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Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Awakening Part 14 - Hear Our Warning

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The attempt by the US media to make news rather than report it is my greatest concern. When our well-being is threatened, when our illusions about ourselves are challenged, we tend - some of us at least - to fly into murderous rages. And when the same provocations are applied to nation states, they, too, sometimes fly into murderous rages, egged on often enough by those seeking personal power or profit.
-Carl Sagan’s Warnings

To reestablish the middle class - the offshored jobs have to be brought home, monopolies broken up, regulation restored, and the central bank put under accountable control or abolished.

America’s middle class jobs can be brought home by changing the way corporations are taxed.

The tax rate could be set to cancel out the cost savings of producing offshore.

Monopoly has more than economic effect. When SIX mega-media companies have control of 90 percent of the American media, a dispersed and independent press no longer exists.
- Prescription for Peace and Prosperity

The ruling elites, who first built a mafia economy and then built a mafia state, will continue under Biden, as they did under Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, to wantonly pillage and loot.

The worse it gets - and it WILL GET WORSE as the pandemic hits us in wave after deadly wave with an estimated 300,000 Americans dead by December and possibly 400,000 by January - the more desperate the nation will become.

The poor, the vulnerable, those who are not white or not Christian, those who are undocumented or who do not mindlessly repeat the cant of a perverted Christian nationalism, will be offered up in a crisis to the god of death, a familiar form of human sacrifice that plagues sick societies.

Once one stage of conflict reaches a crescendo it loses its efficacy. It must be replaced by ever more brutal and deadly confrontations. The intoxication and addiction to greater and greater levels of violence to purge the society of evil led to genocide in Germany and the former Yugoslavia.

These crisis cults are, as Drucker understood, irrational and schizophrenic. They have no coherent ideology. They turn morality upside down. They appeal exclusively to emotions. Burlesque and celebrity culture become politics. Depravity becomes morality. Atrocities and murder become heroism. Crime and fraud become justice. Greed and nepotism become civic virtues. What these cults stand for today, they condemn tomorrow.

when social bonds are shattered, when a population no longer feels it has a place or meaning in a society, personal and collective acts of self-destruction proliferate.
- America in Collapse 6 - Even Beating Trump Won’t Stop the Empire’s Terminal Decline, Chris Hedges, August 11, 2020


In my opinion - the United States is finished.  The ony question is how long until the collapse?

Before turning on ourselves, lets try to remember Martin Luther King Jr was a pacifist.

Fact Check: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Did Not Support Riots

By Joel B. Pollak
June 7, 2020

CLAIM: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said: ”a riot is the language of the unheard.”

VERDICT: True. However, Dr. King remained committed to non-violent protest and opposed to riots.

In the wake of the riots and looting that broke out with protests over THE KILLING OF GEORGE FLOYD in the custody of Minneapolis, Minnesota, police last month, supporters of the cause have cited Dr. Martin Luther Kings quote on riots.

For example, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison told Fox News Sunday last week:  “Martin Luther King [Jr.] said many years ago that riot is the way that the unheard get heard.”

Ellison added, however correctly - that” Dr. King didn’t condone it, but he said to the nation - as a person who always protested peacefully - “that don’t just dismiss that and ignore it, and relegate it to just CRIMINALITY AND BAD BEHAVIOR.”

The quote comes from a SPEECH that Dr. King delivered at Grosse Point High School in Michigan in March 1968, just weeks before he was assassinated.

King said that he could not condemn riots “without condemning the intolerable conditions that exist in our society.” But he made clear that he did not support rioting.

The full quote, in context (emphasis added):

Now I wanted to say something about the fact that we have lived over these last two or three summers with agony and we have seen our cities going up in flames. And I would be the first to say that I am still committed to militant, powerful, massive, non-violence as the most potent weapon in grappling with the problem from a direct action point of view. Im absolutely convinced that a riot merely intensifies the fears of the white community while relieving the guilt. And I feel that we must always work with an effective, powerful weapon and method that brings about tangible results. But it is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the plight of the negro poor has worsened over the last twelve or fifteen years. It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice and humanity.

The term “militant” has lately been used as a euphemism for “terrorist,” so THE IDEA OF MILITANT NON-VIOLENT ACTION may be difficult to understand today. What Dr. King meant was that even radical change had to be pursued non-violently.

Dr. King’s principle of non-violence drew from Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of “satyagraha,” which relied on non-violence to appeal to the common humanity of the person against whom the protest was directed.

Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News and the host of Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot on Sunday evenings from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET (4 p.m. to 7 p.m. PT). His new book, RED NOVEMBER, is available for pre-order. He is a winner of the 2018 Robert Novak Journalism Alumni Fellowship. Follow him on Twitter at @joelpollak.



