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Tuesday, May 07, 2024

We’re Still Outsourcing Computer Jobs

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With all the TALK of cybersecurity fears of hacks and a hot jobs market - you have to wonder what’s next.

There’s a couple of other things to think about besides paying slave wages to, and/or outsourcing the talent of Americans overseas.

The official government jobs numbers.  They’re as worthless as a three dollar bill.  The 40% or so of us that actually make enough to pay our bills probably don’t follow - or care about - those reports.

National security.  How can so many companies - and the government - outsource critical work like maintaining and administering computer systems to our political adversaries and countries off American soil?

The Great Replacement.  If you’re one of those 40% or so not living paycheck to paycheck, or watch cable news like MSNC and FOX for truth, you probably think the “great replacement” is a theory.


Jobs Being Outsourced
May 3, 2024

I work for a pretty large MSSP in SOC in the U.S. I’m closing in on almost 3 years here, a couple months ago I was promoted to senior security analyst. I noticed a trend starting early last year, the company starting doing layoffs at first for the tier 1 soc roles and helpdesk, not all of them but a good amount, then after a week or so we were introduced to NEW TEAM MEMBERS FOR THE SAME ROLES THAT WERE LAID OFF BUT THEY WERE BASED IN INDIA. Then in Sept of last year, layoffs again, this time tier 2 where I was at, at the time. Same thing a week later more teammates from India. Finally once I was promoted a couple months ago to a senior I thought I would be safe. 2 weeks ago, again layoffs announced, this time some of our security engineers and software engineers, you can see the cycle here, surprise, the following week those roles were replaced by people in India.

Now almost 40% of my team is based out of India in the SOC, I know with our helpdesk the figure is higher, and with engineering its probably somewhere in the 20%. To be honest without disrespecting anyone, ever since the arrival of the employees from India, our quality of work has declined drastically, I am continually having to intervene on tickets worked by them, which is taking more time from myself having to work on high priority situations, we are constantly having miscommunication issues and it has made work much more difficult then it needs to be. Customers are filing more complaints then ever, some of our application projects for engineering that were due to be released months ago have been pushed for a further timeframe of 5 to 6 months. We had some of our biggest clients telling us that they will have to think carefully if they will want to renew their contract with us.

One of the main reasons I went into cybersecurity and spent so much time on education and certifications was because I was being told and led to believe this is a secure field for job risk. I understand a corporation’s main goal is to generate profit. But I thought roles in this industry would be more inclined to not be outsourced due to the nature of security data that US companies would be inclined to not have that data accessible overseas.

So I can see the writing on the wall, either the company will start laying off the seniors and replacing us for cheaper labor or they will want us to stay here to oversee the environment. Doesn’t matter to me though because I don’t want to work at this company anymore due to the reasons I stated above. I am continually seeing headlines of these tech layoffs but one of the main backings of these that isn’t talked about enough in my opinion is outsourcing.

So as I brush up my resume to start looking for another job, which sucks to think about because I genuinely enjoyed working at this company previously. I think to myself and hopefully I can gain some insight from all of you, what roles in the security field are less prone to outsourcing? I am mostly experienced in blue team/defense security and incident response, should I start looking at red team? cloud security? application security? or a specific industry in security? Etc. security is a vast field so I would love any input from you.



Same job, $16 less per hour: Frustrated job hunters cant find roles that pay as well as their old ones
The latest jobs report shows the labor market is still strong, but some workers say theyve been forced to take jobs that pay almost half what they earned before

By Zoe Han
May 4, 2024

Martin-John Rubio had been job hunting for a year when he saw a posting in early 2024 for a role in talent acquisition that was similar to his previous job, which he had left after his contract ended. But instead of the $33 an hour he’d been earning before, the listed pay was $17 an hour.

Rubio was flummoxed, so he sent the job poster an email.

“I said, ‘Hi there. I was just curious - was this a typo? Did you mean to put $27 or $37? Because it says $17.  It’s located in Silicon Valley. There’s no way that anybody would take that job,’” he told MarketWatch.

He didn’t get a response.

“I wasn’t trying to be a smart-ass,” Rubio said. “Because $17 an hour? I mean, Christ, the fast-food people earn more than that nowadays.”

California fast-food workers started earning $20 an hour this year, and throughout the U.S., LOW-WAGE WORKERS HAVE SEEN THEIR PAY RISE FASTER than any other group since 2019. But some white-collar workers say the current job market is the most difficult they’ve ever experienced.

For jobs in industries like mortgage lending, marketing and human resources, some companies are offering salaries that are lower than what new hires had been making at their previous jobs, often for the same type of role - and especially for those in mid-level to senior-level roles. Some job seekers say they’ve had to accept that lower pay or leave their field entirely.

What’s going on? “After a hiring spree in 2021 and 2022, when some companies had to offer higher salaries to fill roles for which workers were in high demand, many of those same companies are now trimming the pay they offer new hires,” said Paaras Parker, chief human-resources officer at the human-capital-management platform Paycor.

“The math would tell you, then, they would have to pay less for other types of roles,” Parker said. “Because there;s just not more money available.”

For most of 2023, the average new hire across the board in the U.S. was paid less than the average new hire in 2022, according to data provided byGUSTO, a payroll platform for mostly small and medium-size businesses. 

A ‘wait and see’ economy

Marilyn Driscoll, who lives in the Chicago area, was making $115,000 a year, or about $55 to $60 an hour, as a senior technical RECRUITER. After her contract expired in August 2023, she expected to find a new position within a month or two. But as that stretched into half a year, she found that most of the roles she was applying and interviewing for were paying about 30% to 40% less than she had been making.

“You look at the jobs on the [job boards] and you just have to laugh,” she said.

A recruiter for one job told Driscoll in an interview that the pay was $20 per hour. “This has got to be a mistake,” she responded. She said in an interview with MarketWatch that she would not take a job like that one, which came with entry-level pay but senior-level responsibilities.

“Its soul-crushing,” she said.

Brett Jansen worked as a chief growth officer before being laid off in November. In an interview for a similar role, a recruiter told her that nobody was getting paid as much as she had been making before. The job market was going through a reset after salaries got inflated during the pandemic, Jansen was told.

She thought that was unacceptable. “You can’t pay people less when the cost of living is what it is right now,” Jansen told MarketWatch. “You can’t pay people less to do the same job that they were doing previously.”

The overall labor market looks strong, but the latest government data shows scattered signs of a slowdown. While unemployment remains low, job openings in the U.S. fell to 8.5 million in March, THE LOWEST LEVEL IN MORE THAN THREE YEARS. Most new jobs were in three areas: GOVERNMENT, HEALTHCARE, AND LEISURE AND HOSPITALITY.

“Many employers are hesitant to recruit new workers because of economic uncertainties and rising costs,” according to Liz Wilke, the principal economist at Gusto, who called it a “wait and see” economy.

