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Bad Moon Rising

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Bad Moon Rising Part 96 - War Is Peace

ABOUT THREE MONTHS AGO, Israel and Hamas went to war, and there’s NO END IN SIGHT.

The killing by Hamas of more than 1,200 people in Israel, and retaliatory Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip that have killed thousands, have moved the conflict into uncharted territory.

[T]he starting point for many people is the United Nations’ vote in 1947 to partition land in the British mandate of Palestine into two states - one Jewish, one Arab following the destruction of much of European Jewry in the Holocaust.

Pretty much the whole world is against Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians - but not the warmongers that lead and rule my country.

The people that run the U.S. are posturing for something really big on the world stage.

IF IT WEREN’T FOR US, the Russian/Ukraine war would probably be over.  We’re messing with CHINA over Taiwan and computer chips. And now, were backing up Israel in their show show of horrible brutality of genocide against the Palestinian people.  And since we’re talking about the Holy Land - God.

The United Nations stepped in as expected, but HASN’T BEEN MUCH HELP:

Russia and China vetoed a US-drafted resolution that called for “humanitarian pauses” and Israel’s right to defend itself. A second draft resolution sponsored by Russia, which called for a humanitarian ceasefire, failed to garner enough votes to pass. The United States was expected to veto the resolution had it garnered enough votes to put it on the path to approval.

On January 10, in FORBES

Tuesday, defense officials told CNN that U.S. and U.K. Navy destroyers shot down a total of 24 Houthi missiles and drones launched from Yemen. The bill will be hefty.

A barrage of missiles and drones was fired at shipping targets in the southern Red Sea by Houthi rebels who claim to support Hamas and the Palestinian cause in Gaza. U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) told Reuters that there were no injuries or damage reported and added that this was the 26th Houthi attack on commercial shipping lanes in the Red Sea since Nov, 1


With enough firepower to flatten more than the middle east, are TWO CARRIER GROUPS of ours.

Are they there to keep the peace?


As the U.S. leads a multilateral combat force into the Red Sea to protect international shipping lanes, I propose instead that it should act decisively to resolve the growing regional conflict at its root, instead of deepening its involvement in the quagmire of that conflicts symptoms. To do so, the U.S. should lead a multilateral peace-keeping force, with regional Arab and international allies, to physically intervene in Gaza and the West Bank and end hostilities within a political framework which will resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict. While this may sound far-fetched, it is the only realistic solution to a long-standing and intractable problem, and it would be in U.S. interests.

The U.S. has always been Israel’s strongest ally. This intervention should be viewed as exercising that support to its fullest, by decisively implementing a realistic, long-term strategy to ensure Israels security, instead of short-term reactionism that perpetuates the outbursts of violence. Only the U.S. has the leverage and relationships to convince Israel of this.

In his book 1984, Orwell wrote the three slogans of “The Party”

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

I’d be afraid to learn how many people actually believe those words today.

Posted by Elvis on 01/16/24 •
Section Bad Moon Rising • Section Dying America • Section Fascism
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Friday, December 01, 2023

Bad Moon Rising Part 95 - Cyber Seige

ani-phone.gif alt-image: red phone ringing border=0

Movie: Unmasking China’s Assault on Global Networks

By Best Documentary
November 30 2023

When MICROSOFT pointed fingers at ‘state-backed’ ONGOING SAGA of Chinese cyberattacks. Mounting security apprehensions related to China have led to the banning or restriction of HUAWEI from 5G networks in several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

FBI Director James Comey asserted in 2014, ‘There are two types of big companies: those that have been hacked by the Chinese, and those that don’t know they have been hacked by the Chinese.’ China boasts the world’s largest surveillance network, utilizing technology for minority suppression, content censorship, and dissident surveillance.

For decades, Western leaders held onto the belief that China’s economic growth posed no threat to other nations. The hope was that China would confine its actions within its borders and, as the country embraced capitalism, also lean towards liberalism. Today, that optimism lies shattered. China consistently ranks as the primary source of cyberattacks.

A fierce competition is underway for global technology leadership, with 5G networks deemed crucial for future development. Few companies are as strategically positioned to spearhead the 5G revolution as Huawei. However, the looming question persists: to what extent should Huawei be perceived as a threat? We delve into perspectives from key officials in America, Europe, and China.


Posted by Elvis on 12/01/23 •
Section Bad Moon Rising • Section Revelations • Section NWO
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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Bad Moon Rising Part 94 - Sitting Ducks

image: aircraft carrier

The people that run the U.S. are posturing for something really big on the world stage.

