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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Preying On The Job Seeker 23 - AI Video Job Interview

image: can ai predict job hopping

Ever apply for a job that has some sort of AI video interview through a third party?


What does HireVue do?

HireVue helps global enterprises gain a competitive advantage in the modern talent marketplace with cloud based video interviewing, assessments, scheduling, and conversational AI software. Our customers can use our software to schedule and conduct video interviews, or can combine our video interviewing software with our Assessments tool(s) which involves the use of predictive, validated occupational science and artificial intelligence in order to augment the customer’s human decision-making in the hiring process.


Video Screening Co. HireVue Illegally Collected Illinois Job Applicants Facial Scans, Class Action Alleges

By Erin Shaak
Class Action

Deyerler v. HireVue Inc.
Filed: January 27, 2022 - 2022CH00719 [TIMELINE] [DOCKET ENTRIES]

A class action claims HireVue collected job applicants’ biometric information without first providing statutory disclosures and obtaining informed consent.

Online video interview platform HireVue faces a proposed class action over its alleged practice of collecting job applicants’ biometric information without first providing statutory disclosures and obtaining informed consent.

According to the lawsuit in Cook County, Illinois Circuit Court, HireVue uses an algorithm to collect and analyze the facial geometry of a job applicant during a video interview and assess their “cognitive ability, personality traits, emotional intelligence, and social aptitude.” The lawsuit alleges, however, that the defendant has failed to satisfy the disclosure and consent requirements of the ILLINOIS BIOMETRIC PRIVACY ACT (BIPA), a state law designed to prevent the unauthorized collection of consumers biometric data, including facial geometry scans.

Per the suit, HireVue failed to provide certain disclosures regarding its data collection and retention practices and obtain job applicants’ written consent before collecting, storing and disseminating their private biometric data. The case claims HireVue failed to satisfy BIPA requirements even though doing so is “straightforward and may be accomplished through a single, signed sheet of paper.”

The lawsuit explains that HireVue tells its customers, i.e., prospective employers looking to fill open positions, that its video platform can collect “thousands of data points” during each job candidate’s interview. HireVue has allegedly represented that facial expressions make up 29 percent of a job applicants “employability score.”

The case alleges that the information collected by HireVue in the course of a video interview is “exactly the type of information regulated by [the] BIPA” - namely, consumers’ facial geometries.

According to the suit, HireVue has failed to inform job candidates prior to their interviews that their biometrics will be captured, collected or otherwise obtained, and secure their consent to collect the data. Moreover, HireVue ran afoul of the BIPA by failing to publish a publicly available retention policy outlining how long consumers’ biometric data will be stored, the lawsuit alleges.

The case further claims that HireVue unlawfully profited from Illinois residents’ biometric data in that it was paid by its clients for the use of its software.

The plaintiff, an Illinois resident who applied for a job with Varsity Tutors through the defendant’s platform in September 2019, says that she remains to this day unaware of the status of the private biometric data collected by HireVue. Per the case, HireVue violated the plaintiff’s “substantive state rights to biometric information privacy” by failing to comply with the BIPA.

The lawsuit looks to cover anyone whose biometrics were captured, collected, received through trade or otherwise obtained through HireVue’s video interview software within Illinois at any time within the applicable STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS PERIOD.



Your next job interview might be with AI. Here’s how to ace it.

By Megan Cerullo
CBS News
June 16, 2023

Looking for a job? You may find yourself “face to face” with an artificial intelligence bot, rather than a person.

Corporate recruiters have long used AI to quickly scan job applications and whittle down the number of applicants. Now, companies are increasingly using the technology to conduct the job interview itself. This presents job candidates with a range of new challenges in what can often be a stressful situation, not the least of which is this emerging consideration: How exactly do you impress a bot?

“Employers understand that using AI can save them time, so we expect to see more of them using it in some way in the pre-screening interview process,” Keith Spencer, a career expert at FlexJobs, told CBS MoneyWatch. “From the candidate’s perspective it can be intimidating. You’re not interacting with a human - you’re interacting with AI, which can feel kind of strange.”

A recent survey from Resume Builder projected that by 2024, roughly four in 10 companies will use AI for job interviews. Of that number, 15% of employers said they will rely on AI to make hiring decisions without any human input.

What is an AI job interview?

