, I authorize Big… Elvis 02/14/18 0
Can’t Find A Qualified US Worker Redux 8 What are companies to do when there’s not enough talent and what talent there is will just leave? I can sympathize with this, to an extent. It’s a tight labor market (though maybe not as tight as claimed), and certain jobs are harder to hire for than others. Less glamorous… Elvis 02/05/18 0
America In Collapse 2 Why? When we take a hard look at US collapse, we see a number of social pathologies on the rise. Not just any kind. Not even troubling, worrying, and dangerous ones. But strange and bizarre ones. Unique ones. Singular and gruesomely weird ones I’ve never really seen before, and outside… Elvis 02/01/18 0
Preying On The Job Seeker 16 Dear Elvis My name is Shreya and i represent Genesys Infotech ( ). I saw your profile online and felt that you might be interested in a few jobs that I am helping my Direct Client fill. All the positions full time, in Gaithersburg, MD. You can learn more… Elvis 01/25/18 0
Finlands Universal Basic Income Trial The trial BEGAN earlier this year and is being managed by Kela, the national social-insurance institute. Kela selected 2,000 Finns between the ages of 25 and 58, each of whom was receiving some form of unemployment benefits, to receive 560 (about $645) per month. In theory, this project would give… Elvis 01/15/18 0
Session Replay Scripts What can go wrong? In short, a lot. Collection of page content by third-party replay scripts may cause sensitive information such as medical conditions, credit card details and other personal information displayed on a page to leak to the third-party as part of the recording. This may expose users to… Elvis 01/15/18 0
Drugs Du Jour The timing of these twin bans was not coincidental. Ahead of the First World War, politicians and newspapers had created a hysteria surrounding the “dope fiends” whose use of cocaine, heroin and certain amphetamines allegedly showed that they had been “enslaved” by the German invention, as noted in Thom Metzer’s… Elvis 01/05/18 0
Talking About Suicide According to my doctors, I was suffering from depression - a term I had used cavalierly throughout my entire life. Surely what I was experiencing could not be something as innocuous as depression? While everyone’s EXPERIENCE WITH DEPRESSION is unique, mine went something like this: a July that didn’t feel… Elvis 01/04/18 0
Personality and Unemployment From 1991 to the year 2001, the United States was in its longest ever period of economic expansion. Even from 2001 to 2007, the economy continued to expand with the “Dot Com” boom and technological advancements with the computer. In the year 2007, a period known as the “Great Moderation”… Elvis 01/01/18 0
Democracy Hollowed Out Part 34 - The Day The Internet Died These kinds of arrangements, commonly called “fast lanes,” will inevitably favor big companies and hurt innovation, net neutrality advocates have warned. The FCC isn’t just making it so internet providers don’t have to follow the rules. The order voted on Thursday almost entirely removes the FCC from any responsibility when… Elvis 12/17/17 0
What The Bible Says About The Poor The new tax reform bill has led to an intense debate over whether it would HELP OR HURT THE POOR. Tax reform in general raises critical issues about whether the government should redistribute income and promote equality in the first place. Jews and Christians look to the Bible for guidance… Elvis 12/13/17 0
A Poverty Of Understanding III The tour, which kicked off on Friday morning, will make stops in four states as well as Washington DC and the US territory of Puerto Rico. It will focus on several of the social and economic barriers that render the American dream merely a pipe dream to millions - from… Elvis 12/11/17 0
Boomers Burned By Recession Part 8 I have been fortunate. I have been poor for quite a long time now, so Im pretty good at it. The simple no-frills life is fine by me. - Debie Millions of us are trying to wrap our brains around futures that look nothing like the ones we imagined. How… Elvis 12/10/17 0
Bad Moon Rising Part 70 - The End Of Empire 2 Ill tell you about the instant I gave up on America ever being great again. When my oldest friend failed to reach me on Skype a few weeks back, a strange reconnect on his device put me in the position of a fly on the wall with he and two… Elvis 12/05/17 0
Rationalizing Suicide This same issue was raised by at least one woman interviewed in the film, “The Bridge,” which tracked the horrifying suicides from the Golden Gate Bridge over a year. This woman accepted that her grandson - like his mother - was geared to kill himself his whole life. The NY… Elvis 12/04/17 0
The U.S. Political System Has Been Hijacked America’s political system was long the envy of the world. It advanced the public interest and gave rise to a grand history of policy innovations that fostered both economic and social progress. Today, however, our political system has become the major barrier to solving nearly every important challenge our nation… Elvis 12/04/17 0
Shift Change Theresa Riley: What drew you to this topic as filmmakers? Why did you want to make this film? Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young: As filmmakers we don’t just expose problems. We want to help people find solutions. In 2002 we were in Argentina at the height of their economic crisis,… Elvis 10/11/17 0
