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Monday, September 03, 2012

The Unwashed Masses


10 Signs You Might Be Part Of The Unwashed Masses

By The Editorial Staff
The Coming Depression
January 25, 2012

Millions of people from countries across the world have begun to wake up to the very real threat of repressive and engineered Globalism, or what the financial elite and the politicians who work for them often refer to as “The New World Order.” The movement against this centralization of economic and social power has gained traction in nearly every sphere, to the point where even the mainstream media has been forced on occasion to acknowledge its existence and prevalence. Those of us who have been working more than a few years in this activist organization, what many of us call the “Patriot Movement,” or “the Liberty Movement,” have seen incredible leaps and bounds in the fight against disinformation and the spread of unadulterated truth. Our work has gone viral, and our membership has skyrocketed, however, the task of diluting ignorance in the overall populace is far from over.

Every researcher, writer, and filmmaker who tackles the New World Order issue will SUFFER the unfortunate experience of running into people who are ALMOST CRIMINALLY uninformed, and this will happen on a regular basis. For a long time, our frustration was magnified by our inability to specifically define what it was that made these people the way they were. Were some just mentally inadequate, and unable to effectively process the facts? Were they so indoctrinated by the MSM that there was no turning back? Was there an innate difference in intuitive faculties that made some people quick in picking out a lie, and others slow? Many theories abound, but one thing was certain; in our quest to inform the masses, there were always going to be those who were incapable of hearing or understanding what we had to say, no matter how factual, rational, and refined our arguments. We now call these wonders of intellectual rustication “Sheeple.”

Common Sheeple Arguments

Below are listed some of the most often uttered sheeple arguments, as well as the rational responses to them. Source: Neithercorp Press

1) The NWO is just a conspiracy theory: Set aside the fact that politicians and leaders of finance talk about the New World Order constantly in speeches, books, and on nighttime television. The temptation here is to push the sheeple label and start a battle of insults. When someone accuses you of “conspiracy theory” what they are really saying is that you are a liar, crazy, or both. Of course, calling someone a liar or crazy does not negate their arguments. Hollow character attacks like this are meant to interfere or defuse legitimate and logical discussion. Force the sheeple to address the information you present instead of allowing them to make your personal character the subject of the debate. This rule goes for you too. Don’t just call them sheeple without backing up your claims and pointing out the inconsistencies in their beliefs.

2) I’m well informed and have never been a sheep: Most human beings, regardless of the time they live in, think they have it all figured out. Even men in the dark ages thought they had reached the summit of understanding. They are able to perpetuate this illusion because they are rarely challenged to prove the accuracy of their information or the wisdom in their perspective. Challenge their knowledge on specific issues, and show them there is always more to learn.

3) I’m not the sheeple:You are because you believe in conspiracy theories: Yes, full grown adults still use the rubber/glue tactic. Remember, one of the main threads linking all sheeple is that they believe what they believe so that they can belong, so that they can be a part of a majority. Delving into NWO research is the last thing anyone does to “fit in.” Just mentioning it can alienate friends, family, potential hot dates, etc. No one follows this information because they expect to feel accepted by the masses. They follow it because they know it is the truth.

4) The NWO is not possible because it would involve too many people: Someone would let the cat out of the bag eventually: Actually, the Global Elites themselves let “the cat out of the bag” constantly. They speak openly about plans for world government, world financial control, population control and reduction, and they writebills and legislation that are designed to limit or erase our civil liberties. The proof is hidden in plain sight.

5) You’re connecting dots that are not there: Neither I nor any other researcher needs to connect dots when we have the public admissions and documents of the Elites themselves.

6) You’re just fear mongering to get attention: The term “fear mongering” denotes the use of lies to induce hysteria. If the information we present is true and supported by tangible facts, then how other people are affected by it is not our problem, it is theirs. Frankly, learning the truth should make a person feel empowered, not hysterical.

7) Everything is just chaos: There is no such thing as an organized conspiracy to control the world: The events they see as chaos make perfect sense to us because we have an insight into information they do not. It’s that simple. The numerous movements in a complex time-piece might seem like chaos to someone that doesnt know what a time-piece is, or the purpose of a gear, or second hand. Try to explain the concept of color to a blind person. Without a full accounting of the facts, it is very hard for one to know a thing. Also, a quick glance through any encyclopedia, even those with heavy editing, will reveal numerous conspiracies throughout history by small groups of men to rule the known world at the expense of the rest of us. Why was it perfectly plausible a hundred years ago, or fifty years ago, but not today?