The finance industry has seen the biggest decline in pay levels over the past four years, with new hires earning 7% less in 2024 than new hires did in 2019, according to Gusto data.

“That’s partly because there are fewer jobs for loan officers now,” Wilke said. A series of interest-rate hikes by the Federal Reserve that started in 2022 has made borrowing money more expensive, which means fewer people are taking out loans.

THE TECH INDUSTRY is also seeing a drop in pay for new hires”, said Rahul Yodh, vice president of talent acquisition at New Western, a real-estate investing company.

‘You look at the jobs on the [job boards] and you just have to laugh.’Marilyn Driscoll, a former senior technical recruiter

Two and a half years ago, he said, tech was the most candidate-driven market out there. Job offers were “more than generous,” and many of them were open-ended - meaning that if a candidate declined the offer but went back to the company a year later, the company would still be open to hiring them, Yodh told MarketWatch. “That would never happen today.”

As Driscoll, the former technical recruiter, described it: “People were throwing stupid money at us.”

Doing more work for less pay

U.S. employers have announced more than 322,043 job cuts since the start of 2024, according to the latest figures from the outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

Along with those layoffs, workers looking for new jobs not only saw lower pay, they also saw roles that required them to do more.

Driscoll saw one posting for a job in Austin, Texas, that paid $115,000 to $125,000 a year. The role involved managing recruiters along with marketing recruitment efforts and other duties. “This is easily five different roles,” she said, adding that the pay for such a job should be more than $200,000.

Companies have also had to recalibrate remaining employees’ responsibilities after layoffs, Yodh said, noting that unless a company decides to eliminate a project, the work still needs to get done.

Increasingly, beaten-down job seekers are saying yes to lower-paying jobs after months of unemployment.

After working 17 years in the mortgage industry, Janice Hernandez was laid off twice in 2023 - first from her $90,000-a-year job as an account-relationship manager. Six months later, Hernandez accepted the only job she was offered, as a senior loan partner earning $54,000 a year. She was later laid off from that job, too.

“I had no choice but to take it because I needed [it] to work financially,” Hernandez told MarketWatch. “I said, ‘It’s better than nothing.’”

Andrea Dean recently found herself in a similar situation. Dean, who lives in Melbourne, Fla., had 22 years of industry experience under her belt and was making $35.50 an hour as a conventional mortgage-loan underwriter before she was let go in August 2022. She started working a $19-an-hour logistics job last July. “I didn’t care. I just needed to make money,” she said.

“When more workers are willing to take less money, that can drive pay levels down further,” Yodh said. And many rounds of layoffs have resulted in a candidate pool filled with more-experienced white-collar workers. “In today’s job market, there’s no shortage of good quality candidates,” he said.

Rubio hasn’t given up on his search for a good job in human resources.

“You’ve got to look every day,” he said. “The one day you don’t look, that’s the one day the job that you want is going to come out. Trust me.|


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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Walmart CEO Interview

image: walmart sicle
Walmart’s ridiculously low wages and deliberate underemployment keep their workers just rich enough to not be living in a dumpster co-op, but poor enough to be eligible for food stamps.
- Walmart’s Giant Sucking Sound, 2012


Walmart US CEO talks inflation, self-checkout, and paying six-figures to non-college degree workers

By Alexis Christoforous
ABC News
April 25, 2024

In an exclusive and far-reaching interview with ABC News, John Furner, president and CEO of Walmart U.S., talked about the retail giants push to HIRE MORE NON-COLLEGE DEGREE WORKERS for high-paying corporate jobs at the company.

Currently, 75% of Walmart’s salaried managers began as hourly associates. High-performing Walmart managers at the store’s Supercenters now have the ability to earn more than $400,000 a year, which includes a new stock grant rewards program. Some of those managers have college degrees, while others do not - it is not required for the job.

“While college is great for some, its not exactly the right answer for everyone,” Furner told ABC News.

This year, Walmart says it has doubled the number of skills certificates it offers to help people move into higher-paying careers within the company, such as software engineers, data scientists, and opticians. Walmart says certificate programs take associates about four months on average to complete, compared to years for a degree.

“Let’s say you wanted to be a technician and work on HVAC, or if you wanted to be a truck driver, or robot tech, or a pharmacy tech. We have those programs where you can do that on the job while you’re working, and they lead to great careers,” Furner said.

Businesses are increasingly removing college degree requirements from some job descriptions and shifting to skills-based hiring. But a recent REPORT from the Burning Glass Institute and Harvard Business School found that most companies that say they are adopting skills-first hiring are not actually translating that into practice.

The report found that Walmart was among the 37% of firms analyzed that, on average, hired 18% more non-degree workers for roles for which they removed the requirement for a college degree. Other so-called skills-based hiring leaders included Apple, Cigna, ExxonMobil, General Motors, Target, Tyson Foods, and Yelp.

In a first for the company, Walmart hosted an Opportunity Summit in Washington, D.C. this month, where it brought together executives from over a dozen major companies including Accenture, Home Depot, McDonald’s, PepsiCo and Verizon - to discuss how they can coordinate efforts and make good on their promise to offer higher-paid jobs to non-degree workers.

The shift to skills-based hiring comes as the cost of a college education continues to rise. Boston University, Tufts and New York University are among the schools that now cost nearly $100,000 a year to attend.

“A lot of the skills that we’re talking about are also applicable across a number of companies in a number of industries,” said Furner. “What we hope for is that our associates learn more and stay with us, but we know sometimes they’re going to go on to other things, and if they can take those skills with them collectively, we’ll all be better off.”

Job growth is expected to continue at Walmart as it looks to open its first new stores in three years. The retailer plans to open 150 new stores and remodel 650 existing locations over the next five years.

Retail theft and the future of self-checkout

Furner acknowledged that the prevalence of shoplifting and organized retail crime across the country remains a challenge for retailers of all sizes. He says shrinkage - the industry term for merchandise loss due to theft - has increased at Walmart over the past two years. In response, the big-box retailer has been selectively removing self-checkout counters from some locations where there are more instances of shoplifting and mis-scanned items, but Furner told ABC News that self-checkout is not going away at Walmart.

There are a few stores where we’ve made the decision that they’ll come out of, but we haven’t made that decision in every store,Ӕ he said. Over the next few years, we’re really going to lean into new types of technology that can make the checkout process even better for customers.Ӕ

Target recently announced it would limit the number of items shoppers can buy at self-checkout lanes, while Dollar General plans to pull self-checkout counters from 300 of its stores.

“For the industry, the concern is it causes prices to go up and it can cause stores to close,” Furner said of the problem. “Retailers need to work with state and local law enforcement, with federal enforcement to keep our communities safe for our customers and to keep the cost of goods down.”

“Deflation" is showing up at Walmart

On the inflation front, Furner says he continues to see improvement: At Walmart, we are now seeing prices that are in line with where they were 12 months ago. I havenӒt been able to say that for a few years now.