Although virtual job interviews were used before the COVID-19 pandemic, the public health crisis made the process a necessity. Now that they are more commonplace, businesses are increasingly using AI to screen candidates.

“For years human resources departments have been using AI to automatically screen for resumes and applications. Now that virtual interviews have taken center stage, it’s being used as a first screening, especially in non-complex jobs where you have clear parameters,” Zahira Jaser, associate professor at the University of Sussex Business School, who focuses on how humans experience technology, told CBS MoneyWatch.

There are different types of AI interviews. In an AI-assisted interview, a job candidate is presented with questions on screen in text form that they answer and submit via either text or video. A recruiter or other company staffer involved in hiring then evaluates the submission to assess if the applicant is a good fit.

“Some have just an element of artificial intelligence so the candidate is recorded and someone watches their video,” Jaser said.

In that scenario, AI might help cull an applicant pool and recommend standout candidates. Notably, the technology could also inadvertently nix highly qualified job applicants, experts noted.

“The truth is it is still eliminating some candidates before a human makes the final decision,” said Stacie Haller, career adviser at Resume Builder.

“Existential dread”

Then there are those interviews that are AI-led and “completely automated,” according to Jaser. The experience is a little bit like videoconferencing with yourself. In CBS MoneyWatch’s test of AI interview software, the platform presented text-based questions on a screen above a live video box into which the candidate spoke. Their answers were recorded and submitted for review by AI.

In practice, an algorithm reviews and judges the candidate’s video submission based on verbal data, including the words they use, and vocal data, including a person’s manner of speech and delivery. In most instances, by contrast, privacy laws prohibit companies from collecting facial data.

“The candidate is in front of a screen that has questions that appear and the candidate has limited time to answer these questions,” Jaser explained, adding that the experience can be jarring. “People who have sat in these interviews find it difficult because they almost all fall into an existential dread when, at a very important time in your life, you’re not facing a human and you’re not seeing cues coming to you.”

How to impress a bot

Unlike a personal interaction with a human hiring manager either in the flesh or on a computer screen, conversational bots don’t give interviewees on-the-spot feedback or other cues on how they’re doing.

“The beauty of having an in-person interview, which is already a stressful experience, is that there is a human encounter. You meet a human, then you have an exchange, and if you sense a good emotion in the other person it’s a way to measure ourselves,” Jaser said. “We’re always looking for positive cues, and in this case you’re not getting any. So you have to be confident you’re saying the right thing without any cues.”

That said, experts offer some tips on how to ace an AI job interview.

1. Pretend you’re talking to a human. Spencer of FlexJobs recommends that candidates pretend they are interacting with a human, while acknowledging that can be difficult while responding to digital prompts.

“It’s like having a videoconferencing conversation with someone, but there’s no one there. You don’t see another face,” he said of the AI interview experience. As a result, candidates sometimes inadvertently end up mimicking the software and can become robotic in their responses, which is something to avoid.

“They get more rigid, their facial expressions become more stoic and they aren’t conscious of their non-verbals as much as their verbals. And AI programs are assessing non-verbals,” Spencer said.

Instead, pretend you’re interviewing with a person. “Maintain eye contact [with the camera], dress professionally, smile, and project confidence and friendliness,” he added.

2. Mine the job description for key words and use them. Companies instruct AI to assess job applicants based on predefined criteria related to their overall goals or a particular role they’re trying to fill. So as with any job interview, it’s wise to research the company and read the job description closely beforehand.

In an AI interview, though, it’s even more important to use words and phrases that correspond to the duties and qualifications of the job.

“There is a good chance the AI-interview tool will be ranking you based on your use of keywords and phrases from the job description,” Spencer explained. “If you’re gregarious, don’t rely completely on your charm. You want to have your facts straight and also have a clear understanding of the industry position, and be able to provide solid, tangible examples of your work.”

3. Practice, practice, practice. The best way to become more at ease interviewing while speaking to a screen is to practice. Jaser recommends a three-step approach. Start by practicing by videoconferencing with another person. Have them ask you generic as well as tailored interview questions.

It can also be useful to use a tool like Prepper from job search site Adzuna, billed as an “AI interview coach,” that generates questions related to whatever job description you feed it.

“It’s incredibly helpful to have someone ח or some thing chuck you a bunch of questions to get you thinking,” said James Neave, head of data science at Adzuna and one of the developers behind Prepper. “You’ll know if you’re prepared if you can answer those questions in a confident and accurate manner.”

