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Friday, August 29, 2008

Trane Wreck

My deluxe, two-stage, QUALITY Trane XL16i broke AGAIN

That’s three times in two years.

According to the tech - a capacitor failed resulting in the compressor not working.

I’m starting to get used to the hot air at home - both from the bubbly Trane customer service folks, and their horrible product.

Posted by Elvis on 08/29/08 •
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Malaysia Government Blocks Bloggers

As Bloggers Take Office In Malaysia, Gov’t Orders ISPs To Block Certain Blogs

August 29, 2008

Over the last couple of years, we’ve had a series of interesting stories about how the Malaysian gov’t is dealing with “blogs.” First, a gov’t official SLAMMED BLOGS and tried to pass a law requiring bloggers to register with the government. Outrage over such a plan resulted in it being SCRAPPED, but the majority ruling party still struggled with blogs—though tried to figure out ways to respond to them more feasibly than attacking them. It set up a gov’t agency to RESPOND to bloggers, and later required certain candidates for offices to SET UP THEIR OWN BLOGS. Of course, it also tried to crack down on some bloggers it didn’t like, including having a state owned paper file a libel suit over a blog.

So, with that background, it was interesting to spot two separate stories having to do with blogs in Malaysia. The first, talks about how one of the political bloggers who had been so critical of the gov’t turned that attention into GETTING HIM ELECTED AS AN OPPOSITION CANDIDATE. He’s now taking office. However, the other article shows that the ruling party hasn’t quite come to grips with these opposition blogs. Perhaps because of the victories of blogging members of the opposition party, the GOVERNMENT HAS NOW ORDERED Malaysian ISPs to start blocking certain political blogs.

From the sound of it, the ruling party is still pretty confused about how this all works. While it gave lip service to blogging, when blogging appeared to help the opposition a lot more than it helped the ruling party, it decided to start blocking and censoring certain blogs critical of the government. This seems pretty likely to backfire, as it should only upset gov’t critics even more—including those who are now in the Parliament itself.


Posted by Elvis on 08/29/08 •
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Importance Of Respect

Moving to different countries and states as a young child might have set the template for Jim Welchs life. He learned to adapt to other cultures and people easily whether he was living in Israel or Texas. ғGrowing up in so many different places, and going to different schools and meeting different people, I have a healthy appreciation for what it takes to get along, said Welch, who is now Vice President of North American Distribution of Government and Commercial Markets for Motorola and manages approximately 700 people. ԓIt had a huge impact on me and I understood what it means to start all over again and make new friends. Its a fantastic opportunity.Ҕ Being respectful of others became a powerful tool for Welch in the various environments he lived and worked. He knew he had to adapt and get along with others.

Core Values

Honesty - the quality or state of being truthful
Integrity - strict adherence to a standard of value or conduct
Sportsmanship - observing the rules of play and winning or losing with grace
Respect - to feel or show deferential regard for; esteem
Confidence - reliance or trust, a feeling of self-assurance
Responsibility - accounting for one’s actions
Perseverance - to persist in an idea, purpose or task despite obstacles
Courtesy - considerate behavior toward others
Judgment - the ability to make a decision or form an opinion

“Respect in the workforce involves working in a diverse environment to get everyone working at a maximum level, explained Welch. In valuing others, even when you have tough conversations and sometimes it can get tough, you have to be considerate. Because he esteems those he interacts with in his life and work, Respect is the core value of the First Tee of Greater Austin Welch relates to the most. At Wireless Valley (one of Welchs employers), we grew from 8 to 45 employees in just over a year and that included a team that partnered with India, he explained. Despite our very different backgrounds, we came together as a team, we were respectful of each otherҒs specific contributions to the team, and we worked well together.

While he only recently learned some of his friends label him Type A personality, Welch describes himself as outgoing and mostly optimistic. Its important for me in work and play that everyone around me is having a fun time and having a positive attitude, said Welch, who moved from Austin to Chicago two years ago for his new job. Now 42, heҒs been married to his wife, Catherine Ann, for twelve years, and the two have a six year old son, Hardy, and a five year old daughter, Elliot. He is fiercely dedicated to his family, parents, two sisters and friends.