Furner also sees deflation in big categories like general merchandise, where some prices are below where they were a year ago. ԓThe last few weeks, we’ve taken even more prices down in areas like produce and meat and fresh food,” Furner said.

Yet despite a recent rise in overall inflation in the past three months, Furner says he remains optimistic.

“What I’ve learned in the last few years is, it’s really hard to predict,” Furner said. “I’m feeling much better about inflation in terms of pricing versus a year ago, but we’re not finished.”


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Monday, December 18, 2023

Talking About Racism

image: lets talk racism
Race is no longer a dividing line, either. According to Census Bureau numbers, two-thirds of those below the poverty line at any given point identify themselves as white.
- Divide and Conquer, 2012
“I am in such pain every night, suicide has on a regular basis crossed my mind just simply to ease the pain. If I did not have responsibilities, especially for my youngest daughter who has problems,” he said… The 56-year-old former salesman’s struggle with chronic pain is bound up with an array of other issues - medical debts, impoverishment and the prospect of a BLEAK RETIREMENT contributing to growing numbers of suicides in the US and helping drive a sharp and unusual increase in the mortality rate for middle-aged white Americans in recent years alongside premature deaths from alcohol and drugs.
- Suicide in White America, February 2016


The SubStack article below reads a lot like the old DIVIDE AND CONQUER, and may help explain why we’re REWRITING HISTORY to hide discrimination, but my experience sees a lot of truth in the piece.

On the other hand the article kind of flies in the face of the resurrection of a Fascist white (Aryan) race I though the United States was moving to.

I worry about being REPLACED BY ROBOTS as much as I FEAR BEING BRAINWASHED TO HATE everyday people who may have different skin color.

However, there’s little denying JOB APPLICATIONS default to white/hispanic on EEO diversity forms.  There’s little denying WINDOWS desktop software DOESN’T EVEN HAVE AN ICON FOR A WHITE MAN.

Why brainwash us on both sides?

Is it any wonder why white men are the BIGGEST SUICIDE RISK these days:

There are some stark disparities in both gender and race when it comes to suicide. Men die by suicide 3.6 times more often than women, and the suicide rate is more than twice as high among Whites compared to African Americans or Asians and Pacific Islanders. The result? White men account for nearly 70% of suicide deaths.


Cheering for White Extinction

By Donald Jeffries
December 15, 2023

If you do a SEARCH FOR “CAUCASIAN” on Google images, you’ll see a few pictures of actual Caucasians, interspersed among lots of images of nonwhites. This is similar to searching for “Happy White woman.” Do it. You’ll be surprised by what images come up. Actually maybe you won’t be. This is now the expected “new normal.”

I never signed up to be a crusader for White rights. I don’t like sounding like a White Nationalist, WHATEVER THAT IS. But someone has to do it. Of all the giant elephants traipsing across the crumbling landscape of America 2.0, none are larger or more dutifully ignored than the Great Replacement of WHITE PEOPLE. Only nonwhite people, like Vivek Ramaswamy recently, have the courage to bring the subject up in public. And only these selected nonwhites seem to care that is it happening. The “Woke” White crowd is overjoyed at this prospect. The “conservative,” MAGA types seem to be perfectly fine with it as well. Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy admitted that the Stupid Party was focused on attracting nonwhites before he was ousted.

Now I am undeniably White. That’s a fact. “Science,” if you will. I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t will myself to be born White, any more than I willed myself to only grow to be five foot nine inches tall. None of us control our ethnicity, so it’s ridiculous for anyone to be proud of it. But conversely, its just as ridiculous to be ashamed of it. Can I start a “I’m White, and not proud or ashamed” mantra? But thanks to a decades long propaganda campaign which cannot be denied, the vast majority of White people alive today are ashamed. For being born the way they were. They have a collective guilt which the world has never seen before, for wrongs real, exaggerated, and imagined, committed by some Whites from previous generations.

I have researched my family tree as well as I could, given the resources available. None of my ancestors were in a position to have owned slaves, even if they’d wanted to. I’m sure they all were hopelessly “racist” by today’s standards, as were more than 99 percent of White people alive during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. By contrast, the present-day Chinese people, for example, are decidedly racist by any standards. There are literal signs on businesses in China proclaiming that no Blacks are allowed. Its odd that this is of such little concern to the Social Justice Warriors. Hollywood, in which China has a heavily vested interest, is not about to broach the subject. No, instead, let’s focus on signs like that which used to exist in America.

Today’s young Whites, especially those steadfastly clinging to their male birth identity and he/him pronouns, are essentially second-class citizens. Except, of course, for those who come from families with a lot of money. But even then, they must play the game, as they rise up the corporate ladder which has been pulled away from the vast majority of their young White peers. They must always be deferential around nonwhites, especially Blacks. They must never refer to race at all, unless it is to express guilt over their whiteness, or agree with the official narrative that “marginalized” persons “of color,” are the ones facing obstacles and discrimination. They must acknowledge the imaginary demon of “White Supremacy.”

It’s a game that we must play, in order to survive in this Orwellian dystopia. Channel all the real anti-White mentality, which dominates every business and every government agency, into a Hollywoodish “racism” which is directed at all the nonwhites, especially the Blacks, by the evil, invisible “White Supremacists.” They are like QAnon’s “White Hats.” Powerful, biding their time. Yet unaffected and unseen by everyone. And to think that many of these believers in the “White Supremacist” hobgoblin will ridicule believers in God. They scoff at “your giant magic man in the sky.” Creation itself proves a Creator. What exactly proves “White Privilege?”

Most White parents were not moved when the odious “critical race theory” agenda became implemented in so many schools. What kind of brainwashing must one have undergone, to watch their precious kindergartner be berated by authority figures for being born with a special “privilege,” and then forced feel to guilt over something they can’t even comprehend, let alone be responsible for? A few irate parents confronted their tyrannical school boards, but other parents sat there submissively, watching them be escorted out of meetings by our brave police officers. If a child is INDOCTRINATED like that at such a tender age, how hard will it be to deprogram him? Her? It? After all, young children will be asked to announce their chosen pronouns.

In 2008, for the first time in our history, there were more nonwhite births than White births recorded. Whites have been reproducing below the replacement rate for survival for years now. The average White woman is having 1.7 children during her lifetime, compared with 2.2 for Hispanic women. The replacement rate, which determines the number of children necessary for a continuation of the species, is 2.1. In 2022, White women had 55,000 fewer babies than the previous year, while Hispanic women had 50,000 more. Do the math. It’s not a complicated trend. The latest statistics show that Whites are now just over 57 percent of the U.S. population. Hispanics have grown to almost 19 percent. Blacks are mired at around 12 percent. But they can console themselves with being wildly overrepresented in popular media.