IF IT WEREN’T FOR US, the Russian/Ukraine war would probably be over.  We’re messing with CHINA over Taiwan and computer chips. And now, we’re backing up Israel in their show show of horrible brutality of genocide against the Palestinian people.  And since we’re talking about the Holy Land - God.

I read Tom Clancy’s book RED STORM RISING in the 80s.

One of the best parts was pages detailing bombing US aircraft carriers like sitting ducks.

Red Storm, an audacious, four-month master plan of elaborate diplomatic trickery and crash military buildup designed to keep the West off-balance—and ready it for the knockout blow.

Soviet Navy achieves a decisive early victory against a combined U.S. Navy carrier battle group consisting of USS Nimitz, USS Saratoga, the French carrier Foch, USS Saipan, and their escorts resulting in Foch and Saipan being sunk, while Nimitz is forced to spend weeks in drydock undergoing repairs.

How/where does he get his INFORMATION?

Tom Clancy’s expertise was contagious. He knew how sonar could be defeated, how rubber bullets could kill, how the Secret Service could respond to a passenger jet nose-diving into the Capitol building, and myriad other ways the United States government could and likely would respond to threats at home and abroad. He knew all of this with a chilling degree of accuracy. And if you read Clancy’s novels, you knew it, too.

Why does it matter that Clancy workshopped best-selling novels by sitting around a table with friends, pushing fake fleets and squadrons across make-believe warzones in the military dork’s equivalent of Dungeons and Dragons? Because Harpoon, which was developed by civilians, is still used to this day by Navy instructors to train officer cadets. Its numerical models of both American and then-Soviet vehicles and weapon systems were so detailed that, as legend has it, the Department of Defense paid a none-too-friendly visit to Harpoon’s creator, Larry Bond (who co-wrote Red Storm Rising with Clancy), demanding to see his classified materials, only to find that Bond had culled all the information from non-classified sources. Apocryphal or not, that is Harpoon’s legacy - a naval simulation so good, it borders on illegal

There’s a new war going on in the Middle East - Hamas vs Israel.

AlJazeera REPORTS:

A surprise attack by Palestinian group Hamas on Israel combining gunmen breaching security barriers and a barrage of rockets fired from Gaza - was launched at dawn during the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah.

Saturday’s attack came 50 years and a day after Egyptian and Syrian forces launched an assault during the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur in an effort to retrieve territory Israel had taken during a brief conflict in 1967.

Check out the Real New Network show with Chris Hedges and Norman Finkelstein on OCTOBER 18:

On October 7, Hamas fighters broke through the security barrier separating Gaza from Israel. They attacked army outposts, villages, and outdoor concert venues, and kibbutz. Some 1300 Israelis, many of them civilians, were killed. Almost 200 Israelis, including women, children, and the elderly, were taken as hostages and transported back to Gaza. Israel says 1,500 Hamas militants, most young men who most likely had never been out of Gaza, were killed. Israel has now ordered some 1.1 million Palestinians in northern Gaza to evacuate. The north includes Gaza City, the most densely populated part of the strip, with 750,000 residents. It also includes Gaza’s main hospital, the Jabalia, and Al-Shati refugee camps. Gaza is one of the most heavily populated spots on the planet.  Its borders are sealed by Egypt and Israel.

There is no sanctuary; With a tiny landmass, 25 miles long, and only about five miles wide. Israel has cut off food, fuel, water, and electricity, provoking an appalling humanitarian crisis.

Israel has unleashed a horrific war of collective punishment against the people of Gaza, the latest in a long history of anti-Palestinian oppression. As corporate media shamelessly provides cover for what is undoubtedly a genocide unfolding in real time, the need to ground our understanding of the conflict in its proper history is more important than ever. Norman Finkelstein joins The Chris Hedges Report to discuss Israel’s 17 year blockade of Gaza and its crucial significance to understanding the events of the past two weeks.

It only took the United States a few days to stick it’s nose in:


A US warship that intercepted drones and missiles near the coast of Yemen on Thursday encountered a larger and more sustained barrage than was previously known, shooting down 4 cruise missiles and 15 drones over a period of 9 hours, according to a US official familiar with the situation.

Today, we have two aircraft carriers ready to join in whatever happens next.


The Pentagon has ordered a second carrier strike group to the eastern Mediterranean Sea and is sending Air Force fighter jets to the region as Israel prepares to expand its Gaza operations, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a statement Saturday.

The first carrier strike group, led by the USS Gerald R. Ford, arrived off the coast of Israel last week.

Now the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower strike group, which deployed from Norfolk, Virginia, on Friday, is headed to the eastern Mediterranean.

