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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Unthinkable World Of Today

by Dorothy Anne Seese
February 26, 2006

In 1960, space aliens would have been more plausible

The magnitude of panic engulfing most of today’s world would have seemed far less credible than an invasion by space aliens forty-some years ago. 

Who could have imagined a world in which the prospect of the Pale Horse riding, with death close behind, would encompass the entire globe? Or that hundreds of thousands of birds and animals would be slaughtered because of strange virii or bacilli that cause sickness and death? Bird flu and mad cow mania have taken hold of the worst of human fears, that of death (which is inevitable) and are running amok at the first sneeze from a pet parrot or canary, or a chicken with a hacking cough.  Somehow, the AIDS epidemic keeps multiplying its victims, but no one wants to control or monitor their sex lives ... sin without consequences or life without pain and death are fantasies in which this peculiar world has come to believe.  But it refuses to believe in the Creator God and chooses to elaborate on the theme of man having evolved (male and female) out of the primordial slime. (I’d like to know Who these folks believe created this slime?)

In the 1960’s we were well aware of the possibility of mankind annihilating itself through use of the atomic, hydrogen or other esoteric bombs, a great conflagration but hopefully limited.  Yet we knew about a no-win war and the fear of losing control over the scope of the devastation seems to have kept every nation in a state of hesitancy to let go with the worst of the worst.  Thus, where man fears his own creations in atomic weaponry, he backs off in panic at the thought of a worldwide pestilence that will annihilate most of the humans on earth and leave the planet a giant body dump.

About 1981, AIDS entered the world scene and made its presence known by killing off celebrities whose demise could no longer be attributed to some other cause.  AIDS itself became the “cause celebre” because mankind, of course, still wants sin without consequences.  So great sums of taxpayer dollars, mostly American, have been spent on trying to eliminate this devastating disease that now preys on the children of heterosexual couples, one or both of which have contracted the disease through affaires d’amour with infected partners.

The erasure of national borders in a worldwide saga of globalist elite control is playing out, in America with its administration unwilling to close the borders, in Europe with the European Union and the Euro currency. How does one make an Italian or a Frenchman just a “European?” By media and governmental controls, reinforced by kangaroo courts that serve the elitists who place them in a position of such power.  Yet external controls never changed a human heart ... nor will they ever.  “Citizen of the world” is no identity at all save for the few who wish to take on such a non-identity as part of their role-playing while they go about singing, writing, or doing whatever they do. In a sense, Ernest Hemingway was a “citizen of the world” because he traveled around it, seeking something and writing novels based on his observations, but he died in America, an American who took his own life.  Such is the effect of pulling up one’s own roots in search of something to replace the God who IS.

Selling out American control over American ports of entry, allowing foreigners to own huge blocs of stock in American (or formerly American) companies, permitting foreigners to control huge companies that bear familiar American names, and trafficking with our enemies on the diplomatic level while shooting at them on the ground is perfectly normal in 2006 and has been for a couple of decades now.  All in good sportsmanship, you know. It’s just freedom of expression.

And a frustrated group of American patriots speak out against the evils of this nation and others around the globe, but nothing changes.  All governments of every species or label (monarchy, oligarchy, etc.) say one thing and do quite another, so that friends among the elite are detached from the people of the nations to which they legally belong (for passport purposes).  Thus, chaos reigns on the planet while the global elite bicker a bit about how to divide the earth’s population amongst themselves for purposes of rulership.

Quite a scheme, unthinkable in the 1960’s by the public, but put in motion in 1776 by the “manifesto” drawn and published for global control and attributed to Adam Weishaupt.  Yes, the shadow figures called by some “the Illuminati” really do exist; some are in high office, most are not.  The world banking, drug, and commercial cartels are directed by “Illuminati” with global resources.  They are the movers and shakers of nations and the masses of people, the ones who direct, up to a point, who lives and who dies.

So where is my God in all this mess?  Watching carefully the scenarios that were written millennia ago play out on the world stage until the day that He re-enters this spacetime world and executes final judgment on the generations, living and deceased, who have allied themselves with the satanic globalist forces.  No globalist can be a Christian, the worldviews and mindsets are mutually exclusive. One cannot give full allegiance to Creator God, the God of the Bible, and to the leaders of the New World Order by any name.