In 1960, almost 90 percent of Americans were White. There were very, very few nonwhite immigrants from other countries. Hispanics, a political catchphrase that wouldnt be invented for another twenty years or more, were unknown. In London, one of the great cultural hubs of Caucasian civilization, the population has become increasingly nonwhite over the past fifty years. If you believe the likes of Nigel Farage, Whites are now a minority in London. Fortunately, those ever handy “fact checkers” assure us that this is “misinformation.” I don’t know, “I’ve never been there,” and “I’m not willing to move there to find out.” I do know their media reflects ours, with an astonishing overrepresentation of nonwhites, especially Blacks.

So how did this all happen? How does a “Great Replacement” work exactly? Well, it would be impossible without the cooperation of those who are being replaced. White females, especially, were conditioned into thinking that motherhood, particularly when combined with household drudgery, was something to be avoided. The tremendous increase in casual sex, and the availability of abortions. The channeling of the maternal instinct towards animals. FEMINISM created the “career woman” whose job, not family, was her top priority.  Males enjoyed being the first generation to have the opportunity to have multiple sex partners. I knew very few males from my generation who didn’t pay for at least one, if not more abortions. With great relief.

At the same time, the White nuclear family was belittled and demonized in films and on television. Actors playing adult children were shown as being ostracized from their parents, and dreading the occasional interaction with them. We went from Ward Cleaver to Al Bundy in a very short period of time. Dysfunction was the norm in these productions, and it should be no surprise that those raised on this propaganda began living it out in real life. Life imitates art. Literally every family I know now is riddled with dysfunction. If you lose respect for the nuclear family, there is little reason for you to want children, which are the foundation of the family unit.

I fell prey to this a bit myself. I love children, and ideally wanted a huge family. But I limited myself to the then “new norm” of two kids. As a White boomer, Id been conditioned to think “responsibly.” Children cost a lot. Can we really afford them? How many White couples have not asked themselves this question? When a White woman becomes pregnant by a White man, itҒs often considered bad news, especially if they arent married. They mull over the options, and often choose abortion. Nonwhites, especially Hispanics, just as often consider pregnancy great news. They think of the baby as a blessing. The ultimate blessing. Their religious faith, which is usually Catholic, is stronger than mass media messaging.

My very large family is full of middle-aged White females with no children. IҒve heard any number of White relatives proclaim that they didn’t want children. Remember, almost all of them were raised Catholics, where huge families were common. I don’t understand this mindset, but my libertarian impulse is to say, fine- that’s your decision. But the problem is this decision didn’t happen naturally, at least in the vast majority of cases. They were brainwashed, propagandized, into thinking this way. Its an unnatural way to think. And no other race thinks this way. Of course, because so many Whites accepted the programming, White birth rates began to plummet. Which was the foundation for the Great Replacement.

The Great Replacement started in the world of sports. As a sports fanatic, I saw this first hand. I witnessed the White coaches favoring Black players who were not any more skilled than their White competitors, and often had ugly characteristics that made them less valuable. Lack of impulse control, resulting in stupid penalties or fouls. Selfishness, especially in sports like basketball. Putting themselves first over the team. ItҒs not like sports werent fully integrated during the 1960s. Even then, Blacks were overrepresented, especially in basketball. But today, the NFL and NBA are utterly dominated by Black players, the majority of whom are affirmative action projects. They arenҒt remotely qualified for their positions. They are replacements.

Replacements, of course, for the White athletes who used to be able to play professional sports really well. What happened to all those guys? When did Whites stop being able to play running back, wide receiver, and defensive back in the NFL? I live in the D.C. suburbs. One of the greatest football legends here is John Riggins, the great running back for the team formerly known as the Redskins. I have asked a few of what I call Drunk White Fans, just what they think would happen if Riggins came out of college today. “You know they wouldn’t let him be a running back, don’t you?” I gently remind them. “They’d force him to bulk up and block for the real athletes.” They usually respond with a blank stare and change the subject.

As someone who played a lot of sports, I feel somewhat qualified to say that most Black football and basketball players simply aren’t that great. They aren’t magically fast. They can’t jump magically high. But they look the part. They aren’t White, and that’s what counts. This is the Great Replacement, after all. Without great White athletic role models, it makes things far easier when beating down the self-esteem of young White males. The ones that have been trained to laughingly denigrate themselves as “White boys.” In baseball, the situation is a bit different. They cant seem to get Blacks to play baseball any more. But if they do, they have a much better chance of making the Major Leagues. Otherwise, they import all the replacements from Latino countries, especially the Dominican Republic.

While Hispanics are being steered into taking over Major League Baseball, my old industry, Information Technology, is being TAKEN OVER by H-1B VISA workers, mostly from India. I was one of the last Whites left standing when they fired me without warning in 2018, for helping out a handicapped co-worker. If you call virtually any government agency, you will get a Black female answering (if anyone answers), who invariably has a noticeable “Ebonics accent,” and surly “Excuse me!” attitude. Try getting any productive assistance out of any of them. But they’re probably making more than you. And certainly have better benefits and pensions. Its very hard for the average White person to get a government job.

Speaking of Indians, they dominate the CALL CENTERS as thoroughly as Black women dominate the phone representatives throughout government. The accents are frustrating to deal with, although I recognize they probably speak English more articulately than the average Murrican. Iranians own every carpet store. Pakistanis and other nonwhites are the faces of every convenient store. So exactly where do all the WHITE PEOPLE work nowadays? Weђre not extinct yet, after all. We have qualified as an endangered species for a long time. NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE. Its not like we’re some obscure rodent, or violent predator.”

The entertainment world, especially the music industry, is utterly dominated by Blacks. And again, at only 12 percent of the population, there just isn’t that much talent to go around. Watch the Grammy awards. It’s indistinguishable from a BET awards show. These performers are not Chuck Berry, or Louis Armstrong, or Marvin Gaye, or Smokey Robinson. They are AFFIRMATIVE ACTION replacements. Disproportionate Black presence is on full display now in movies and television shows. Commercials, in every format, feature almost all nonwhites and mixed race couples. An alien from another world watching our media would think that Whites are a minority. And we are heading in that direction.

Even the most entitled of all species, the HOT WHITE WOMAN, is now under fire. For a long time utterly dominant throughout society, especially in popular culture, attractive White females are now being replaced, too. The “fat acceptance” movement has made physical attractiveness just another part of “White privilege.” So now we have obese lingerie and swimsuit models. And a disproportionate number of them are nonwhite. Which is consistent with the increasing number of fit actresses, singers, and spokespersons who are now nonwhite. If they decide to brand very wealthy White men who marry White “trophy wives” as “racists,” then it’s all over for the hot White chicks. Im not alone in saying that the good looking White female is the crown jewel of human civilization. But I guess itҒs sexistӔ to say that. And racist.Ӕ

I saw a tweet today from some self-proclaimed MAGA lady, who somehow has over 100,000 followers. That’s over 95,000 more followers than me. Color me envious, I guess. But I’d never writesome virtue signaling pablum about being outraged over someone criticizing my mixed race family. The problem is, the picture she posted is clearly of a White family. Her husband and kids looked White. So the tweet made no sense. At any rate, she was virtual signaling nonetheless, and like most of the Right, she wants no part of Great Replacement theory. If we can just get more Herschel Walker types to diversify the Republicans, watch out! We want a big tent!