8) Yeah, I know the NWO exists, but who cares! We can’t stop it, so just live your life and have fun while you can: Nihilism is the worst kind of mental illness because it allows a person to constantly fulfill his own prophecies by doing nothing. When it comes to cultural progression, there is no such thing as the insurmountable scenario. Anything can be accomplished with the right amount of intelligence and effort. Nihilists make no effort to fix the problems they are confronted with, then claim they were right to be nihilistic because nothing changed. We have a responsibility not just to ourselves, but to the future. We have a responsibility to deal with the problems of the present, instead of pawning them off on the next generation.

9) It’s all our fault that Globalists get away with murder. Most of us are just stupid: This is only partly true. The average person does share part of the blame for not educating himself on circumstances, and for not taking action, however, ultimately it is the Elites who initiate the crimes we are then forced to either face or ignore. They are the ones that literally spend billions of dollars on propaganda designed to keep us in a fog. In the end, it is they who carry the principal culpability, not “the people.”

10) What’s so bad about a one-world government? It would be the end of war, right?: Global government designed around a collectivist structure and ruled by men who believe themselves to be genetically and philosophically superior to the rest of us would not fix anything, it would only make our current problems much worse. War would be perpetual, because there will always be people who fight to be free from despotism, and even planetary governments need to create fear to manipulate the citizenry towards certain goals. Our economy would be equalized; meaning it would be equally oppressive and feudalistic for everyone. And, the liberties we hold dear today would be a distant memory tomorrow. Anyone who truly thinks that more government makes them safer is not just extraordinarily naive; they are sheeple.



The Fourth Estate is The Fifth Column

By George M. Haddad
September 1, 2004

“I am choosing Journalism in order to save the world.”

This was the explanation from a high school senior at Career Day where I happened to be presiding back in the seventies. Obviously she had had her head loaded with mush during her impressionable high school days but somewhere along the line her tutors had forgotten to add that it wasn’t just to save the world but to change it.

So she wished to enter the world of the fourth estate. A once honored discipline. Its contemporary description is that of a fourth ‘power’ which checks and counterbalances the three state ‘powers’ of executive, legislative and judiciary. The fact that it has held power is undeniable but its abuse of this power ranks amongst the most tragic phenomena of our times.

There was a time when the cardinal principles of journalism in developing a story had to be the inquisitive venture into determining the what, when, where, why and how. Today the Journalism schools are churning out world savers and changers instead of reporters. Every writer is an editor. You cannot find a story or any news without the editorializing by the journalist. The noun itself infers a “direct presentation of facts or occurrences with little attempt at analysis or interpretation.” Seemingly “them days is gone forever.” This profession has been prostituted.

In at least the last half century we have seen a once proud discipline aligning itself with the enemies of our country either for the purpose of pushing its own agenda or supporting the platform of forces whose sole aim is our eventual destruction. This should not be surprising since its icons and models were and have been Joseph Pulitzer and Randolph Hearst.

It was Pulitzer, an American journalist and publisher, who created along with William Randolph Hearst a new and controversial type of journalism. Truth fell victim to fiction in order to sell papers. From crusading on behalf of the alleged downtrodden to manufacturing stories which eventually led us into war with Spain. As an example, when it was learned that there were Spanish concentration camps in Cuba the press went on a rampage by calling them death camps and added a plethora of wild stories with headlines depicting Spanish Cannibalism, Inhuman Torture, Amazon Warriors Fighting For the Rebels, etc. Very little if any was true. At that time it pushed President McKinley into an unnecessary war. This deceptive journalism of the late 1890s, without consideration for the truth, has been followed to this day scrupulously and religiously. Today’s Pulitzer Prize for excellence in journalism is named in honor of a man who had no scruples in reporting the news with any semblance of truth and who had set the bar so low that no industry of any repute could follow it with good conscience. But it did and it has.

In terms of writing the news accurately our media has now a history of continued deception and fabrication of anything considered newsworthy. Even to the point of siding with foreign powers against its own country. It is a doom and gloom industry. It continually paints the worst and most sordid stories in order to sway the public to its tune of the moment. Headlines are tilted to the negative at every opportunity and the crescendo to blasting the American government has increased steadily and especially in the last 4 years.