Next, have your interviewer turn their camera off to simulate interviewing while addressing a blank screen. Then eliminate the human factor altogether and record yourself using a videoconferencing tool. Watch and review the recording. Keep a scriptin mind that includes key words you want to use.

“If you learn keywords, you’ll have quicker mental shortcuts to get to the info you want when the screen asks you the information,” Jaser said.


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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Preying On The Job Seeker 22 - Ghost Jobs Redux

image: ghost jobs

Ghost Jobs: An Economic Illusion That Harms the Unemployed

By Daisy Luther
The Organic Prepper
May 27, 2023

Are you trying to better yourself by finding a new job?  We keep hearing about record-low unemployment. This would make one think that there are job openings all over the place.  Have you been diligently looking through online job postings and filling out applications, only to hear nothing?  You might be chasing after ghost jobs.

"Ghost job” refers to online job POSTINGS THAT ARE SEEMINGLY NEVER FILLED

Why on earth would companies do this?  Why let people chase jobs that don’t exist?

A closer look at ghost jobs

Let’s look at why so many GHOST JOBS are out there, why mainstream media is reporting on the economy in the way it is, and what steps individual job-seekers can take.

Clarify Capital CONDUCTED A SURVEY of 1045 managers involved in hiring between August 31 and September 1, 2022.  They asked managers why they left job postings online even though they were not actively trying to fill those positions.  The answers?

· 50% reported that the company is always open to new people.

· 43% wanted to keep employees motivated

· 43% to give the impression that company is growing

· 39% the job was filled

· 37% to keep an active pool of active applicants in case of turnover

· 35% in case an irresistible candidate applies

· 34% to placate overworked employees

· 27% forgot to delete the job

· 33% no reason in particular

Disorganization within large companies can lead to incorrect job postings as well, according to a March 20, 2023, ARTICLE in the Wall Street Journal.  Many large companies have been going through rounds of layoffs and restructuring, and departments may post job openings redundantly or for jobs that havent been approved at other levels within the company.

This sounds like a fairly toxic situation between employers, employees, and potential employees.  If our unemployment rate is so low, we SHOULDN’T have so many people in employment limbo.

What’s actually going on here?

As explained by Heresy Financial, there are two sets of data used to CALCULATE employment rates, the establishment survey and the household survey. 

According to the establishment survey, the current unemployment rate is 3.4%, the lowest in history since 1969.  This is calculated by asking companies how many employees they have.  The big gap in establishment survey data is that it does not account for people working multiple jobs.  If one person is working days at McDonalds and nights at an Amazon warehouse, two separate jobs are considered filled, even though one person is filling both.

Household surveys are conducted by asking individuals where they work.  This is more accurate in that it accounts for people working multiple jobs, which is common at the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum.  When you consider how many people work multiple jobs, it reveals a more accurate picture of how many people are not actually working at all.

Once seen as a fool-proof field, TECH COMPANIES have been MAKING LARGE ROUNDS OF LAYOFFS. Looking at skilled vs. unskilled jobs in the Heresy Financial video, we see that the jobs most in demand are the ones that do not require a college degree.  Those with a college degree, expecting a more highly skilled job, are finding fewer job opportunities.

Nobody wants to admit they’ve ruined the economy.

I’ve got a bunch of teenagers at home.  They’re still being told that college is the way forward in life, but this does NOT SEEM AS TRUE as it was 30 years ago.  Why the deception?  WHY would mainstream media push the narrative that the economy is booming and that if you just go to college, you’ll find a good job?

First of all, no politicians want to admit they’ve ruined the economy.  Much as I’d like to blame Biden for everything, fudging jobs data to make it look like a higher percentage of the population is employed has been going on FOR AWHILE.  This isnt partisan. ItҒs just politicians being politicians.

More significantly, the U.S. has held status as the world’s reserve currency for almost eighty years now.  This comes with ALL KINDS OF ADVANTAGES, such as ease in foreign transactions and the ability to impose punishing sanctions. 

However, this reserve currency status has been based on a level of trust with the rest of the world. Everyone agrees to accept our money largely because, particularly after World War II, we had such a stable, transparent economy compared to almost everyone else.  Politicians know that a lot of perks come with being the biggest and wealthiest, and they want to continue to present America to the world in that way.

