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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Practical Proposal for Real Change


There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.
- Thoreau

Our political system has evolved into a dangerous, high-stakes game of wits. Policy is often determined not by truth, but by deal making, by intimidation, by threats, and by clever exploitation of a complex maze of policies and procedures. Rational argument and honest debate are optional and easily evaded by those who can traverse this maze with agility. Truth is secondary. Being right is simply not enough in our political system.

Our political system encourages politicians to create their own version of reality with virtual impunity. As we have seen over and over again, Washingtons version of reality eventually crashes into actual reality with predictable, dire results. We cannot continue down this destructive path. We need to replace our political system with a system that enforces a standard of truth (akin to our science and court systems), where rational argument and open debate is not only facilitated, but mandatory.

Open Letter to President Obama

By Carmen Yarrusso
February 25, 2009

Dear President Obama,

Congratulations on your extraordinary accomplishments. Youve generated a new wave of hope that continues to reverberate around the globe.

In these exceptionally trying times your message has touched the hearts of hundreds of millions of human beings. Your historic inauguration has brought new hope to America. But youҒve also inspired vast numbers of the disadvantaged and oppressed throughout the world to have the audacity of hope for a better future, one that promises a new world order, where peace and prosperity is the standard for all humanity.

This enormous response emphasizes just how important U.S. Government policies are to the well-being of people everywhere. Mr. President, for better or worse, the policies of our government impact the lives of every human being on earth. Thus its not surprising your call for real change has struck a deep chord among all the citizens of this planet.

But real change won’t be easy. Those in power will strongly resist any real change. Theyll resist by exploiting our political system’s built-in mechanisms that can thwart change and obstruct reform. But without real change, without changing the basic way our government does business here and around the world, the inequality and injustice that saps the spirits of so many of our fellow human beings will continue unabated.

We privileged few can’t afford to ignore the unjust suffering of our fellow human beings here and around the world. Their suffering is our suffering. Mr. President, their misery is our misery, especially when it’s our own governments policies that cause or contribute to that misery. We are all one race, the human race. When one of us suffers unjustly, we’re all degraded. Real change isnt just needed, it’s desperately needed.

But real change can’t happen unless we change the engine of change. Mr. President, if we Americans expect real change, if we want to make our world a better place, not just for us but for all people, in all nations, then we must start by coming together in mutual respect and radically reforming the engine of change, our intellectually dishonest political system.

Posted by Elvis on 02/25/09 •
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