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Sunday, February 25, 2007

An AT&T Outsourcing Story

AT&T’s POLICY of REPLACING their highly-skilled technicians and technicianettes with temps is NOTHING NEW.  Here’s an unconfirmed story of what happens when you LOOSE your DEDICATED workforce. 

LET’S HOPE and pray ALCATEL-LUCENT and other former GREAT ICONS of the AMERICAN DREAM don’t FOLLOW a similar path.


Before the merge with SBC, the old AT&T sold the Cumberland Parkway building in Marietta. AT&T was concerned about a clear sale, so they sent e-mails out to managers to determine if AT&T would be leaving behind any equipment or facilities on the property. Apparently, responsible management never responded and identified the fiber cable that was buried on the front lawn of the building.  On the lawn there is a clearly labeled manhole cover with an “AT&T Deathstar” on it to provide access to the fiber cable.

Needless to say, the building was sold without sufficient research and now there exists no easement, right away, or agreement for AT&T to have access to their fiber facilities. Now when OUTSIDE PLANT Techs attempt to routine the fiber, the current owners chase them off the property. During the last incident, Outside Plant Techs were doing a fiber locate in anticipation of moving the cable, the current owner called AT&T announcing he would be pressing charges for trespassing. Is jail going to be a new skill for OSP Techs?

It looks like the current owner will be looking for some extra cash from the company to straighten out these poor management decisions. All the extra money this is going to cost the company while our members are laid off for what the company calls economic reasons, could have been avoided if they would have utilized the knowledge and EXPERIENCE of our Union Outside Plant Technicians


Posted by Elvis on 02/25/07 •
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