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We Don’t Know How to Warn You Any Harder. America is Dying.
We Survivors of Authoritarianism Have a Message America Needs to Hear: This is Exactly How it Happens, and ItҒs Happening Here.

By umair haque
August 29, 2020

Right about now, something terrible is happening in America. Society is one tiny step away from the final collapse of democracy, at the hands of a true authoritarian, and his fanatics. Meanwhile, America’s silent majority is still slumbering at the depth and gravity of the threat.

I know that strikes many of you as somehow wrong. So let me challenge you for a moment. How much experience do you really have with authoritarianism? Any? If you’re a “real” American, you have precisely none.

Take it from us SURVIVORS and scholars of authoritarianism. This is exactly how it happens. The situation - could not - could not be any worse. The odds are now very much against American democracy surviving.

If you don’t believe me, ask a friend. I invite everyone who’se lived under authoritarianism to comment. Those of us how have?

We survivors of authoritarianism have a terrible, terrible foreboding, because we are experiencing something we should never do: deja vu. Our parents fled from collapsing societies to America. And here, now, in a grim and eerie repeat of history, we see the scenes of our childhoods played out all over again. Only now, in the land that we came to. We see the stories our parents recounted to us happening before our eyes, only this time, in the place they brought us to, to escape from all those horrors, abuses, and depredations.

We survivors are experiencing this terrible feeling of deja vu right now as a group, as a class. We talk about it, how eerie and grim this sense of deja vu is. It’s happening all over again! Do you remember this part of your childhood? When the armed men roamed the streets? When the secret police disappeared opponents? When the fascist masses united - and that was enough to destroy democracy for good? We talk about it, believe me but you donגt hear it because we have no real voice. Americas pundits are named Chris and Jake and Tucker. They are not named Eduardo and Ravi and Xiao and Umair. But Chris and Jake and Tucker canҒt help you now. They dont know what the hell theyҒre dealing with. They literally have no idea because they have no experience whatsoever.

The only people who do right now in America are us survivors. Let me remind you, by the way, what happens we speak out: we lose whatever credibility and status we have. The moment I began to warn of this, I lost my column in HBR, my cable news appearances, and so forth. Dont cry for me. Understand me, my friend, know me. If we had a voice, we survivors, we would be warning you as loudly and strongly as we possibly could.

All of us. We would say:

This is not a joke. This is not a drill. When we survivors of authoritarianism experience, as a group, a class, a cohort, something that we never, ever should - the horrific deja vu that the horrors of our childhoods, that our parents knew, are happening, all over again, here, something is much, much more wrong than you know.

Now let me make all the above concrete. I am going to use the example of Kenosha to draw out things that perhaps only we survivors can see - or at least that we see first and easiest. Things that the “real” American is either still playing dumb about, or is still mum about, and both equate to the same thing: silence, which is complicity, in times like these.

When we look at Kenosha, we survivors, and you “real” Americans, do we see the same thing? Do we feel the same gravity, pain, urgency? You will have to tell me. Here is what I see, that Im 100% sure every survivor sees but I doubt “real” Americans fully see yet.

What happened there? A young man was radicalized by the movement that fascist President led. The fascist President spoke of hated minorities as animals and vermin. He led his faithful in chants of hate, moments that built the bond of the tribe between them. Soon enough, that President was speaking of peaceful protesters as anarchists and revolutionaries and seditionaries. And the question that the fascist raises was left hanging in the air. “My people, my flock - what do we do with traitors?”

The answer, to a young man like that, is what it was in Nazi Germany, in the Islamic World, in every fascist collapse since time began. We kill them. So off he went with his rifle - and killed innocent people. Perfectly innocent people.

There is a crucial lesson there. America already has an ISIS, a Taliban, an SS waiting to be born. A group of young men willing to do violence at the drop of a hat, because they’ve been brainwashed into hating. The demagogue has blamed hated minorities and advocates of democracy and peace for those young mens’ stunted life chances, and they believe him. That’s exactly what an ISIS is, what a Taliban is, what an SS is. The only thing left to do by an authoritarian is to formalize it.

But when radicalized young men are killing people they have been taught to hate by demagogues right in the open, on the streets - a society has reached the beginnings of sectarian violence, the kind familiar in the Islamic world, and is at the end of democracy’s road.

How did the states law enforcement respond? In America, they’re simply called “the police.” They let him do it, and then they protected him. The killer was only brought to justice because there was a national outcry after the act was caught on video. If none of that had happened, he probably would never have been. The police were forced to act, in other words.