There is no one on the Right, even in the alternative media, who is pointing out just how successful the Great Replacement has been. TUCKER CARLSON MENTIONED IT a few times, but Alex Jones won’t. As noted, while Vivek Ramaswamy brought it up, no White public figure is about to. I don’t think the great “racist” Donald Trump mentioned the word “White” during his four years in office. The golden days of emotional tweets, broken promises, and rescued Black rappers. Again, you don’t have to be proud of your skin color to express concern over your gradual annihilation. I’m not a “hater,” but I do hate the future being constructed for my children, and my grandchildren, if Im fortunate enough to have them.

If someone was throwing rocks at your house, or tearing up your lawn, would you try to stop them? Even if they were nonwhite? Would you contact the police? If you saw a bigger child physically attack your child, would you intervene? Would you try to protect your flesh and blood? Well, by not protesting “critical race theory,” or White parents not protesting the obvious discrimination that occurs in organized sports against their children, they have shirked their basic responsibilities in life. If the majority of White parents complained about all the obvious unfairness, it might get results. Just like if the majority of White employees complained about the clear favoritism extended to nonwhites, especially Blacks, in the workplace.

But the vast majority of White parents are silent, as they’ve been now for a very long time. They silently absorbed all the disastrous, anti-White messages from Hollywood. They cheered on Black athletes, some of them guilty of but unpunished for violent crimes against women, as they were gifted prime positions over more skilled Whites. They accepted Affirmative Action. They did push back enough against the forced busing of students to stop it. They didnt question the increasing prevalence of mixed- face couples in advertising, or the relentless anti-White male depictions across all forms of media. White males were, and are, portrayed as weak, soft, and unprincipled. Which, to a large extent, they have become in reality. Again, Life imitates art.

Most Whites bought the ridiculous mantra that “Blacks built this country.” Even the greatest White Supremacist of them all, Donald Trump, made this claim publicly. No, they absolutely did not. As slaves, they weren’t allowed to learn skilled trades. Whites, mostly ethnic English and Germans, built this country. For better or worse. Even after the slaves were freed, it was White men like my great-grandfather James Sullivan, working as a carpenter on the Washington Monument, that built this country. Whites let absurd claims of Black inventors become mainstream, resulting in preposterous “Black Studies” college courses. A Black didn’t invent the comb in the late 1800s. I saw Pocahontass comb in the Smithsonian years ago

Because Whites sat there submissively in the face of such deadly disinformation, huge companies like Disney now feel confident in producing a remake of Snow White featuring an obnoxious actress who is not white in the lead role. The character was literally named that way because of her ultra white skin. So its Snow Brown. The Little Mermaid is now Black. So is Cleopatra. Some White male English king was recast, “blackened” into a Black woman in a Netflix film. And even though all these “Woke” monstrosities lose tons of money, those making them don’t seem to care. As I pointed out in my book SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST, there are other, more powerful agendas at stake here. Profits don’t matter when the system is utterly rigged.

Former Washington Wizards player Gilbert Arenas reacted to Black NBA player Draymont Green’s most recent violent outburst, against White NBA player Jusuf Nurkic by declaring, “Taking care of these Europeans one at a time… Do your thing!” It is very easy to predict that there will be a total lack of outrage from anyone over this despicable statement. Picture any retired White athlete advocating that White players “take care” of African Americans. The hostility seemingly all Black celebrities feel for their White competitors goes back a long way. And it has never been properly addressed by any White authority figure. Thus, it will keep happening, and only become more extreme. Some day Ill writethat book on sports, and achieve the lowest social credit score in world history.

I donҒt blame Black people for this situation. They didn’t pass the 1965 anti-White immigration act. They didn’t develop Affirmative Action. They didn’t come up with policies like “race norming,” which for decades allowed lesser qualified Black applicants to get police, firefighter, and other well paid government jobs over Whites who scored higher on the required testing. They didn’t popularize the Orwellian term “hate speech.” They may have complained about what “racist” Whites said in expressing their opinion on social media, but it was White authority figures who “cancelled” them. Every time. When we think of “Karens” we think of “Woke” White women, anxious to control the behavior of other Whites. Blacks actually could take far more advantage of the situation.

Ill issue the caveat I always do when writing about race. After all, I think IҒm just about the only White American who is coming at it from this perspective. I dont hate Black people. I worked and socialized with hundreds of them over the years. In some ways, I liked most of them more than I liked most White people. But they are simply not held to the same standards that everyone else is. If you donҒt apply the laws, the rules, and the expectations of conduct equally to everyone, then they are meaningless. No one should respect them. Certainly, at this dark stage of America 2.0, no White should have the slightest respect for them. This is the exclusive fault of White leaders, and I blame the average White person for not being outraged and calling it out.

On every single cultural issue, White people have “lost.” They capitulated to nonsense about amazing Black inventors, amazing Black Civil War soldiers, amazing Black female NASA scientists. They have accepted the doublethink that Blacks created powerful civilizations, and also contributed everything of substance while “building” America, despite being always held down by the evil White Supremacists. They werent allowed to do anything, and yet accomplished unprecedented achievements. This is the basis of “Black Studies,” or I guess it’s called “African American Studies” now. Either way, it is as full of factual information as a nightly CNN news broadcast. And those who have earned degrees in such a ridiculous major are now attaining positions of power. How do you expect any of them to treat White people?

It bears repeating; all this transpired while Whites held most of the reins of power in this country. At any given moment, they could have stopped the madness. They could have, and obviously should have, held Blacks to the same standards that everyone else is held to. Is is “racist” to demand that all people be held to the same standards? Am I a “hater” for supporting fairness? Equality under the law? Equality in the workplace? But any White employer, should one somehow exist somewhere, who attempted to enforce fairness and equality would find him/her/they/it selves out on the street with the first loud “excuse me!” response. “Thats racist!” holds far more sway in America 2.0 than “thatҒs unfair!” Not that many Whites even bother pointing out unfairness any more.

In South Africa, for the first time in the history of the world, one race of people willingly gave over power to another race of people. Whatever the reality of Apartheid was, once Blacks took power, they appear to have sought vengeance against average White South Africans. There are horror stories of rape and murder coming out of South Africa. I have no way of knowing how credible they are. But in America, White people have effectively ceded power as well. Not literally; our leaders still have mostly White faces. But they dont represent average Whites any more than the African National Congress does. Everything they do diminishes White self-worth.

