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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

False Hopes

falsehope.jpg alt=False hopes - scientology and casinos

DO YOU KNOW someone IN YOUR LIFE who by CIRCUMSTANCE is, and has been, working TEMP JOBS with no HEALTH INSURANCE, no BENEFITS, and low pay. Someone who appears on the outside as one of those happy - always smiling - nothing bothers me - types?  And keeps working as hard as ever, while impending layoff draws near?

Is that GOOD?

Working as temp with no benefits, low pay, and little hope of being hired SUCKS. Loosing that temp job and being out on the street sucks WORSE. I walked that PATH for two years. And DIDN’T make believe everything is fine.

Is that BAD?


The Painted On Smile


This is Peter - a happy-go-lucky, super friendly and super helpful guy. He’s always sporting a big smile and whistling a happy tune, and seems to have limitless amounts of energy.

Even on the day he lost his career.


Q. Why are some people always smiling? It gets kind of annoying, but I don’t get how someone can be happy all the time.

A. They’re either deranged, high, or complete phonies.  No normal person is in a perpetual state of merriment.

A Look at False Happiness

Smile… You’ll make your brain wonder what your face is up to.

Have you ever seen a poster featuring that old saying “Smile, everyone will wonder what you’re up to?”

Where I grew up there was a version of that poster hanging in our laundry room that had Garfield on it, his big cat grin was always pretty humorous.

But no matter how I tried I couldn’t force myself to smile all the time. I felt like a moron trying to walk around with a grin on my face for no reason.

I was just talking to a friend at work and he said he was driving along behind woman and he caught sight of her face in her side view mirror, she was wearing a huge grin. Maybe she was listening to something funny on the radio, that would do it, then again maybe she was just applying that old “feel good” technique.

That’s actually what it is. Check it out - when you hear, see or think something funny your brain releases endorphins that cause you to feel pleasant and happy, the muscles that make you smile go to work and you end up looking happy.

It’s been found to work in reverse too. When you smile for no reason, your brain will release endorphins causing you to feel happy. So, you can smile because you’re happy, or smile to be happy, it works either way. But is it a good idea to pretend be happy all the time? I don’t think so.

Someone who tries to be happy all the time could end up being confused with their inner feelings and emotions. There’s no logic in smiling just so others “wonder what you’re up to.” Even if smiling makes us feel happy, there’s a time and a place.

There’s a fellow where I work who’s always sporting a dumb grin with his eyebrows raised as if he’s in a state of euphoria. He looks like a complete idiot. I don’t wonder what he’s up to, I wonder why the heck he walks around looking like a dope all day.

A positive attitude is one thing, a false expression of happiness is quite another. Think positively, be positive all you want, that’s great. But why sport a smile just to appear happy? Will it truly make you happy?

Humans have various emotions and facial expressions to match them. We can’t trick ourselves into being happy, we’ll only end up fooling ourselves and looking like demented twits to everyone we pass on the street. If we’re sad we need to feel sad, let the emotion run it’s course and get to the bottom of the sadness. If we’re angry we need to handle our anger, not try to mask it with a phony smile.

Where I grew up there was another poster, this one hanging on my father’s filing cabinet. It was, and still is, my favorite sentiment. It was a close-up of a majestic bald eagle, appearing rather stoic, with eyes half-massed, beak fixed and stern. The caption: “I Am Smiling.”

Be yourself, and feel the way you feel. Everyone will wonder why you’re not like everyone else.



A Painted On Smile
By Margaret Stretch

A blank canvas,
A palette with a couple shades of red,
A paintbrush paints on…
A painted on smile.

The teeth show,
And they never know
What goes on inside.
The smile works like a charm.

Sticks and stones,
They break your bones.
Words can make your smile
Or break it.

Throughout the trials and tribulations,
The palette is used more often.
The paintbrush has to be replaced.
The smile starts to transform into a frown.

How much paint have I used?
How many paintbrushes have been frayed?
How many smiles have worked?
How many people have I really fooled?

A blank canvas,
A palette with a couple of shades of red,
A paintbrush paints on…
A painted on smile.