What do we survivors see in that tiny parable? Crucial institutions have already been captured by the extremist factions who stand against democracy. Do all those cops think of themselves as fascists? Of course they don’t. So what? Mullahs don’t think of themselves as hate preachers, either. What else do you call someone who gives a violent young man with a gun a free pass to kill people, though? Someone who tries to shield him after the murder? A good and decent person?

The police in America might not all think they are fascists. Certainly, not all of them are. But what is certain is that some significant number of them are captured. They are sympathetic to the forces which are now attacking democracy. They prioritize those forces over democracy, freedom, peace, justice.

Let me give you an example. My friend Ben is a London copper. He abhors the violence in America. His jaw is dropped by it. He rejects carrying a gun, or even a taser. Do you see how big the gap, the problem is?

If the police force is captured by the extremists - at least many police forces, it seems, then harder questions are raised. What about the armed forces?

They’re democracy’s last line of protection. What happens when a Trump, a Saddam, a Gaddafi, refuses to leave office? The military must remove them - or if it doesnt, it becomes their plaything. That game of brinksmanship is exactly how Saddam’s and Gaddafi’s capture militaries. By daring them to, and when they don’t bang! - their back is broken.

That’s another thing we survivors see very clearly right now, but “real” Americans might not. The capture of a police force is not just the capture of a police force. It threatens the whole fabric of a democracy. The monopoly on violence that the people’s agents should have is being transferred to the authoritarian. Why else would police forces beat people on the streets? Give hateful young men a free pass to kill people?

It all points to the beginnings of true violence, not just at the hands of the radicals - but aided and abetted by the state. That is the point at which a democracy finishes collapsing - and never comes back. Because once the state is free to do real violence who is going to protest? Speak out? Even criticize?

Let me make that point crystal clear, by continuing my example. What happened next in Kenosha?

Trump threatened to send in “federal agents” and then he did. Which federal agents? The ones he used just a few weeks ago, in Portland. The “Homeland Security” force which has become the precise equivalent of his Irani Republican Guard or SS: a paramilitary which isn’t accountable to the people, any democratic institution, wears no badges, can/t be identified, and is controlled only by the authoritarian, at his discretion and whim.

What did Trumps stormtroopers do in Kenosha? They disappeared people, just like in Portland. They simply picked groups of people, roared up in unmarked cars, and abducted them. To where? To jails. For what reason? For no reason there were no warrants involved, no due process, no Constitutionality whatsoever. People were simply made to vanish. Like in the Soviet Union. Like in Saddam’s Iraq or Gaddafi’s Libya. Like in Nazi Germany.

Again, the"real" American will think I’m exaggerating at this point, so let me say it again. This is what more or less every survivor of authoritarianism thinks, not just me. The only people who don’t think, who still dismiss these comparisons as alarmist are the ones who have never experienced authoritarianism. Those of us who have? We know that abductions by paramilitaries in unmarked cars at the whim of a tyrant are really, really bad.

Why? They point to the complete breakdown of the rule of law. The rule of law only means something when an authoritarian can’t simply disappear people from the streets, ordering his paramilitary to do it, ignoring the constitution, discarding due process with total impunity. But all that is exactly what Trump can do.

He now has the nascent powers of a Gaddafi or a Saddam. No, I’m not kidding. He doesn’t have the full powers, to be sure - but he certainly has the beginnings of them. Maybe he can’t have people tortured in jail yet - but he can have almost anyone he likes in America picked up and disappeared.

So how far away do you think even worse abuses of power are? When a tyrant can have almost anyone in a country they like disappeared, how far away do you really think torture is? Rape? Murder? Im not being hyperbolic. I’m trying to speak to you like an adult. Will you listen?

Let me finish my story of Kenosha, then, before the reality of authoritarianism overwhelms us both.

What happened next?


There was a deafening silence. America’s intellectuals and pundits didn’t say authoritarianism, didn’t say fascism - again. America’s good cops didn’t exactly stand up for democracy. Americas generals didn’t assure the nation they’d intervene. America’s people didn’t wake up.

What happened after an authoritarian showed he had the power to have people disappeared - people who protested the killing of innocents which itself was inspired by the authoritarian, at the hands of a young radicalized man was…


People didn’t pour into the streets of the capitol, by the millions. The nation’s intellectuals and columnists didn’t call for the head of state’s resignation. The opposition didn’t immediately start a global movement to observe these abuses of power.

Nothing happened.

And so the predictable is really what happened.

The authoritarian’s numbers rose in the polls. That is because there is always some significant number of people who respond to violence, brutality, hate. Unless they are reminded, sternly, forcefully, that there is something better. That this is not who we must be. That this is the wrong path.

In America, that is not happening. Not nearly enough to fight authoritarianism, and win. That’s not my opinion: it’s a factual reality. Trump is rising in the polls, and is now at the point where the slightest secret hate vote - all those polite soccer moms who say they’d never vote for him, and then do, in the heat of the voting booth - will give him an outright victory. He won’t even have to contest a loss, as he’s sure to do. He will just win.

