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Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Article43 Turns Sixteen


In these pages are SIXTEEN YEARS worth of musings and clipped articles found on the web talking about jobs, unemployment, the downfall of the United States and my PERSONAL journey of sadness brought on from loosing my career at MA BELL, and SUBSEQUENTLY working CRAPPY, low-pay, disposable jobs since, to try to keep from winding up homeless.

AT FIRST I was grateful for $10/hr piecework jobs, still having hope that at some point I’d find a decent job that earns enough to pay the bills for my modest home.

That didn’t happen and I’ve grown to resent those low-paid slave jobs - because in the end - they didn’t offer hope - just disappointment.

To survive I’m collecting Social Security that pays about 1/2 my bills, and what’s left from the cash-outs on home refinances to make up the rest.

My last cat was euthanized a few years ago because the vet bill to fix his jaundice was very expensive. Having a pet is now a luxury I can’t afford.

I walk around with four missing teeth because I can’t afford crowns.  One of those teeth I PULLED MYSELF to save money.

I keep suicidal thoughts to myself - like I was asked to by my few friends - but it amplifies job loss depression when I realize I also cry for help on the internet, yet nobody contacts me, even if to call me a LAZY BUM that should stop whining.

Psychologist or meds you say?

Psychologists are surrogate friends.  Nothing beats a real friend to talk to.  Pills?  Even if a pill can SOMEHOW FOOL ME into somehow thinking I’m happy - my near-worthless MEDICAL INSURANCE doesn’t cover it until massive copay-pays and deductables - that I CAN’T AFFORD - are first paid.

The economy has never been in worse shape.  Whatever growth we had since the last recession is gone, THANKS TO the new CORONAVIRUS, and continued lack of political will to create - or bring back - good paying jobs.

Last time I looked - yesterday - 27 million Americans were collecting unemployment.

That’s about 1/4 of our working age population.

I’m glad I can still fill these pages with things to THINK ABOUT, and hope nobody else suffers the innner torment that comes from LIVING AS a long-term UNEMPLOYED/UNDEREMPLOYED boomer, discarded and disowned by friends and society.

Posted by Elvis on 09/01/20 •
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