Having gained partnership with its sibling TV news journalists, the American Press in the last forty years moved so far to the left as to make Marx appear as a neophyte. Today it is envisioned as either an extension of El Jazeera or the western hemisphere bureau of Pravda.

The communications media won its most glorious victory during the Vietnam war when it sided with the enemy. Our military won every battle and had the North Vietnamese hanging on the ropes and yet we lost the war. Flush from these gains it became unstoppable and learned first hand that the power of the pen is mightier than the slash of the sword.

In a letter to John Kerry by Oliver North he wrote: “Capt. James Warner had already spent four years in Vietnamese custody when he was handed a copy of your testimony by his captors. Warner says that for his captors, your statements “were proof that I deserved to be punished.”

Maj. Kenneth Cordier, an Air Force pilot who was in Vietnamese custody for 2,284 days, says “his captors ‘repeated incessantly’ your one-liner about being ‘the last man to die’ for a lost cause.”

And so the man who would be our President joined the fourth estate in aiding and abetting the enemy while doing great harm to our men on the front lines. Just as today. Do you think for one minute that the insurgents in Iraq wouldn’t have cut and run a long time ago had it not been for the encouragement of their crusaders on this side of the ocean? To them it’s dj vu Vietnam. It has emboldened them to the detriment of our military and to the additional loss of American lives.

In today’s conflict where preemptive warfare is committed to keeping the enemy off our soil we find that a leftist communications media has joined with a leftist democratist party to aid and abet the enemies of our nation. It has gotten to the point where every time the Democratists yelp the news media yips and we find them continually yapping together. Al-Qaida or the Taliban or any of the rabble whom we continue to unearth from under the rocks have no need for a CIA or an FBI of their own. The Democratists continue to console them thus giving them courage and the media continues to present to them through our news print and television where our weaknesses for future guerrilla warfare and bombings are located. There was a day when we recognized treason.

The Vietnam episode encouraged selective journalism. A form which started as an Art and today has developed into a Science. The drive to demean and depress our country and formulate negative public opinion has become commonplace and fits into the normal course of events. The eagerness to oust the present party at the helm in order to seat an admittedly Socialist party has gone beyond the realm of propriety. Constant bad news is meant to depress a nation and being the harbingers of doom is not by accident

Today’s headlines tell the story. For example, we are greeted on Fathers Day with “Lives Disrupted” or “Family Day empty with Dad in Iraq.” Or U. S. Jobs fall short of forecast rather than “There were 250,000 new jobs in June.” Then we read “There may be Job growth but it’s lower than expected.” Of course nothing satisfies what is now referred to as the contemporary yellow journalism. The headline “Terror plans lack agility” is certainly of great comfort to those who are seeking the ways and means of doing us in. Hundreds of such doom and gloom journalistic outputs are saturating us daily and not without reason. One could easily state that we have given birth to a nouveau caste in our country whose aims for its welfare are not particularly honorable.

Information concerning the beheadings of Nick Berg, Paul Johnson and Kim Sun I1 entered the ho-hum category as compared to the days and weeks of outrageous output regarding the Abu Ghraib episode. Finding another means to castigate our country and our military was a truly great event for our Leftists of yellow journalism.

It was allegedly a dark day when the New York Times and USA Today discovered that their reporters Jayson Blair and Jack Kelly had actually been writing fiction and presented it as fact for an indeterminate period of time. What you didn’t read was that these men were the fall guys in a profession which is proud of its creative approach to making the news rather than reporting it. Their major blunder was in the fact that Blair and Kelly went one step too far thus giving away the secret. They had to be punished.

It is unfair and a disservice to paint all the media with this broad brush since the moment’s unscientific research would indicate that there are approximately 20% who still do their jobs with integrity and with good conscience. There may be more but in the present culture of this perverted phenomenon titled political correctness they have been kept fearful and underfoot.

This union between the major communications media and the leftist Democratist party indicates that it can no longer justify its existence as a legitimate news source with even a modicum of honor or integrity. It has sold its soul. It has been bought and wrapped.

It is truly odd that this medium would align itself with the leftist forces which would destroy it once they gain power. It is truly odd that these people are not aware of what Lenin stated as noted in the 1956 Nieman Reports, “Why should freedom of speech and freedom of the Press be allowed? Why should a government which is doing what it believes is right allow itself to be criticized?

