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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Lazy Bum

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The modern world has witnessed a dramatic breakthrough of the dark, negative forces of human nature. The “old ethic,” which pursued an illusory perfection by repressing the dark side, has lost its power to deal with contemporary problems. Erich Neumann was convinced that the deadliest peril now confronting humanity lay in the “scapegoat” psychology associated with the old ethic. We are in the grip of this psychology when we project our own dark shadow onto an individual or group identified as our “enemy,” failing to see it in ourselves. The only effective alternative to this dangerous shadow projection is shadow recognition, acknowledgement, and integration into the totality of the self. Wholeness, not perfection, is the goal of the new ethic.
- Erich Neumann, Depth Psychology and a New Ethic

“A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that fortune’s inequality exhibits under this sun.”
- Thomas Carlyle

Just because a person attempts suicide doesn’t mean they want to die. Rather, often they have lost what I call the, “power of hope” When faced with a BAD SITUATION that has NO END IN SIGHT, coupled with the helpless feeling that NOTHING YOU CAN DO will make a difference, it’s all too easy to LOSE HOPE. AT SOME POINT suicide for some becomes a viable option, rather than CONTINUNG TO FACE the constant pain and suffering that life has become. If you can give someone who is contemplating suicide merely the glimmer of hope, that is often enough to get them through the rough patch to consider other options.
- White, Middle-Age Suicide In America Skyrocket

... nonfatal suicidal behavior is associated with femininity, whereas suicide is associated with the masculine. Thus, surviving a suicide attempt is perceived as particularly inappropriate behavior for males, suggesting that suicide takes courage
- Depression and the Silent Male

“Sometimes when life gives you a million reasons to not want to stay, you need just one person that looks at you, listens to you, helps you get help and validates how you feel.”
- Lady Gaga

“At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”
- Albert Schweitzer The Seven Best Gratitude Quotes

The first thing that happens is that support is withdrawn. That’s a very American pattern - and it happens because Americans see weakness as a dangerous, threatening liability.
- The Terrible and Catastrophic Price of American Cruelty

Somewhere today, perhaps while you were reading this, someone has taken their life because they felt useless, with no hope of gainful employment, their self-esteem ground down, the sense of meaning and connection severed by redundancy and societal disconnection.
- Unemployment is Killing People

The exterminator made his yearly visit a few months ago.

I spent about an hour the day before trying to clean the place up because I haven’t mopped the kitchen floor, vacuumed the rugs, or cleaned my toilet bowl since he came over last year.

It sure looks like I’m LAZY, but all the moping around is FROM DEPRESSION that weighs me down LIKE AN ANCHOR:

Brittany Ernsperger’s depression and anxiety were so overwhelming she couldn’t even wash the dishes. The messy kitchen made her feel like a failure, which made finishing the dishes even more challenging.

“I walked by them morning and night and all day long,” Ernsperger wrote in a Facebook post. “And just looked at them. Telling myself that I could do them. Telling myself that I would. And feeling defeated everyday that I didn’t.”

Last month my only relative said he doesn’t want to hear me talk about suicide. The same relative who I grew up with, and closest thing to a brother - who invited me to COME LIVE IN HIS BASEMENT IF THE HOUSE GETS FORECLOSED ON - may be overwhelmed listening to my venting, and tired of giving me PEP TALKS when I talk about how depressing the experience of hunting for a job year after year is, and HOW FRIGHTENED OF THE FUTURE I am:

Polls show that most older people are more worried about running out of money than dying.


Emotional recovery also requires a huge mental effort. “It’s increasingly well-known that the brain [registers] not just absolute amounts but losses and gains

losses loom twice as large as gains, leading to an effect known as LOSS AVERSION.

I’m not a LAZY BUM, and opening up and talking to people about my deepest, darkest fears - means I trust them, and am asking for their help.

Yeah, THE NEWS SAYS unemployment IS LESS THAN FIVE PERCENT, but those numbers CAN’T BE RIGHT:

The 5% unemployment rate, other words, is hiding the devastating story of underemployment, wage loss, and precariousness that defines life for millions of Americans.

The jobless number is “low” only because more people are no longer considered to be participating in the workforce.

Many move in and out of “non-participation,” according to Federal Reserve analysts, alternating between searching for a job and giving up in desperation.

the government has FAILED TO COME UP WITH A PLAN that adequately supports these people.

Many of the long-term unemployed are older workers who once had stable middle-class jobs with benefits.

So many of us are STILL long-term unemployed or underemployed, and haven’t found a foothold to get back on the ladder of a prosperous, happy and financially stable life.

Yeah, some people kill themselves from loosing everything - in fact A LOT DO:

Suicides associated with unemployment totalled a nine-fold higher number of deaths than excess suicides attributed to the most recent economic crisis.

Give me a little credit for TRYING TO STAY STRONG and alive all these years.

Why are the long-term unemployed looked down on as lazy bums?

Psychology.  Take these examples:

A new-ager may try to convince you that your job-loss and feeling like the ultimate looser is a lesson for your highest good.

A Catholic may say God only gives you as much pain as you can handle, and this is some kind of test of faith.

A Baptist may say you’re not praying to God right, and offer some tips for a tithe.

A JEHOVAH WITNESS will tell you to read their book for the answers to all life’s problems; and

The Bible teaches us we reap what we sow.


Some studies, such as those showing that long-term unemployment causes emotional anguish as well as economic stress, may elicit sympathy.

On the other hand, its not hard to find articles emphasizing that the long-term unemployed are lucky to have so much free time, or suggesting that they’re better off than they were in previous eras because they are more likely to have a working spouse.

In other words, maybe the unemployed and those who are most worried about them should just stop whining.

The moral and emotional tenor of the debate over extending unemployment benefits is consistent with psychological research showing that we all like to BELIEVE that people generally get what they deserve.

So, deep down inside we believe the world is fair, and all get what we deserve - and will do anything to justify those BELIEFS.

That’s why we get all those people calling us lazy bums.

Imagine an attractive young lady rape victim.

People will either

1.) say she deserved to get raped wearing that hot looking outfit - hate her, call her tramp, and spit in her face, or

2.) believe she’s an innocent victim - and run to her rescue.

Although both people have completely different reactions - they both believe she got what she deserved.  One sees her as a a sexpot begging for trouble - and got it. The other sees her as a victim deserving compassion - and gave it.

When your relatives and friends brush you off from being unemployed for so long - they’re saying, and believing - it’s your fault. A double whammy for those already depressed and SUICIDAL.


Being depressed while you are unemployed is the worst. If you are also socially isolated or being excluded from social contact then you have just about the worst situation

It is really hard to stop yourself from continuing with a negative frame of mind if you are also being unsuccessful in your job searching

Understanding the psychology makes it easier to forgive.

But the pain is like a knife plunged though my heart.

With nobody around to help stop the bleeding.

Posted by Elvis on 07/25/18 •
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