Thus those who feel progress and tolerance have been furthered by rejecting God, by espousing globalism, by allying themselves with the godless State that is itself sitting in the place of God, have wreaked havoc upon earth, creating needless wars that kill and maim, cloning laboratory freaks, creating new virii to kill and vaccines to protect the few, have earned themselves a justified place in eternal Hell.  Such is justice in the sight of God, to whom all sin is repugnant and who sent His Son to pay for the redemption of His elect from before the foundation of the world.

Man is not inherently good.  Some folks demonstrate more empathy than others for their fellow man, but in the sight of God not one is good.  The exponential growth of “sin industries” such as the sex slave trade, child pornography, adult pornography, scientific horrors that create an abnormal world (from genetically modified foods the body cannot assimilate to cloned disasters that mock creation), and the total breakdown of all God-ordained institutions such as marriage and the home, children with two parents (one male, one female) have demonstrated just how “good” man is.  God, through the prophet Jeremiah, had this to say, and the daily news broadcasts bear it out:

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

We humans scarcely know that of which we are capable until the occasion arises, and then we surprise ourselves, for better or worse, depending on whose we are:  The Lord’s or the devil’s.

Any righteousness we have in the sight of God is not of ourselves nor of our fleshly birth, but of a spiritual rebirth that transforms us and imputes to us the righteousness of Christ the Lord.  The gospel of grace is really quite easy to understand at the core level:  Christ died for our sins and was raised from the dead for our justification in God’s sight.  In receiving Christ, there is a spiritual transaction that is a genuine mystery: we are translated from the kingdom of darkness to God’s kingdom of light, and evidence of this is given in the “fruit” we bear ... our obedience, our conduct, our worldview, our love and our service to our Lord.  For this, we are children of light and have done only what it is our duty to do, we earn no “Brownie points” for doing what Christians are recreated in Christ to do.  From the look of things, there are far more churchians who profess to be Christians than there are recreated, rebirthed Christians whose inner self longs for that kingdom and despises this evil world.

The fact is, we were approaching a better world in America than we have now.  The forces of evil caught the church asleep at the pulpit and in the pews. The globalists have taken our freedoms and dared us to defy the authorities and preach Christ regardless of the consequences. Fear has caused many to stumble and go with the flow, dead fish floating downstream with the rest of the flotsam and jetsam of humanity.  There was a desire to do that which is disallowed by the Christian faith, and the churchians agreed with the world that there should be room for everyone, that God, being pure Love, can send no soul to Hell, and that willful sin shall have no eternal punishment.  That false “gospel” is trash and it’s accepted in some of the largest church groups in America, along with fragments from New Age philosophy and Zen, fraternity with unbelievers, and refusal to live the Christian life as it is spelled out in the New Covenant.

No wonder, no wonder at all, that such a rebellious people have brought upon themselves that which was unthinkable as late as the early to mid-1960’s.  “Tolerance” included everything but a tolerance for the God of the Bible ... and shall in due time reap what it has sown.

The Bible pattern is that the faithful are always a remnant, a rather small remnant after the Flood of Noah’s Day, and that remnant of the Elect shall inherit the Kingdom of God, while this world perishes by fire.

That isn’t unthinkable at all.  It is the highest form of justice, to cleanse the earth of sin and its evil offspring, symbolized by the Four Horsemen who have been riding since sin entered this spacetime world. It seems the speed of their ride has accelerated, with vast tsunami disasters, the reign of fear, the spread of disease, and an earth that quakes while the patterns of climate and the harvests of dust increase the level of fear around the globe.  What the elite globalists shall inherit, along with eternal spiritual death, is a half-dead earth filled with weak and unproductive people living in the precursor to Hell.

The wages of sin is death, a spiritual law that no liberal Supreme Court or vile international court can reverse or control.  Spiritual law is beyond their reach.  Where, then, is your Refuge?  That should be obvious.


Posted by Elvis on 04/23/06 •
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