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Friday, March 16, 2007

Archetype of the Apocalypse

The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind.
- William James

The word Apocalypse (revelation) is from the Greek meaning “uncovering what has been hidden.” In other words, the revelation of new truth. Terrorism is a manifestation of the psyche. It is time we recognized the psyche as an autonomous factor in world affairs.

So the person who as eaten of his shadow spreads calmness, and shows more grief than anger. If the ancients were right that darkness contains intelligence and nourshment and even information, then the person who has eaten some of his or her shadow is more energetic as well as more intelligent.
- Robert Bly

“It is highly make clear the primacy of the psyche, for that is the one thing which life does not make clear to us. We are so hemmed in by things which jostle and oppress that we never get a chance, in the midst of all these `given’ things, to wonder by whom they are `given’.....we (need to) learn that the giver of all things dwells within us. This is a truth which in the face of all evidence, in the greatest things as in the smallest, is never known, although it is often so very necessary, indeed vital, for us to know it.”
- Carl Jung

Archetype of the Apocalypse:
A Jungian Study of the Book of Revelation
Edward F. Edinger 1999

We live in interesting and challenging times. Rapid technological advances and global internet access have opened new doors that impact our daily lives. The technological leap into the 21st century has been accompanied by a collective fascination with angels, aliens, extra-terrestials, psychic readings and the emergence of apocalyptic cults and sects.

Reagan coined the term “the evil empire” in relationship to Russia; a projection of the enemy without. The end of the cold war prompted us to find another enemy - the enemy within. The Oklahoma city bombing with 168 killed and hundreds wounded was done by a man, Timothy McVey, who believed these individuals were part of an “evil empire”. Edinger, deeply disturbed, wrote a letter to a local newspaper (May, 1995) entitled “The Psychology of Terrorism” where he stated:

Terrorism is a manifestation of the psyche. It is time we recognized the psyche as an autonomous factor in world affairs.

The psychological root of terrorism is a fanatical resentment - a quasi-psychotic hatred originating in the depths of the archetypal psyche and therefore carried by religious (archetypal) energies. A classic literary example is Melville’s Moby Dick. Captain Ahab, with his fanatical hatred of the White Whale, is a paradigm of the modern terrorist.

Articulate terrorists generally express themselves in religious (archetypal) terminology. The enemy is seen as the Principle of Objective Evil (Devil) and the terrorist perceives himself as the “heroic” agent of divine or Objective Justice (God). This is an archetypal inflation of demonic proportions which temporarily grants the individual almost superhuman energy and effectiveness. To deal with terrorism effectively we must understand it.

We need a new category to understand this new phenomenon. These individuals are not criminals and are not madmen although they have some qualities of both. Let’s call them zealots. Zealots are possessed by transpersonal, archetypal dynamisms deriving from the collective unconscious. Their goal is a collective, not a personal one. The criminal seeks his (her) own personal gain; not so the zealot. In the name of a transpersonal, collective value--a religion, an ethnic or national identity, a ‘patriotic” vision, etc.--they sacrifice their personal life in the service of their “god”. Although idiosyncratic and perverse, this is fundamentally a religious phenomenon that derives from the archetypal, collective unconscious. Sadly, the much-needed knowledge of this level of the psyche is not generally available. For those interested in seeking it, I recommend a serious study of the psychology of C.G. Jung.

Unfortunately, the letter was not published. The deluge of media coverage and comments by politicians and religious leaders professed to not understanding how such a terrible event could occur. Edinger’s Archetype of the Apocalypse addresses these questions and the miscomprehension. Edinger says in his book, “In my opinion, as our world sinks more and more into possession by this archetype, nothing is more important than the existence of a certain number of individuals who understand what is going on.”

The book’s appendices provide rich examples of modern day possession by the archetype of the Apocalyse. David Koresh in 1993 was the leader of an apocalyptic sect in Waco, Texas, that fought Federal agents, a stand-off culminating in the fiery demise of his group. Koresh “developed a full-blown possession by the Apocalyse archetype” and “was convinced that God had revealed to him total understanding of the Book of Revelation.” The Heaven’s Gate Cult who committed collective suicide in 1997 in California is also discussed. Hitler was possessed by the archetype of the Apocalypse and thought of himself in religious terms. This psychological state as described by Edinger is a “state that generates charisma with tremendous energy in it!”