Over on Substack, Gilbert Doctorow writes:

My unfinished sentence about the Russian aircraft now on permanent patrol of the Black Sea and carrying Russias hypersonic Kinzhal missiles would have ended in the following: the Russian missiles can strike the U.S. aircraft carrier task force off Israeli shores and two of them are sufficient to send the Gerald Ford to the bottom of the sea.

That last point is not my own interpretation: it was stated clearly on a live broadcast of Russia’s premier talk show hosted by Vladimir Solovyov two days ago.  To that I add here a very important additional note that highlights how close we are coming to the war to end all wars:  Putin made his statement about the Kinzhals not from his Kremlin offices but from the guest house in Beijing where he spent two days this week and met for several hours with Chinese president Xi Jinping.  As a veteran Kremlinologist, I can say with confidence that Putin’s readiness to finish off the American aircraft carrier task force in the Mediterranean if necessary had been discussed with and approved by Xi, who surely has his own concerns about the U.S. navy operating most provocatively in the South China Sea.  It also aligns with the threat by North Korean leader Kim one week ago that he is ready to sink the U.S. aircraft carrier that loiters in the vicinity of the Korean peninsula.  What we have before us is the prospect of Pearl Harbor all over again, but in three seas.

These separate facts are in the public domain.  I remain surprised that no one is drawing the dots to the obvious conclusion: that we are on the cusp of a very great war for which the Mideast crisis is just the detonator.

Nonetheless, it does not have to end this way. Unless attacked, it is unlikely that Iran will enter the conflict directly. Hezbollah can do a good enough job of bloodying the Israelis nose without the intervention of their friends in Teheran.  And the Russians are certain to hold their fire unless Iran and/or Syria are attacked by the U.S. warplanes based on the fleet.

This is not the Grand Chessboard that Zbigniew Brzezinski had in mind when he published his book on the global power outlook in 1997. Nor did he reckon that the U.S. team of strategists in office would not have progressed beyond Chinese checkers.

I watched MEET THE PRESS and FACE THE NATION this morning.

Nobody from the U.S. is talking peace.  After President BIDEN’S SPEECH the other day that sounded more like NAZI PROPAGANDA to me THAN ANYTHING ELSE - Blinken, Biden, and the rest of the warmongers may be getting ready to lead the world into the heart of the Holy Land in war.

Presidents Putin of Russia and Xi JinPing of China held their own meetings.

The Guardian REPORTS

Although Beijing has tried to position itself as a PEACEMAKER in Ukraine, China’s continuing economic and political SUPPORT for Russia has made its commitment to Moscow clear.

Xi cast China as a leader in fostering international cooperation through its BRI PROJECTS, which has involved more than 150 countries and 30 international businesses since its launch a decade ago.

Although China is not thought to have provided Russia with lethal weapons, it has provided key technology and hardware that have been a lifeline for the Russian economy - and military efforts.

Last month the US Commerce Department imposed trade restrictions on 11 Chinese companies, accusing some of them of supplying drone-making equipment to Russia.

Will the first U.S. aircraft carrier get sunk off the China coast, the Mediterranean, or maybe the Persion gulf??

Then what?

Seventeen years ago I though President Bush was going to NUKE IRAN.

His successors may be so crazy and so power hungry, that they may believe a nuclear exchange is survivable, and may do anything to protect their own self interests, rationalize it by talking themselves into believing they’re doing God’s work - like the PROSPERITY GOSPEL loving crowd of our own REPUBLICAN PARTY.


According to a Pentagon PRESS RELEASE, the military working toward a modern variant of the B61 nuclear gravity bomb, called the B61-13, but the initiative is awaiting congressional authorization and appropriation.


The B61-13 would be deliverable by modern aircraft, strengthening deterrence of adversaries and assurance of allies and partners by providing the President with additional options against certain harder and large-area military targets. It would replace some of the B61-7s in the current nuclear stockpile and have a yield similar to the B61-7, which is higher than that of the B61-12.

We’re now involved in two important wars - Russia vs Ukraine, and Israel vs Hamas. 

We’re looking down Iran’s and China’s throats off their boarders, while the GEOPOLITICAL arena makes tectonic shifts.

We’re sitting ducks.

Posted by Elvis on 10/22/23 •
Section Bad Moon Rising • Section Dying America • Section Fascism
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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Lend-Lease Act of 2022

President Biden: “We can support Ukraine in the next tranche that we need. And there is another means by which we may be able to find funding for that. But Im not going to get into that now.”
- Democracy Now October 5, 2023

In May 2022 the U.S. Department of Defense REPORTED:

President Joe Biden signed into law the “UKRAINE DEMOCRACY DEFENSE LEND-LEASE ACT OF 2022.”