There theres the AI effect.

Perhaps most significantly, the emerging use of AI has brought a great deal of chaos and uncertainty to the job market.  It’s highly likely that politicians and large employers alike would prefer to keep quiet about how much DISPUPTION will occur due to this new technology.

Many companies now USE AI TO PROCESS JOB APPLICATIONS. (We TOLD YOU it was going to be everywhere.) Large companies routinely use AI to filter applicants, even though algorithms are known to filter out qualified employees.  Despite known issues, AI is so much cheaper this problem will not go away any time soon.

Worse, the advent of AI has made companies unwilling to invest in new employees if they think they will be able to buy software soon that will be able to perform the same function.

This is not widely discussed due to fears of social disruption.  You may not remember learning about the Luddites in history, but I can guarantee you the people in charge do.

THE LUDDITES WERE a group led by Ned Ludd, a displaced artisanal weaver, back in the nineteenth century at the beginning of industrial cloth production.  Ned Ludd led other displaced workers on a rampage of property destruction throughout England before being brutally uppressed.

“Luddite" now is a term used to throw at anyone deemed anti-technology, but the Luddites weren’t anti-technology.  They were angry at the total change in lifestyle they knew they faced at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, and they tried to do something about it.

Needless to say, it didn’t work. I dont think smashing computers will solve our problems.

What can we do about ghost jobs?

But what can we do?  Are there still real jobs out there?  How can we avoid wasting our time with ghost job postings?

· Look at how long a potential job has been open.  If it’s been more than a month, be suspicious.  Also, look for how detailed the job responsibilities are.  The more specific the company’s needs are, the more likely it’s a legitimate job. (SOURCE)

· Apply for jobs on the company’s website, rather than through a site like LinkedIn or Indeed. (SOURCE)

· If no company contact information is listed, that’s a bad sign.  Same goes for poor grammar and spelling.  Also, if you spot a company that looks interesting, do an internet search.  If you can’t find much information about the company, avoid it.  Don’t ever give out money or a social security number before an actual hire.  And if the potential job sounds too good to be true, it probably is. (SOURCE)

· To avoid getting filtered out by AI algorithms, bear in mind that very tiny things will likely put you out of the hiring pool.  Do not go over word limits; be meticulous in your grammar and spelling.  While human eyes may see through minor mistakes in the case of an outstanding applicant, an algorithm wont.

And it’s okay to send out emails checking on the status of a job within a month of sending in an application.  If you’re afraid youve missed a call or deleted an email from a potential employer, reach out.  At least the potential employer will know that you really want the job.

Personally, I have heard complaints from both ends.  I know young people can’t find jobs. I can also think of three friends off the top of my head, actively trying to hire, that cannot fill positions.  Two of those jobs are very physically demanding, but they’re still jobs.

The job market is a mess, and nothing is as it seems.

There is a huge amount of turmoil in the labor market right now.  Deception abounds as to what career path is most promising.  We have a serious mismatch between what kinds of jobs we think are available and what jobs really are.  Ghost job postings are not helping anything. Neither will nagging or blaming other individuals in your life.

Encourage the job-seekers in your life to keep trying.  Maybe watch some videos together about ways to improve their resumes.  Or have conversations about broadening what kind of work you’re willing to consider or where you’d be willing to live.  Job markets can vary dramatically from one part of the country to another.

Hang in there!

Don’t give up.  Ghost jobs are making life difficult right now, but if you feel like you’ve fallen for a trick, don’t take it personally.  If you have been frustrated by this situation, realize you are not alone.  Ghost jobs are a real phenomenon. If the Wall Street Journal is criticizing employers, you know something’s up. 

And if you know someone who is searching for a job, consider this information before you tell them that they simply aren’t trying hard enough.

Hopefully, youve gotten some food for thought about how to filter your own searches a little bit so that you can avoid wasting your time with ghost jobs in the future. 

About Marie Hawthorne: A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.


