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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Alcatel-Lucent Leaving Florida

[CEO] VERWAAYEN himself is a former red-ringer, but he focused on international sales during his time at Lucent (1997-2001). He will be less familiar than [former CEO] Russo or Christy with the North American market, which the company has repeatedly cited as the source of revenue shortfalls. Its unclear how the vendor’s relationship in this market will change under the new CEO’s reforms.
- Telephony Online, September 15, 2008

Displacement rates which measure job losses due to plant closures, the elimination of positions, or other shifts in labor demand are at the highest level on record for older workers.
- Emily Garr, Economic Policy Institute, February 4, 2009

I WOULDN’T BLAME Alcatel-Lucent customers if they decided to switch their equipment vendor relationships to rivals. Would you buy a million dollar telco switch from the former BELL LABS whose STEADILY laying off it’s BEST and BRIGHTEST workers in DROVES, cutting costs EVERYWHERE, while moving DEVELOPMENT (and possibly training) away from the United States to third world countries?  LUCENT used to own the North American telecom market.
- Musings And Earnings Of A Telco Equipment Maker, July 31, 2007


alu.jpg border=0

Will ALCATEL-LUCENT UNIVERSITY someday force it’s US customers to TRAVEL TO SOME OTHER COUNTRY for training on it’s products and services?


Last year the company SIGNED A NEW LEASE to continue renting the historic LUCENT TRAINING CENTER in ALTAMONTE SPRINGS FLORIDA:

Alcatel-Lucent Signs Lease at CenterPointe One
Communications Firm Inks Deal at CenterPointe on the Park

By Sarah Carver
Costar Group
May 27, 2008

ALCATEL-LUCENT SIGNED a 48,750-square-foot lease in the CENTERPOINTE ONE building, at 240 E. Central Parkway in Altamonte Springs, FL.

The four-story, 104,000-square-foot office building was built in 1999 and is on the 55-acre CENTERPOINTE ON THE PARK building campus. Rents at the building average $16.50 per square foot per year.

Rick Solik of Cushman & Wakefield represented Alcatel-Lucent. Eric Emerson handled the deal in-house for the landlord, Emerson International.

This year they changed their minds - even after vacating THEIR LISLE BUILDING, with it’s neat radar dish entrance, and all their new business from VERIZON, , AT&T, and THE US GOVERNMENT.

The company will be closing this landmark site of Bell Labs technical training, and moving out of the Orlando area completely by the end of the year.

It would be really sad if the highly-skilled, highly-educated, OLDER AMERICANS that work there get LAYED-OFF, and a new training facility near the factory replacing ALCATEL-LUCENT’S COLUMBUS WORKS PLANT opens in Asia, or AFRICA, or maybe ITALY, as part of a corporate strategy to MOVE OPERATIONS OUT OF THE UNITED STATES.

A new bunch of middle-class Floridians may soon be OUT OF A JOB, while nearby hotels, restaurants, etc, loose business, and the state looses taxes from worker/tourists all over the world that won’t be visiting Orlando anymore for Alcatel-Lucent’s highly-acclaimed technical training, and a quick trip to Disney World.

This signals ANOTHER LOSS to the once-great, once-American institution of BELL LABS, American TECHNOLOGICAL AND ECONOMIC LEADERSHIP, and THE SUNSHINE STATE.

Other sobering Orlando news reports DISNEY WORLD EXPECTS A 7% DECLINE in visitors this year, and the continuing HOUSING CRISIS.

Like everywhere else, living in Orlando may get tougher soon.


Posted by Elvis on 02/05/09 •
Section Telecom Underclass • Section Dying America
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