Posted by Elvis on 03/16/07 •
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Santa And Lies

A Nation of Stupid Children, Who Refuse to Give Up The Lies

From a thread at We The People United

When enough of the good hearted people who have been deceived into waiting for a RAPTURE that’s not going to happen as they thought...& when they stop waiting for Jesus to step in and fix everything and act like that great teacher did when he walked the earth...THEN WE CAN HEAL this planet of the evil & put it in it’s place.

Now about’s no coincidence that santa is an anagram for satan...They both are symbolized in red, too...And santa’s last name being claus is no coincidence either because it is quite a clause...Actually the well runs deep on this matter but we’ll save that for another time

We all raise our children to be good and to understand lying is wrong, don’t we?...But the very first thing we do is initiate their little lives with a whopper as soon as they’re able to understand...Crazy and right in front of our faces all the time...Why did we go along with teaching children it’s okay to lie?

Why didn’t we see it for what it was?...And don’t give me that>>>Making believe is fun and that kind of stuff, either...Lying is lying and we fell for a horrible hoax to play on our own children to make way for all the deception to come…

Oh, plus the santa lie fed the beast and still does as big business has a hand here, too...As I said the well runs deep on this matter…

Ask your elders in the church what Dec. 25 really is...ask them about good Friday and Easter and learn the lies concerning how the three dates of both holidays were manipulated...just as the Sabbath was…

Going to church and holding the Sabbath dear on Sunday is a dead giveaway to the deception one would be under to participate

From sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday is the true Sabbath...Ask your elders why it was changed and what’s up with Dec 25 and the Easter dates that were taught to you as gospel...I did...And they told me they went along with the deception because it was easier which was down right lying in my book...I left the church and sought out the Creator & we read scripture all alone for years...I hold to that scripture at the very center of the Bible>>>Psalms 118:8>>>It is better to trust in the lord than to put confidence in man

Speaking of “Lord” & “Jesus, too...Some Christians, which is just a label itself depending on who’s wearing it determines what kind of Christian, actually...Some teach the name Lord & Jesus is for satan...geeeez...These people teach so many different things in differing circles it’s mind boggling...and they all think they’re the only ones holding truth...How ridiculous is that?

Everyone needs leave organized religion immediately and enter into the spiritual realm of all that’s good & true

All this crap has been playing right into the hands of the POWERS THAT BE who have been controlling mankind for generations…

We took prayer out of school which for some was just a time of silence to ponder or whatever...A good thing as it imprinted good in their little minds...I know, I was there...I missed it when it stopped and recognized it a bad thing to be taken away, too

We allowed that important prayer or silent moment to be removed...This left a void that who knows was filled with what? Then in came PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS to do the rest...Then we have the nerve to wonder why little monsters are being created and they’re killing each other in school?

I am so sad we are soooo brainwashed...But waking for someone, somewhere is happening each moment so we must not give up and be as patient as possible...A certain point when reached will SHIFT us from the negative to the positive in the TWINKLING OF AN EYE.

I feel like choking some of the Christians for holding us back as I do that Elizabeth on The View sometimes, too, remembered your saying you’d like to strangle her so you should know

I feel the same way a lot of the time, too…

I still love that dingy good hearted ignorant immature woman who is one of the reasons they make those blonde jokes, IMO...I know her heart is good though and can see truth is getting to her...Joy asked her just the other day if she was ready to give up supporting the bush administration and she answered>>>"Not yet” she was planning to at some point...This instead of giving Joy a strong supporting answer in keeping her stance

I’m not that goody good person you think Jodda but thank you...I’d like to slap some people myself and especially the good hearts that hold to all the lies & deception whether they call themselves Christians or not

I am disgusted the way man uses scripture to preach the lies he’s been taught but then again scripture still remains holy at the same time....That’s the miracle of it, actually

So I’m content in the knowledge that scripture reads that the true children will recognize truth when they hear it in the last days...And good shall conquer evil...And then into new beginnings we will go

Remember it’s also written that the lies are slipped in sideways and even the elite will be FOOLED.


Posted by Elvis on 03/04/07 •
Section Revelations • Section Spiritual Diversions
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