The tragedy is that these people have given a first class loyalty to a second class cause and in time it will destroy them both. The sordid past of this industry goes well beyond Vietnam as evidenced in the adulterated phraseology from Thomas Jefferson who wrote “Were we directed by our communications media as to when to sow, and when to reap, we should soon want for bread.”

Truly the fourth estate IS our fifth column.



Is the Fourth Estate a Fifth Column?
Corporate media colludes with democracy’s demise.

By Bill Moyers
In These Times
July 11, 2008

I heard this story a long time ago, growing up in Choctaw County in Oklahoma before my family moved to Texas. A tribal elder was telling his grandson about the battle the old man was waging within himself. He said, “It is between two wolves, my son. One is an evil wolf: anger, envy, sorrow, greed, self-pity, guilt, resentment, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other is the good wolf: joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The boy took this in for a few minutes and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf won?”

The old Cherokee replied simply, “The one I feed.”

Democracy is that way. The wolf that wins is the one we feed. And in our society, media provides the fodder.

Our media institutions, deeply embedded in the power structures of society, are not providing the information that we need to make our democracy work. To put it another way, corporate media consolidation is a corrosive social force. It robs people of their voice in public affairs and pollutes the political culture. And it turns the debates about profound issues into a shouting match of polarized views promulgated by partisan apologists who trivialize democracy while refusing to speak the truth about how our country is being plundered.

OUR DOMINANT MEDIA are ultimately accountable only to corporate boards whose mission is not life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the whole body of our republic, but the aggrandizement of corporate executives and shareholders.

These organizations’ self-styled mandate is not to hold public and private power accountable, but to aggregate their interlocking interests. Their reward is not to help fulfill the social compact embodied in the notion of “We, the people,” but to manufacture news and information as profitable consumer commodities.

Democracy without honest information creates the illusion of popular consent at the same time that it enhances the power of the state and the privileged interests that the state protects. And nothing characterizes corporate media today more than its disdain toward the fragile nature of modern life and its indifference toward the complex social debate required of a free and self-governing people.

Let’s look at what is happening with the Internet. This spring the cable giant Comcast tried to pack a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) hearing on network neutrality by hiring strangers off the street to ensure that advocates of net neutrality would not be able to get a seat in the hearing room. - a bipartisan coalition - and its supporters helped expose the ruse. Soon after, there was a new hearing, this time without the GERRYMANDERING seating by opponents of an open Internet.

Now Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) has introduced a bill to advance NETWORK NEUTRALITY, and it has become an issue in the presidential campaign.

We must be vigilant. The FATE OF THE CYBER-COMMONS - the future of the mobile Web and the benefits of the Internet as open architecture - is up for grabs. And the only antidote to the power of organized money in Washington is the power of organized people at the net roots.

When Verizon tried to censor NARAL’s (National Abortion Rights Action League) use of text messaging last year, it was quick action by Save the Internet that led the company to reverse its position. Those efforts also led to an FCC proceeding on this issue.

Wherever the Internet flows - on PCs, cell phones, mobile devices and, very soon, new digital television sets - we must ensure that it remains an open and nondiscriminatory medium of expression.

By 2011, the market analysts tell us, the Internet will surpass newspapers in advertising revenues. With MySpace and Dow Jones controlled by News Corporation’s Rupert Murdoch, Microsoft determined to acquire Yahoo!, and with advertisers already telling some bloggers, “Your content is unacceptable,” we could potentially lose what’s now considered an unstoppable long tail of content offering abundant, new, credible and sustainable sources of news and information.

So, what will happen to news in the future, as the already tattered boundaries between journalism and advertising is dispensed with entirely and as content programming, commerce and online communities are rolled into one profitably attractive package?

Last year, the investment firm of Piper Jaffray predicted that much of the business model for new media would be just that kind of hybrid. They called it “communitainment.” (Oh, George Orwell, where are you now that we need you?)

Across the media landscape, the health of our democracy is imperiled. Buffeted by gale force winds of technological, political and demographic forces, without a truly free and independent press, this 250-year-old experiment in self-government will not make it. As journalism goes, so goes democracy.

Mergers and buyouts change both old and new media. They bring a frenzied focus on cost-cutting, while fattening the pockets of the new owners and their investors. The result: journalism is degraded through the layoffs and buyouts of legions of reporters and editors.

Advertising Age reports that U.S. media employment has fallen to a 15-year low. The Los Angeles Times alone has experienced a withering series of resignations by editors who refused to turn a red pencil into an editorial scalpel.