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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The Generation Job War Today

image: fox news says boomers dont want to work
“At first, I thought, Why should I be on food stamps?” said Magida, digging into her dinner. “Here I am, this educated person who went to art school, and there are a lot of people who need them more. But then I realized, I need them, too.” ... [W]hat’s wrong with hipsters on food stamps is that these are COLLEGE EDUCATED people who should be able to get jobs, not live off the state… Between the ends of 2007 and 2009, unemployment among those aged 20 to 34 rose 100 percent, and between 2006 and 2009, unemployment among those with a bachelors degree or higher was up 179 percent.
- Hipsters On Food Stamps, 2012
When a hearing to explore how to get the long-term unemployed back to work kicked off on Wednesday morning, only one lawmaker was in attendance.
- The Poorly Attended Hearing on One of the Economy’s Toughest Problems, April, 2013
“I’m challenging CEOs from some of Americas best companies to hire more Americans who’ve got what it takes to fill that job opening, but have been laid off so long no one will give their resume an honest look.”
Ignored Reality, 2013
It is time for the MIDDLE CLASS to stop accepting CRUMBS for their labor and innovation. It is time for the middle class to demand, not ask, for programs that recover ill-gotten gains from a system that by design PENALISES WORK AND GLORIFIES CAPITAL.
- Parasites, 2013
One of the things that personally bothers me about being released is that I didn’t get a chance to retire. That sounds kind of silly but it’s true. Some of the work friends that I’ve remained close with talk about their retirement packages and retirement events. For a person who personally aligned with the company values and who allowed my career to be one of the things in my life that brought me happiness and fulfillment; not retiring with them was a huge disappointment.
- Letting Go of the Older Employee, 2015
Many millennials expressed to me their interest in creating SELF-SUSTAINING COMMUNITIES as their only hope for survival in old age; a lack of faith that capitalism as we know it would exist by retirement age; and that alternating climate crises, concentrations of wealth, and privatization of social welfare programs would doom their chance at survival…
- Millenial Musings, 2018
We’ve created a world so miserable that people prefer death over it.
- Latest Stats On American Men’s Lifespan, Reddit Post, 2020


q. How do you get the BOOMERS AND GEN-Z to fight about jobs these days?

a. Watch the VIDEO above.

Here’s a REDDIT THREAD about it:

Business owners want to hire older workers because they have better work ethic

The OP writes:

Saw this headline on Fox News. What do y’all think? They stated it was “refreshing” and that younger people are “the end of hard work.”

PSA: not siding either way, just want to hear thoughts.

Edit: BTW I was not actively watching Fox News it was just playing at my gym and their headline caught my attention lol

Here’s some of the OVER 500 COMMENTS:

That’s because AGEISM is REAL and has anti-discriminatory legislation around it. Fox news is literally spewing lies.


48, and been looking since end of Jan. Even though my entire work history is retail type jobs, I’m guessing retail managers think I’m too old to still be applying for them now.


52, have APPLIED TO HUNDREDS OF JOBS over the last 2 years and can count the interviews on one hand. Still at my old job.


If Fox is quoting the same article I read they’re talking about hiring people in their 70s. So 46 is still to young for whatever it is these employers want.


This has been going on literally forever. Every generation talks smack about the younger one.

“The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.”
- Socrates (469399 B.C.)

This is nothing new. Fox “News,” as others have stated, is all about stoking inter-generational conflict. They’re not a news organization, they’re rage bait. They love to spool up old folks, and an easy way is to make them feel like they’re right, and the young ‘uns are wrong. Don’t waste your brain watching that drivel.


No offense but that doesn’t make this BS or invalidate anything

It usually takes several weeks (or months) to find work. Especially right now. And then we have to factor in your experience, education, how well you interview, how good your resume is, what career path your in, how and where you are applying, etc.


Yup, I was thinking that’s the kind of dribble that would appeal to Fox News’s older audience.


It’s because it’s all they have. Gen Z and Millennials are voting more liberal than the boomer generation. Normally generations become more conservative as they get older but millennials have proven that wrong. Gen Z is adding more and more new voters every year, and they’re voting heavily for the liberals. Boomers are dying out and COVID accelerated it. They’re also retiring or being retired for younger generations.


Because we haven’t been shitting on and blaming ‘the boomers’ for every ill in the world. Don’t act affronted when people treat you like you treat them


Fine by me. I fkn hate the boomers so let’s do this.


I can see mid to late 20s. Early 20s. No way. Ghost work. Ghost interviews. Ghost appointments. Ghost emails. Refuse to answer a phone call. Mind you, I have a son in college and I love him to death, but he is so afraid of social interactions it is painful. I have to tell undergraduate students all of the time that the sooner they learn to deal with uncertainty and uncomfortable situations, the better.