The act authorizes the administration, through fiscal year 2023, to lend or lease military equipment to Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. The act would exempt the administration from certain provisions of law that govern the loan or lease of military equipment to foreign countries, such as the five-year limit on the duration of the loan or the requirement that receiving countries pay all costs incurred by the United States in leasing the defense equipment. 

A few months LATER:

President Joe Biden has signed the Fiscal 2023 National Defense Authorization Act into law allotting $816.7 billion to the Defense Department.

The act authorizes the full fiscal year 2023 budget request for the European Deterrence Initiative and extends and modifies the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. It authorizes $800 million in fiscal year 2023, an increase of $500 million above the initial budget request.

More importantly, the act expresses the sense of Congress that the United States’ commitment to NATO is ironclad, and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a unified response to Russia’s unjust war in Ukraine and other shared security challenges, according to a release on the Senate Armed Services Committee website. The Senate release also stressed that the U.S. must continue to assist Ukraine in its fight against the unjust and unprovoked attack by Russia.

The act looks to provide long-term aid to Ukraine especially in waiving restrictions related to contracts for munitions to support Ukraine or to increase DOD’s stocks of critical munitions. It also provides multi-year procurement authority for certain munitions.

The budget for fiscal year 2023 ENDS IN A FEW DAYS - September 30, 2023.  Will the billions government is throwing at Ukraine end?

At this time of the year, the millionaire rulers of our country feign the government is broke, and threaten to shut it down.

We see this political theater a lot to scare us and move more money away from public spending, and into the hands of corporate America and the military - expanding inequality, suffering, and sorrow for the people they claim to represent.

And while the Federal Reserve raises interest rates resulting in you and I paying more for just about everything - lying thru its teeth that too much money is floating around - it pumped $300 BILLION in to the economy to save the rich from loosing a little of their wealth.

US government pays billions in uninsured bank deposits to Silicon Valley oligarchs and venture capital firms

Other countries are building fallout shelters (like WE HAD in the 60s) for their citizens.


Most of the time, this is a family-friendly sports centre. Above ground, the only visible clue to its second identity is a small orange and blue triangle on the wall by the entrance that states: “VAESTONSUOJA SKYDDSRUM, or “defence shelter”. In the event of an emergency, the arena would revert to being the Merihaka bomb shelter, a subterranean living quarters where up to 6,000 people could exist for weeks, or even months.

How prepared ARE WE:

The United States and its citizens are not currently prepared for the after effects of a nuclear disaster of any type, whether an air missile from another nation, an attack on the ground from a terrorist or terrorist group, or some kind of accidental detonation.  Instead of just lording over us for ever, however, the billionaires at the top of these virtual pyramids actively seek the endgame.

Posted by Elvis on 09/26/23 •
Section Bad Moon Rising • Section Dying America • Section Fascism
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Friday, May 19, 2023

Bad Moon Rising Part 93 - De-Dollarization

image: yen
“For now, and for the foreseeable next few years, I think the trade using RMB will predominantly be used for commodity and energy trade,” predicted Chi Lo, senior investment strategist at BNP Paribas Asset Management.
- China receives first yuan-settled LNG cargo, RT, May 18, 2023


De-Dollarization Ramps Up As China Receives First Yuan-Settle LNG Shipment

By Mac Slavo
May 18, 2023

The global worldwide de-dollarization continues to ramp up. China has now received its first yuan-settled LNG (liquid natural gas) shipment. The United States dollar’s life is dwindling.

The state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) announced on Tuesday. The company said it purchased 65,000 tons of LNG from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and paid in yuan, not U.S. dollars.


The move is the latest sign of the yuan’s growing presence on the international stage, as conditions for settling oil and gas trade in the Chinese currency become increasingly mature, CNOOC said. As part of its de-dollarization strategy, Beijing has been promoting settlements in currencies other than the US dollar and euro.

“For now, and for the foreseeable next few years, I think the trade using RMB will predominantly be used for commodity and energy trade,” predicted Chi Lo, senior investment strategist at BNP Paribas Asset Management. “This is a very long-term development stretching into the coming one or two, even three decades” as more nations join the “RMB BLOC” to reduce risks of dollar exposure, especially after they’ve seen what the U.S.-led sanctions against Russia have done, he added.

The proportion of Russian import settlements in yuan during 2022 surged to 23% from 4% the previous year. The U.S. is systematically destroying itself in an effort to build an empire. So much for the “land of the free.” Other nations have figured it out and are pushing back. This is bad news for the dollar, especially as the U.S. sits close to the precipice of defaulting on its massive debt because the ruling class cannot stop spending, stealing, and evaluating the fiat currency it continues to create out of thin air.

Be ready, because if something economic happens, many are not in a “prepared” place for that.


Posted by Elvis on 05/19/23 •
Section Bad Moon Rising
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