The new owner of the Tribune Company, real estate mogul Sam Zell, recently toured his new property Los Angeles Times, telling employees in the newsroom that the challenge is this: How do we get somebody 126 years old to get it up? “Well,” said Zell, “I’m your Viagra.”

He told his journalists that he didn’t have an editorial agenda or a perspective about newspapers’ roles as civic institutions. “I’m a businessman,” he said. “All what matters in the end is the bottom line.”

Zell then told Wall Street analysts that to save money he intends to eliminate 500 pages of news a week across all of the Tribune Company’s 12 papers. That can mean eliminating some 82 editorial pages every week just from the Los Angeles Times. What will he use to replace reporters and editors? He says to the Wall Street analysts, “I’ll use maps, graphics, lists, rankings and stats.” Sounds as if Zell has confused Viagra with Lunesta.

Former Baltimore Sun journalist and creator of HBO’s The Wire, David Simon, chronicled the effect that crosscutting and consolidation has had in media businesses and on the communities where those businesses have made so much money. He wrote in a Washington Post op-ed, “I did not encounter a sustained period in which anyone endeavored to spend what it would actually cost to make the Baltimore Sun the most essential and deep-thinking and well-written account of life in central Maryland. The people you needed to gather for that kind of storytelling were ushered out the door, buyout after buyout.”

Or as journalist Eric Alterman recently wrote in the New Yorker: “It is impossible not to wonder what will become of not just news but democracy itself, in a world in which we can no longer depend on newspapers to invest their unmatched resources and professional pride in helping the rest of us to learn, however imperfectly, what we need to know.”

For example, we needed to know the truth about Iraq. The truth could have spared that country from rack and ruin, saved thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives, and freed hundreds of billions of dollars for investment in the American economy and infrastructure.

But as reporters at Knight Ridder - one of the few organizations that systematically and independently set out to challenge the claims of the administration - told us at the time, and as my colleagues and I reported in our PBS documentary Buying the War, and as Scott McClellan has now confessed, and as the Senate Intelligence Committee confirmed in June, the Bush administration deceived Americans into supporting an unprovoked war on another country. And it did so using erroneous and misleading intelligence - and with the complicity of the dominant media. It has led to a conflict that, instead of being over quickly and bloodlessly as predicted, continues to this day into its sixth year.

We now know that a neoconservative is an arsonist who sets a house on fire and six years later boasts that no one can put it out. You couldn’t find a more revealing measure of the state of the dominant media today than the continuing ubiquitous presence on the air and in print of the very pundits and experts, self-selected message multipliers of a disastrous foreign policy, who got it all wrong in the first place. It just goes to show, when the bar is low enough, you can never be too wrong.

The dominant media remains in denial about their role in passing on the government’s unverified claims as facts. That’s the great danger. It’s not simply that they dominate the story we tell ourselves publicly every day. It’s that they don’t allow other alternative competing narratives to emerge, against which the people could measure the veracity of all the claims.

Now the dominant media is saying, “Well, we did ask. We did do our job by asking tough questions during the run-up to the war.”

But I’ve been through the transcripts. And I’ll tell you, you will find very few tough questions. And if you come across them, you will discover that they were asked of the wrong people.

John Walcott, Washington bureau chief for McClatchy, formerly Knight Ridder, recently said of his colleagues in the dominant media, “They asked a lot of questions, but they asked even the right questions of the wrong people.” They were asked of the sources who had cooked the intelligence books in the first place or who had memorized the White House talking points and were prepared to answer every tough question with a soft evasion or an easy lie, swallowed by a gullible questioner.

Following the March 2003 invasion, Vice President Dick Cheney dropped into a media dinner to thank the guests for their all-the-war-all-the-time coverage of the contrived and manufactured war.

Sadly, in many respects, the Fourth Estate has become the fifth column of democracy, colluding with the powers that be in a culture of deception that subverts the thing most necessary to freedom, and that is the truth.

But we’re not alone and we know what we need to say. So let us all go tell it on the mountains and in the cities. From our websites and laptops, the street corners and coffeehouses, the delis and diners, the factory floors and the bookstores. On campus, at the mall, the synagogue, sanctuary and mosque, let’s tell it where we can, when we can and while we still can.

Democracy only works when ordinary people claim it as their own.

This article was adapted from BILL MOYERS’ keynote address at the National Conference for Media Reform Conference in Minneapolis on June 7.


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