I’m in my 40’s and the majority of people I work with are mid to late twenties and they are the hardest working people I’ve ever worked with. And smart and amazingly nice on top of that.


In an ideal world entry level positions would serve as a means of training and shaping today’s young person into the hardworking, responsible people of tomorrow. Of course parenting and education would also play a large part in getting them ready for employment, but nothing would shape them better than their getting professional workplace experience. From how people talk about the old days, it seems this process used to be much smoother. Today’s generation suffers from many issues (regardless of cause) and are broadly largely ineffectual in today’s work space. However, their parentage and education aren’t the only factors involved in their poor work performance. Below I will list some of them.

We’ve been experience-focused for a while now. Anything above a miserable or barely paid “Entry” level position requires 5+ years of related work experience, or high college marks and internship experience. The average young person would not have that, and so gets forced to accept low tier work that doesnt support them starting their own independent lives. You can’t support a family on those wages, cant have your own home, can’t do much else besides work and maybe have an indulgence addiction with your extra funds. Its hard to care about the work you do when you’re in that state, as rising costs and looming unknown catastrophes quickly kill your morale. Why care about anything if you don’t and won’t have anything? Thus the problems associated with such youths are propagated.

If the employment market were to completely shift in favor of older or more experienced workers, I imagine our economy would only become that much more unstable. With the pipeline of ready-to-work youths already so thin, too great a number of them would not eventually be able to move up into better positions. When the old people begin dying off or otherwise unable/willing to work, the new gen wont know how to cope with the levels of responsibility required for the jobs that need to be filled. Who will buy the houses, have the babies, and treat the new precious elderly? If this is the move our corporate overlords want to make, I imagine they plan to use AI and robots to take care of them.

Tldr: The jobs for young people pay peasants wages and our society doesnҒt support their development. If we place our full focus on hiring older folks then young folks wont have the training and experience to pick up the baton when they kick the bucket. Maybe, idk, fix the glaring societal issues before investing our entire future in a short-term solution?

Tldr again: Fox News spread terrible nonsense again.


I’m 60. In addition to regular job, my wife and I run a seasonal event center (weeding and such). Contracted with another bigger operation to have a crew setup a big event tent. three guy, millennial or gen-z, came out. These guy work very hard. And this was not just physical. Had to know what you were doing. This whole young people don’t want to work is crap. Like anybody, they don’t want to taken advantage of.

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Sunday, April 09, 2023

Preying On The Job Seeker 21 - Fake Job Ads

image: job search board

Job Seekers Face Rising Number of Employment Scams

By Jim Gambon
April 1, 2023

The 50+ Job Seekers in Massachusetts networking program usually offers its members workshops on resume writing, interviewing and the skills needed to land their next gig.

Last year, it added tips on how to keep criminals from landing them as fraud victims.

In December, the program hosted a workshop by AARP FRAUD WATCH NETWORK volunteers to warn people about the growing risks for those in the job market particularly amid the economy’s shift to remote work.

“Job seekers are very vulnerable,” says Karen Sowsy, who is a manager for the 50+ program. “People with long-term unemployment may be desperate. They’re often ready to jump at the first opportunity.”

Fake job postings on social media sites and online job boards, scammers posing as recruiters, and fraudulent offers sent by text and email for high-paying remote positions that require the purchase of software or work-from-home supplies are just some of the common schemes, says AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline volunteer Alice Diamond, 68, of Arlington. Swindlers are after money but also personal information - a key ingredient for identity theft.

“The last couple of years there has been a tremendous proliferation of scams,” says Diamond, who recently retired as associate dean for career and community service at Lesley University in Cambridge.

Nationwide, business and job opportunity reports ranked No. 12 on the list of most common consumer complaints and scams in 2022, according to the Federal Trade Commission, with 95,399 reports. Thats up from 38,451 reports in 2019.

‘Mystery shoppers’ targeted

AARP Massachusetts recently added employment scams as a topic covered in its fraud prevention programming.

“We saw people make decisions at the beginning of the pandemic to quit their jobs or retire,” says State Director Michael Festa. “Now some people are reconsidering those decisions and are reentering the workforce. The fraudsters know that.”