Whether itҒs your very wealthy White “representative” in Congress, your local White school board member, or the meddlesome “Karen” on your block, America is full of self-hating Whites. Who spout anti-White rhetoric, as if directed to by puppet strings. Who don’t appear to appreciate that they are White themselves. One day, some Don Jeffries-type out there will answer their babbling with, “You do realize that you are White, don’t you? Are you including yourself in this blanket condemnation of an entire people? Your children? Your parents?” But thus far, no one has. Instead, they nod in appreciation as something else is labeled “racist.” Band-Aids. Birds. Sleep. When everything is racist, nothing is. At this point, the word is meaningless.

Vladimir Putin started urging Russians to have more babies several years ago. He was the only White leader at that time to talk openly about the destruction of the Caucasians. Now the president of Hungary, a female no less, Katalin Novak, says, “We must make starting a family an attractive option for the next generation.” They are setting up generous tax options, so that citizens benefit from having babies. The more they have, the more they benefit. How I wish our own abysmal leaders had offered something like that forty years ago. There might be lots of rabble-rousing Jeffries running around out there. Is this one reason why Putin is so demonized? Dont look for Novak to win any mainstream popularity contests, either.

White people have to stop being scared to speak their minds on the subject of race. Why should Blacks and nonwhites have a monopoly in this regard? There is never a “dialogue,: it’s always a diatribe from some African Studies major, with cucked nods of encouragement from despicable White sellouts. It’s not wrong to care about those who look most like you, even if they are White. Not “of color,” even though White is a color. It’s your obligation as a parent to protect your children from being branded as having “privileges” they most decidedly don’t have. Point out that “diversity” shouldn’t mean less Whites.

Just during the time it took to writethis article, we witnessed Boston’s nonwhite mayor Michelle Wu exposed for planning a Christmas party, exclusively for “electeds of color.” Regardless of the awkward, America 2.0 phraseology, this meant no Whites allowed. No Irish need apply. If you expected any indignant outrage from our compliant media, or some White leader somewhere, you haven’t been paying attention for the past fifty years. Wu didn’t issue the standard apology that every White guilty of some violation of “Woke” dogma does. Quickly and as cuckily as possible. And still gets cancelled. Wu dug her heels in, and the party went on as scheduled. Wu is, naturally, married to a White guy. You will hear no more about this. Google is already blocking searches on it. Its just Whites. We’ve established their lives don’t matter.

In fact, the few bold Whites left in this dilapidated land were canceled themselves for posting the sensible mantra that “All Lives Matter.” The response from our White- majority elite is that, no, actually they don’t. Black Lives Matter supporters tore down statues, and burned cities across the country during the summer of 2020. While dear “racist” Donald Trump was president. Nothing was done, by Trump or any other Whitey. The police, known to shoot deaf jaywalkers in the back, stood down. Some of them kneeled alongside the rioters. If that didn’t tell you what was going on, I don’t know what would. We are witnessing a genetic apocalypse. There is a real chance that you could be prosecuted just for mentioning the Great Replacement.

Either race is important or it’s not. You can’t encourage one race to have absurd inflated egos about their skin color, while demeaning the skin color of another race, and punishing them if they attempt the mildest defense. Some races are not more equal than others. This isn’t Animal Farm. We should all be assessed by the content of our character, as Martin Luther King (whod be attacked as a White Supremacist today) once said. I hate talking about race. But it’s their favorite subject. And because none of us wanted to talk about it, we stand on the brink of extinction. That’s something we should all be concerned about, and not afraid to combat. Some species never had this chance. Let’s not be wooly mammoths or dodo birds.


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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Preying On The Job Seeker 23 - AI Video Job Interview

image: can ai predict job hopping

Ever apply for a job that has some sort of AI video interview through a third party?


What does HireVue do?

HireVue helps global enterprises gain a competitive advantage in the modern talent marketplace with cloud based video interviewing, assessments, scheduling, and conversational AI software. Our customers can use our software to schedule and conduct video interviews, or can combine our video interviewing software with our Assessments tool(s) which involves the use of predictive, validated occupational science and artificial intelligence in order to augment the customer’s human decision-making in the hiring process.


Video Screening Co. HireVue Illegally Collected Illinois Job Applicants Facial Scans, Class Action Alleges

By Erin Shaak
Class Action

Deyerler v. HireVue Inc.
Filed: January 27, 2022 - 2022CH00719 [TIMELINE] [DOCKET ENTRIES]

A class action claims HireVue collected job applicants’ biometric information without first providing statutory disclosures and obtaining informed consent.

Online video interview platform HireVue faces a proposed class action over its alleged practice of collecting job applicants’ biometric information without first providing statutory disclosures and obtaining informed consent.

According to the lawsuit in Cook County, Illinois Circuit Court, HireVue uses an algorithm to collect and analyze the facial geometry of a job applicant during a video interview and assess their “cognitive ability, personality traits, emotional intelligence, and social aptitude.” The lawsuit alleges, however, that the defendant has failed to satisfy the disclosure and consent requirements of the ILLINOIS BIOMETRIC PRIVACY ACT (BIPA), a state law designed to prevent the unauthorized collection of consumers biometric data, including facial geometry scans.

Per the suit, HireVue failed to provide certain disclosures regarding its data collection and retention practices and obtain job applicants’ written consent before collecting, storing and disseminating their private biometric data. The case claims HireVue failed to satisfy BIPA requirements even though doing so is “straightforward and may be accomplished through a single, signed sheet of paper.”

The lawsuit explains that HireVue tells its customers, i.e., prospective employers looking to fill open positions, that its video platform can collect “thousands of data points” during each job candidate’s interview. HireVue has allegedly represented that facial expressions make up 29 percent of a job applicants “employability score.”

The case alleges that the information collected by HireVue in the course of a video interview is “exactly the type of information regulated by [the] BIPA” - namely, consumers’ facial geometries.

According to the suit, HireVue has failed to inform job candidates prior to their interviews that their biometrics will be captured, collected or otherwise obtained, and secure their consent to collect the data. Moreover, HireVue ran afoul of the BIPA by failing to publish a publicly available retention policy outlining how long consumers’ biometric data will be stored, the lawsuit alleges.

The case further claims that HireVue unlawfully profited from Illinois residents’ biometric data in that it was paid by its clients for the use of its software.

The plaintiff, an Illinois resident who applied for a job with Varsity Tutors through the defendant’s platform in September 2019, says that she remains to this day unaware of the status of the private biometric data collected by HireVue. Per the case, HireVue violated the plaintiff’s “substantive state rights to biometric information privacy” by failing to comply with the BIPA.

The lawsuit looks to cover anyone whose biometrics were captured, collected, received through trade or otherwise obtained through HireVue’s video interview software within Illinois at any time within the applicable STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS PERIOD.