When asked to describe his mentor and who has had the greatest impact on his life, Welch named both his mother, a longtime teacher and his father, who worked as a mechanical engineer until he started his own business in Texas in 1975. Dad taught me a good work ethic based on doing things the right way and doing them 100%, stated Welch. Mom balanced that out by telling me to enjoy life while its there and always try to enjoy what youҒre doing or maybe its not worth doing. The way his parents treated others in their lives also gave Welch his high regard for the welfare of others.

His upbringing was literally all over the map as he was born in Denver, Colorado, but his family moved to Canada, Israel, Wisconsin, Kansas and Texas, all before the fifth grade. The Welch family settled down in Arlington, where Welch attended high school until he showed up at the University of Texas at Austin in the late 1980s. Majoring in accounting did not seem natural for him, but his degree led to work at the firm Coopers and Lybrand for several years. I was probably the worst accounting student to ever come out of UT, laughed Welch, who is known for his sense of humor and making others at ease. I had to work very hard at accounting, but the profession teaches solid fundamentals and helped me understand business and was a good springboard to get into operations. Outside his brief stint as a bellman at the Little Nell in Aspen, Welch stayed true to the high tech track and worked as Chief Financial Officer for Metrowerks, until Motorola bought it in 1999, and then he ran it as a subsidiary for the corporation for several years. He was the Chief Operation Officer for the company Wireless Valley from 2004 to 2005 until it was also purchased by Motorola. Prior to his current work for Motorola in Chicago, he was VP of the Motorola wireless broadband division there.

Finding balance is one of the biggest challenges Welch believes he faces in his personal and professional life. ItҒs hard for me to talk about because Im not that great at it, joked Welch. ItҒs hard because when youre working you want to roll up your sleeves and be into it 100%, but then you have to balance between family, work and having fun. He believes the key to his leadership success is effective planning and smart hiring choices. Good leaders lay out a clear plan for a team and remove obstacles that interfere with progress, said Welch. Identifying and retaining top talent and making tough people decisions early are also important in the success of a team.

His advice to others who want to follow a career path similar to his and have success in the tech field is, You have to enjoy what you do. The easy decision is to get up and just go with the status quo, but the harder decision is to change what youҒre doing and make it a positive experience. Over the next year or two, Welch believes the tech and telecom skills that will be in the greatest demand are wireless/RF engineering, software development, application and user interface skills and global management experience. Anyone who knows Welch can vouch for the fact he does love what hes doing and his laugh and passion are contagious. If you enjoy what youҒre doing, when times get tough, you will work through it, said Welch. You will do what you need to do to make it successful. But if youre doing something you donҒt enjoy, when it gets rough, it makes it that much more challenging to work through it.

An avid outdoor enthusiast, Welch enjoys any sport that links him with nature and friends. Running, biking, fishing, exploring and traveling are some of his favorite hobbies and hes been known to take his two young children on four day camping trips. He also recently competed in a 100 mile bike race in Tennessee with his brother-in-law and other friends. The countryside was fantastic, remembered Welch. It was the first race for a lot of folks, but we all rode together and it was fun. The next race on the schedule is the Lance Armstrong Foundation Livestrong 100 miler in October here in Austin. Philanthropy tied to sport is a perfect match for Welch and he is always happy to participate in athletic events that support nonprofit organizations, such as LAF, which supports cancer research.

Caring for others and supporting various causes, it is clear WelchҒs focus on high tech is enhanced by his relationships. A commitment to respecting the needs of others has given him much success in the United States, where he travels around the country about 40% of the year. He also works well in global interactions and often travels to Europe and Asia. The respect he has for others is what he believes sets him apart when it comes to making business relationships work. People need to work in an environment where they know their individual values and contributions are appreciated and respected, explained Welch.

Source: Telecom Careers

Posted by Elvis on 08/29/08 •
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