Mystery shoppers and virtual assistants are among the job categories that scammers frequently target, Diamond says. Mystery shoppers are hired to pose as regular customers and provide feedback to a retailer or restaurant about its service. Scammers try to charge applicants for phony training or certification. Or, they may send a bad check to the job hunter to cover purchases and ask that money be wired back to cover taxes, overpayment or other fees.

As for virtual assistants, Diamond says scammers will offer job seekers a high-paying remote position and request that the new hire pay for office supplies or other expenses up front, with the promise of reimbursement.

“Scammers are criminals, and they are sophisticated,” Diamond says. “Some of them could win an Emmy for their acting and a Pulitzer for the emails they write.”

Before engaging in any job-related transaction, Diamond says, people should do some digging to verify that the company or recruiter theyre dealing with is legitimate. Search your contacts for anyone who may be familiar with the firm or individual. Scrutinize email addresses for authenticity, and do an online map search for any physical address you’ve been given.

And if you do fall victim? AARP Fraud Watch Network volunteer Dennis Hohengasser, 73, of Taunton, says to reach out for help. “Its important to talk about it,” he says. “That will help heal the trauma.”

For information on AARP MASSACHUSETTS Fraud Talk Tuesdays, the AARP FRAUD WATCH NETWORK or upcoming fraud-related events, see


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Tuesday, January 03, 2023

The Desperate Job Seeker

image: deadbeat

10 Signs of a Desperate Job Seeker: 5 Steps to Avoid Acting

By Chitra Reddy
Wise sep

Being able to bag a job in the present economic condition is a tough feat indeed. There are many people out there who try hard as they are unable to get a good job and because of this, they are forced to just settle for anything which happens to come their way. The manner in which you conduct yourself during your interview will determine whether or not you will be able to bag a job. So continue to be confident and never lose hope. Given here is a list on signs of whether you are a desperate job seeker or not and also a list on how to avoid acting in such a manner.

The Signs of a Desperate Job Seeker:

1. He or she is a yes man no matter what it is that you say:

You can immediately identify a desperate job seeker by the manner in which he or she will be carefully listening to whatever you have to say and nodding in agreement to every term as well as a condition which you happen to put forth. A person who is not a desperate job seeker will listen to what you have to say and go ahead to analyze the pros and cons of ACCEPTING THE OFFER. However a person who has no other alternative will have to accept every and any job which comes his way, so that he can be able to keep his head above the water.

2. He or she will say that he is willing to do any kind of jobs:

No matter what kind of job description you might give, a desperate job seeker will be willing to do it all without even a peek. He knows that if he offers even the slightest of resistance then this might not sit very well with the recruitment. However, if you present yourself as someone who is a desperate job seeker then the company people are bound to exploit you and even take advantage of your position. So no matter what, you must ensure that you reveal no signs of weakness or vulnerability as that is bound to cost you.

3. He or she is desperate to please:

Desperate job seekers know that one of the only ways in which he can be able to BAG THE JOB is by getting on the good side of the person who is taking the interview. So at such a time, they try their best to please the interviewer and go out of their way to create a good impression. Behaving in such a manner or even resorting to flattery is something which is not desirable at all because recruiters are skilled and experienced professionals who know every trick in the book!

4. He or she has no inhibitions about groveling:

One of the main signs that someone is desperate for the job is when he or she will resort to a kind of begging saying that they will do anything for the job and might even go so far as to break into tears when you say that they have not made the cut. Being in such a situation is most certainly unfortunate and many a time even people with the best of qualifications are unable to bag a job simply because luck is not in their favor. Keeping ones eyes as well as ears open at all times is vital, so that you do not miss out on good opportunities that happen to come your way.

5. He or she will claim to be able to do any job:

No matter what, a smart job seeker will make tall claims to be able to do any kind of job. If you are someone who is a recruiter then you should ensure that you keep an eye out for such Jack of all trades who will eventually prove to be a liability to the company as they will be a master in none of the trades. Be sure to only hire those individuals to the company who you are absolutely sure about because if you make a wrong decision then it could cost the company heavily in the long run.

6. No matter what salary or perks you offer will be acceptable to this individual:

A person who is desperate to bag a job will accept the job simply because it is a means of employment and will not even ask too many questions about salary perks or anything of the kind. For such a person, getting some salary at the month is better than not being able to look forward to any money. No one is a desperate job seeker by choice, it is a compulsion for many people who try as they might are just not able to bag any job. It is only when the economic condition is better that such things can stop.