Your next job interview might be with AI. Here’s how to ace it.

By Megan Cerullo
CBS News
June 16, 2023

Looking for a job? You may find yourself “face to face” with an artificial intelligence bot, rather than a person.

Corporate recruiters have long used AI to quickly scan job applications and whittle down the number of applicants. Now, companies are increasingly using the technology to conduct the job interview itself. This presents job candidates with a range of new challenges in what can often be a stressful situation, not the least of which is this emerging consideration: How exactly do you impress a bot?

“Employers understand that using AI can save them time, so we expect to see more of them using it in some way in the pre-screening interview process,” Keith Spencer, a career expert at FlexJobs, told CBS MoneyWatch. “From the candidate’s perspective it can be intimidating. You’re not interacting with a human - you’re interacting with AI, which can feel kind of strange.”

A recent survey from Resume Builder projected that by 2024, roughly four in 10 companies will use AI for job interviews. Of that number, 15% of employers said they will rely on AI to make hiring decisions without any human input.

What is an AI job interview?

Although virtual job interviews were used before the COVID-19 pandemic, the public health crisis made the process a necessity. Now that they are more commonplace, businesses are increasingly using AI to screen candidates.

“For years human resources departments have been using AI to automatically screen for resumes and applications. Now that virtual interviews have taken center stage, it’s being used as a first screening, especially in non-complex jobs where you have clear parameters,” Zahira Jaser, associate professor at the University of Sussex Business School, who focuses on how humans experience technology, told CBS MoneyWatch.

There are different types of AI interviews. In an AI-assisted interview, a job candidate is presented with questions on screen in text form that they answer and submit via either text or video. A recruiter or other company staffer involved in hiring then evaluates the submission to assess if the applicant is a good fit.

“Some have just an element of artificial intelligence so the candidate is recorded and someone watches their video,” Jaser said.

In that scenario, AI might help cull an applicant pool and recommend standout candidates. Notably, the technology could also inadvertently nix highly qualified job applicants, experts noted.

“The truth is it is still eliminating some candidates before a human makes the final decision,” said Stacie Haller, career adviser at Resume Builder.

“Existential dread”

Then there are those interviews that are AI-led and “completely automated,” according to Jaser. The experience is a little bit like videoconferencing with yourself. In CBS MoneyWatch’s test of AI interview software, the platform presented text-based questions on a screen above a live video box into which the candidate spoke. Their answers were recorded and submitted for review by AI.

In practice, an algorithm reviews and judges the candidate’s video submission based on verbal data, including the words they use, and vocal data, including a person’s manner of speech and delivery. In most instances, by contrast, privacy laws prohibit companies from collecting facial data.

“The candidate is in front of a screen that has questions that appear and the candidate has limited time to answer these questions,” Jaser explained, adding that the experience can be jarring. “People who have sat in these interviews find it difficult because they almost all fall into an existential dread when, at a very important time in your life, you’re not facing a human and you’re not seeing cues coming to you.”

How to impress a bot

Unlike a personal interaction with a human hiring manager either in the flesh or on a computer screen, conversational bots don’t give interviewees on-the-spot feedback or other cues on how they’re doing.

“The beauty of having an in-person interview, which is already a stressful experience, is that there is a human encounter. You meet a human, then you have an exchange, and if you sense a good emotion in the other person it’s a way to measure ourselves,” Jaser said. “We’re always looking for positive cues, and in this case you’re not getting any. So you have to be confident you’re saying the right thing without any cues.”

That said, experts offer some tips on how to ace an AI job interview.

1. Pretend you’re talking to a human. Spencer of FlexJobs recommends that candidates pretend they are interacting with a human, while acknowledging that can be difficult while responding to digital prompts.

“It’s like having a videoconferencing conversation with someone, but there’s no one there. You don’t see another face,” he said of the AI interview experience. As a result, candidates sometimes inadvertently end up mimicking the software and can become robotic in their responses, which is something to avoid.

“They get more rigid, their facial expressions become more stoic and they aren’t conscious of their non-verbals as much as their verbals. And AI programs are assessing non-verbals,” Spencer said.

Instead, pretend you’re interviewing with a person. “Maintain eye contact [with the camera], dress professionally, smile, and project confidence and friendliness,” he added.

2. Mine the job description for key words and use them. Companies instruct AI to assess job applicants based on predefined criteria related to their overall goals or a particular role they’re trying to fill. So as with any job interview, it’s wise to research the company and read the job description closely beforehand.

In an AI interview, though, it’s even more important to use words and phrases that correspond to the duties and qualifications of the job.

“There is a good chance the AI-interview tool will be ranking you based on your use of keywords and phrases from the job description,” Spencer explained. “If you’re gregarious, don’t rely completely on your charm. You want to have your facts straight and also have a clear understanding of the industry position, and be able to provide solid, tangible examples of your work.”

3. Practice, practice, practice. The best way to become more at ease interviewing while speaking to a screen is to practice. Jaser recommends a three-step approach. Start by practicing by videoconferencing with another person. Have them ask you generic as well as tailored interview questions.

It can also be useful to use a tool like Prepper from job search site Adzuna, billed as an “AI interview coach,” that generates questions related to whatever job description you feed it.

“It’s incredibly helpful to have someone ח or some thing chuck you a bunch of questions to get you thinking,” said James Neave, head of data science at Adzuna and one of the developers behind Prepper. “You’ll know if you’re prepared if you can answer those questions in a confident and accurate manner.”

Next, have your interviewer turn their camera off to simulate interviewing while addressing a blank screen. Then eliminate the human factor altogether and record yourself using a videoconferencing tool. Watch and review the recording. Keep a scriptin mind that includes key words you want to use.

“If you learn keywords, you’ll have quicker mental shortcuts to get to the info you want when the screen asks you the information,” Jaser said.


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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Preying On The Job Seeker 22 - Ghost Jobs Redux

image: ghost jobs

Ghost Jobs: An Economic Illusion That Harms the Unemployed

By Daisy Luther
The Organic Prepper
May 27, 2023

Are you trying to better yourself by finding a new job?  We keep hearing about record-low unemployment. This would make one think that there are job openings all over the place.  Have you been diligently looking through online job postings and filling out applications, only to hear nothing?  You might be chasing after ghost jobs.

"Ghost job” refers to online job POSTINGS THAT ARE SEEMINGLY NEVER FILLED

Why on earth would companies do this?  Why let people chase jobs that don’t exist?

A closer look at ghost jobs

Let’s look at why so many GHOST JOBS are out there, why mainstream media is reporting on the economy in the way it is, and what steps individual job-seekers can take.

Clarify Capital CONDUCTED A SURVEY of 1045 managers involved in hiring between August 31 and September 1, 2022.  They asked managers why they left job postings online even though they were not actively trying to fill those positions.  The answers?

· 50% reported that the company is always open to new people.