All Hollowed Out Meanwhile, other recent research has piled on the bad news for those without college degrees. A Pew study released last month found that the size of the middle class defined by a consistent income range across generations - has shrunk over the last several decades. In part, this is because… Elvis 10/10/17 0
Bad Moon Rising Part 69 - The End Of Empire The empire will limp along, steadily losing influence until the dollar is dropped as the world’s reserve currency, plunging the United States into a crippling depression and instantly forcing a massive contraction of its military machine. Short of a sudden and widespread popular REVOLT, which DOES NOT SEEM LIKELY, the… Elvis 10/05/17 0
The New Reality Of Old Age In America "I’m going to work until I die, if I can, because I need the money,” said Dever, 74, who drove 1,400 miles to this Maine campground from his home in Indiana to take a temporary job that pays $10 an hour. Dever shifted gently in the tractor seat, a rubber… Elvis 10/02/17 0
Labor Day 2017 --- Trumps Labor Day Nearly one out of every five American workers is in a part-time job. Two-thirds are living paycheck to paycheck By Robert Reich September 4, 2017 This will be the first Labor Day of the presidency of Donald J. Trump, who came to office riding a wave… Elvis 09/04/17 0
Is There an Age Discrimination Epidemic? The authors begin the discussion by stating this fact: the aging of the U.S. population, together with the lower labor force participation rate of older people (those 65 years and older) compared with that of their younger counterparts (ages 25 to 64 years), is inevitably leading to a sharp rise… Elvis 08/29/17 0
Deaths Of Despair II In 2015, two Princeton economists found that the death rate among white, middle-aged men, rather than falling, like with most other groups, was instead rising. The mortality rate for working class white men, between the ages of 45 and 54 had been steadily rising since 1999. According to suicide prevention… Elvis 08/12/17 0
Unmarried Boomers and Old Age The answer was a no-brainer: “My brother was in a position I wanted,” says Marak, now a 64-year-old editor at who lives in Waco, Texas. Although she had been married and divorced earlier in life, at that point she had no kids and “made a very conscious decision” to… Elvis 08/11/17 0
Desperate Men While the layoff shattered his hopes and, Gary believes, was unwarranted, he refused to blame his employer. “I had no reason to take that job,” he explained. “I thought I was going to make a more stable environment, you know. And I was wrong, you know, but that - that… Elvis 08/10/17 0
Change - Theories E and O --- The Dumbest Business Idea Ever. The Myth of Maximizing Shareholder Value The dominant business philosophy debunked By Lynn Stout European and Financial Review May 2013 By the end of the 20th century, a broad consensus had emerged in the Anglo-American business world that corporations should be governed according to… Elvis 07/21/17 0
The Awakening Part 12 The new word for the proletariat in America is the “PRECARIAT.” IN THEIR ECONOMIC LIVES and in their personal and family lives Americans live on the brink of disaster. A majority, 63% of Americans do not have $500 TO COVER A LIFE EMERGENCY. Almost of us cannot cover an emergency… Elvis 07/03/17 0
Can’t Find A Qualified US Worker Redux 3 Yet while Mr. Bridges had no work history, he had certain skills. He had built and sold some stripped-down personal computers, and he had studied information technology at a community college. When Mr. Bridges heard IBM was hiring at a nearby operations center in 2013, he applied and demonstrated those… Elvis 06/30/17 0
Land Of The Walking Dead The reality of Trump’s election may be the most momentous development of the age because of its enormity and the shock it has produced. The whole world is watching, pondering how such a dreadful event could have happened. How have we arrived here? What forces have allowed education, if not… Elvis 06/26/17 0
Tell Your Story But “encore” doesn’t exactly fit my own experience. My aim at ProPublica is to find out whether it doesn’t fit others as well and to learn how people entering their later careers ARE FARING. I was laid off at 63. It took me 15 months to find a new job.… Elvis 06/19/17 0
Culture of Fear in the Workplace The report, “Challenging the Business of Fear”, was prepared by Raise the Floor Alliance, which is a coalition of Chicago worker centers, and the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI). Surveys and interviews were conducted with nearly 300 Chicago-area workers from a variety of low-wage industries, including warehousing, manufacturing,… Elvis 06/18/17 0
There is No B.S. Like The BLS The highly deceitful Birth/DeathӔ model gave the BLS 238k newly createdӔ jobs from alleged new business formation in excess of jobs lost from failed businesses in May. This number is shown before its sent through the BLSҒ X‑13ARIMA‑SEATS software developed by the U.S. Census Bureau.Ӕ No one knows exactly how… Elvis 06/05/17 0
Point Based Attendance Policy WALMART, the single largest employer in America with 2.3 million EMPLOYEES worldwide, has come UNDER FIRE for its attendance policy. Based on conversations with Walmart employees and results of a survey of more than 1,000 current and former Walmart employees, worker advocacy group A BETTER BALANCE issued a REPORT Thursday… Elvis 06/03/17 0
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