7. He or she will not ask about vacation details or perks:

A person who wants to just bag the job under all costs will not even come prepared to ask any questions to the interviewer or recruiter; rather he or she will just try his level best to get the job. Things or luxuries such as these do not even matter to this individual and he just wants an opportunity to prove his worth and to show that once this opportunity has been granted to him, he will prove himself to be an indispensable part of the company. So this is a sure sign that the interviewee is a desperate job seeker if he or she doesnt counter question you in any way at all so as to not antagonize you.

8. He or she will send resumes to all companies:

A desperate job seeker is someone who is finding it tough to make two ends meet and because of his need to bag a job he even resorts to sending resumes to all companies in the hope that he will be able to hear from at least one or two of them at the earliest. He does not even look to send his resumes to the top companies or the best in the business, rather his prerogative is merely bagging the first job which comes his way because he is well aware of the fact that he is someone who most certainly cannot afford to be picky or choosy.

9. He or she will keep mailing a company or making trips to the office:

In addition to sending the resume, a desperate job seeker will keep contacting the various companies to ensure that his resume has reached and even to inquire whether or not he will be called upon or contacted anytime soon. In addition to this such a desperate job seeker who is currently unemployed might even go so far as to make trips to several offices to find out in person if there are currently any job openings which need to be filled immediately. After all, desperate times do call for desperate measures.

10. Will not be very confident:

A person who is a desperate job seeker will not be very confident as he knows what personal worries he has because his financial position is not very stable. It is all these worries that will be bowing him down causing him to have a worried look in his eye and might even cause his confidence to flutter a little bit. He is well aware of the fact that with each job interview he has so much on the line that he cannot afford to make even the smallest of mistakes, lest an employment opportunity will slip through his fingers.

5 Steps to avoid looking desperate in a Job Interview:

1. You say whatever is on your mind:

No matter how eager you are as a job seeker you should ensure that you speak whatever is on your mind and do not agree with everything which is being told to you. You have the courage to put forth your convictions without having any kind of qualms. Companies are always willing to hire those individuals who are bold and confident about their feeling. They put forth their views in a respectful and coherent manner, causing other to sit up and take notice of them.

2. You are confident at every step of the way:

As mentioned above a sheer sign of someone who is a desperate job seeker is that he or she will be LACKING IN CONFIDENCE, so it is important that you do not let your confidence levels to go down at any cost or this is bound to create a negative impression in the minds of those who are taking your interview. You should ensure that you try your level best at all times and leave the rest up to fate. There is only so much which you can do when you go for an interview. Worrying is not going to help you in any way rather it is going to negatively impact your performance.

3. You do not accept all terms presented before you:

A way in which to show that you are not someone who is a desperate job seeker is by not accepting terms which you are really not okay with. If you feel that there is something which you are not willing to do then you should just go all out and say it, this is better than making promises which you will not be able to keep. Being a yes man and agreeing to everything is not merely desperate but it might cost you your job at a future point in time.

4. You take your time to make your decisions:

A desperate job seeker is someone who will not even take a moment to soak in all that is being told rather he will just give his consent. One of the signs to show that you are someone who isnt desperate is by taking your time to take your decision thereby keeping the company on their toes. The moment you start putting up your price then the company people will automatically get the drift that you are someone who is sought after and if they do not act fast then a good employee like you might even slip through their fingers.

5. You ask questions pertaining to salary and perks:

Only a person who is bold and carefree will ask questions pertaining to salary and will be willing to negotiate with the company rather than just accepting things as they are. In order to really raise your own value in the eyes of the company recruiter, you have to be able to put on a good show. No matter what your condition is you must never stoop to any low levels to be able to bag a job. However, this being stated you must ensure that you do not go overboard and end up looking like someone who has an attitude problem and does not respect authority.

Final Words:

So these are the points which explicate on what are the signs of a desperate job seeker. What you must remember is that if employees see that you have such signs of desperation then they will not be willing to hire someone like you. It is up to you to hold your own at all times so ensure that you conduct yourself with grace as well as dignity so that at all costs you always have yourself respect as well as dignity intact. So accept things as they are and never do something which might go ahead and tarnish your reputation.


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