· 43% wanted to keep employees motivated

· 43% to give the impression that company is growing

· 39% the job was filled

· 37% to keep an active pool of active applicants in case of turnover

· 35% in case an irresistible candidate applies

· 34% to placate overworked employees

· 27% forgot to delete the job

· 33% no reason in particular

Disorganization within large companies can lead to incorrect job postings as well, according to a March 20, 2023, ARTICLE in the Wall Street Journal.  Many large companies have been going through rounds of layoffs and restructuring, and departments may post job openings redundantly or for jobs that havent been approved at other levels within the company.

This sounds like a fairly toxic situation between employers, employees, and potential employees.  If our unemployment rate is so low, we SHOULDN’T have so many people in employment limbo.

What’s actually going on here?

As explained by Heresy Financial, there are two sets of data used to CALCULATE employment rates, the establishment survey and the household survey. 

According to the establishment survey, the current unemployment rate is 3.4%, the lowest in history since 1969.  This is calculated by asking companies how many employees they have.  The big gap in establishment survey data is that it does not account for people working multiple jobs.  If one person is working days at McDonalds and nights at an Amazon warehouse, two separate jobs are considered filled, even though one person is filling both.

Household surveys are conducted by asking individuals where they work.  This is more accurate in that it accounts for people working multiple jobs, which is common at the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum.  When you consider how many people work multiple jobs, it reveals a more accurate picture of how many people are not actually working at all.

Once seen as a fool-proof field, TECH COMPANIES have been MAKING LARGE ROUNDS OF LAYOFFS. Looking at skilled vs. unskilled jobs in the Heresy Financial video, we see that the jobs most in demand are the ones that do not require a college degree.  Those with a college degree, expecting a more highly skilled job, are finding fewer job opportunities.

Nobody wants to admit they’ve ruined the economy.

I’ve got a bunch of teenagers at home.  They’re still being told that college is the way forward in life, but this does NOT SEEM AS TRUE as it was 30 years ago.  Why the deception?  WHY would mainstream media push the narrative that the economy is booming and that if you just go to college, you’ll find a good job?

First of all, no politicians want to admit they’ve ruined the economy.  Much as I’d like to blame Biden for everything, fudging jobs data to make it look like a higher percentage of the population is employed has been going on FOR AWHILE.  This isnt partisan. ItҒs just politicians being politicians.

More significantly, the U.S. has held status as the world’s reserve currency for almost eighty years now.  This comes with ALL KINDS OF ADVANTAGES, such as ease in foreign transactions and the ability to impose punishing sanctions. 

However, this reserve currency status has been based on a level of trust with the rest of the world. Everyone agrees to accept our money largely because, particularly after World War II, we had such a stable, transparent economy compared to almost everyone else.  Politicians know that a lot of perks come with being the biggest and wealthiest, and they want to continue to present America to the world in that way.

There theres the AI effect.

Perhaps most significantly, the emerging use of AI has brought a great deal of chaos and uncertainty to the job market.  It’s highly likely that politicians and large employers alike would prefer to keep quiet about how much DISPUPTION will occur due to this new technology.

Many companies now USE AI TO PROCESS JOB APPLICATIONS. (We TOLD YOU it was going to be everywhere.) Large companies routinely use AI to filter applicants, even though algorithms are known to filter out qualified employees.  Despite known issues, AI is so much cheaper this problem will not go away any time soon.

Worse, the advent of AI has made companies unwilling to invest in new employees if they think they will be able to buy software soon that will be able to perform the same function.

This is not widely discussed due to fears of social disruption.  You may not remember learning about the Luddites in history, but I can guarantee you the people in charge do.

THE LUDDITES WERE a group led by Ned Ludd, a displaced artisanal weaver, back in the nineteenth century at the beginning of industrial cloth production.  Ned Ludd led other displaced workers on a rampage of property destruction throughout England before being brutally uppressed.

“Luddite" now is a term used to throw at anyone deemed anti-technology, but the Luddites weren’t anti-technology.  They were angry at the total change in lifestyle they knew they faced at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, and they tried to do something about it.

Needless to say, it didn’t work. I dont think smashing computers will solve our problems.

What can we do about ghost jobs?

But what can we do?  Are there still real jobs out there?  How can we avoid wasting our time with ghost job postings?

· Look at how long a potential job has been open.  If it’s been more than a month, be suspicious.  Also, look for how detailed the job responsibilities are.  The more specific the company’s needs are, the more likely it’s a legitimate job. (SOURCE)

· Apply for jobs on the company’s website, rather than through a site like LinkedIn or Indeed. (SOURCE)

· If no company contact information is listed, that’s a bad sign.  Same goes for poor grammar and spelling.  Also, if you spot a company that looks interesting, do an internet search.  If you can’t find much information about the company, avoid it.  Don’t ever give out money or a social security number before an actual hire.  And if the potential job sounds too good to be true, it probably is. (SOURCE)

· To avoid getting filtered out by AI algorithms, bear in mind that very tiny things will likely put you out of the hiring pool.  Do not go over word limits; be meticulous in your grammar and spelling.  While human eyes may see through minor mistakes in the case of an outstanding applicant, an algorithm wont.

And it’s okay to send out emails checking on the status of a job within a month of sending in an application.  If you’re afraid youve missed a call or deleted an email from a potential employer, reach out.  At least the potential employer will know that you really want the job.

Personally, I have heard complaints from both ends.  I know young people can’t find jobs. I can also think of three friends off the top of my head, actively trying to hire, that cannot fill positions.  Two of those jobs are very physically demanding, but they’re still jobs.

The job market is a mess, and nothing is as it seems.

There is a huge amount of turmoil in the labor market right now.  Deception abounds as to what career path is most promising.  We have a serious mismatch between what kinds of jobs we think are available and what jobs really are.  Ghost job postings are not helping anything. Neither will nagging or blaming other individuals in your life.

Encourage the job-seekers in your life to keep trying.  Maybe watch some videos together about ways to improve their resumes.  Or have conversations about broadening what kind of work you’re willing to consider or where you’d be willing to live.  Job markets can vary dramatically from one part of the country to another.

Hang in there!

Don’t give up.  Ghost jobs are making life difficult right now, but if you feel like you’ve fallen for a trick, don’t take it personally.  If you have been frustrated by this situation, realize you are not alone.  Ghost jobs are a real phenomenon. If the Wall Street Journal is criticizing employers, you know something’s up. 

And if you know someone who is searching for a job, consider this information before you tell them that they simply aren’t trying hard enough.

Hopefully, youve gotten some food for thought about how to filter your own searches a little bit so that you can avoid wasting your time with ghost jobs in the future. 

About Marie Hawthorne: A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.


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In memory of the layed off workers of AT&T

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The true nature of the gods is that of magical images shaped out of the astral plane by mankind's thought, and influenced by the mind. - Dion Fortune


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