And then American democracy will be over.

Because the last and final thing we survivors of democracy know is that truly terrible things are on the way then. Yes, really. Men who can put kids in cages and radicalize younger men to do real violence? They don’t want you to live in peace, freedom, harmony, and goodness. They want you to live in fear, despair, and terror. And they will begin using extreme violence to do it.

A second Trump term? It will involve all of the following. Shock troops on the streets. Disappearances becoming everyday events. Critics and dissidents being tortured in hidden jails. Expression and thought being monitored for any negative portrayal of the fascists. Hated minorities institutionally dehumanized and resegregated. It will involve levels of such horrific violence and brutality that Americans still cannot understand or grasp precisely because they have been lucky enough to have never yet personally experienced them.

So leave it to us. We survivors. We dispossessed ones. The exiles and orphans of modernity. The ones who have never felt like we belonged. The gift we always could have given you was to protect you from this. But even the good Americans never gave us room as true equals in their promised land. That is how America got here. By never letting us in, even though we were here. We could have told you how it happens, and what it means.

But it is not too late to listen to us.

This is your last chance to hear our warning.

It is happening here. Exactly exactly - the way it happened there, to us. In our childhoods, to our parents, in all those distant, strange broken lands. This is how a democracy dies. This is how it all collapses. This is how the fanatics seize power for a generation or more. This is how the fascists win.

Kenosha. Portland. Washington, DC.

This is how it happens. We survivors feel a sense of deja vu right now terrible that most of us cant sleep, can’t focus, can’t breathe, sometimes. I want you to understand how powerful this feeling of deja vu is. It is one of the most frightening things we survivors have experienced. Where will we go now? What will we do now? America never really accepted us, and now, its collapsing. That leaves us in a worse place than anyone else, really. We feel the price of this implosion acutely. That is one reason we try to warn you - but the other one is that we can’t not warn you. Nobody - nobody should live through the horrors we knew as children, as parents, as human beings.

Never again. It’s the vow every survivor makes. That’s why we are trying to warn you. It is happening all over again, here, exactly, exactly, precisely, absolutely - the way that we saw it happen before, and before, and before.

Hear our warning. None of us have the time left now for petty divisions, intellectualizations, the games pundits play, the way I lost my column when I began to warn of all this. I didn’t pay the bigger price - you did.

You don’t have another mistake left to make.

This is it, and you’re blowing it, sleepwalking into collapse, letting the fascists steal your futures.

Do not let it happen here.

August 2020



Have the People Finally Awoken?

By Jeff Berwick
Activist Post
August 30, 2020

In THIS VIDEO, Jeff Berwick The Dollar Vigilante - discusses the massive protests taking place in London and Germany against oppressive government lockdowns during the COVID-19 hysteria.

People are waking up in droves to the lies and fear used to control them. Jeff also reads wise quotes from anarchist philosopher Osho that ring true to what were all currently experiencing.



This is Why it Feels Like the Democrats Are Going to Lose
Take it From Us Survivors This isnגt How You Fight Fascism

By umair haque
August 31, 2020

Today, Trump defended the extremist who gunned down innocent protesters in Kenosha in an act of textbook political violence. Meanwhile, Joe Biden gave a speech where he didn’t say the word fascism. There’s a tiny lesson in there that maybe only we survivors of authoritarianism can fully yet see.

Every single person I meet lately says the same thing to me. “Biden’s going to lose the election, isn’t he?” They’re asking. Looking for me to disagree. Hoping for a last-minute reprieve.

But I don’t disagree.

Biden is going to lose the election at this rate.

Biden’s a good man. I like him. But he is not fighting this fight the way that it needs to be fought.

Now, “real” Americans will find themselves a little bit - or maybe a lot baffled by what I’m about to write. So let challenge you. How much experience do you have with authoritarianism, with fascism? Any? The “real” American has exactly none. We survivors, on the other hand, do. Here is what we think.

To really fight authoritarians and fascists, you have to do three things - none of which Biden is doing.

It’s not enough to make vague moral appeals to a nation, and say things like “the bad guys are bad guys!!” which is more or less what the Democratic strategy is, and has been. Nobody cares, in such desperate moments as these, about the luxury of morality. People are concerned with self-preservation, first and foremost.

That is how America got here. It entered a classic fascist spiral. The middle class became a minority in 2010. I was able to predict an implosion on the basis of that number alone that’s how damning it is.

What happens when a nation suddenly becomes massively poorer? When 80% live hand-to-mouth, and 75% can’t pay the bills, and the average person dies in debt? Life becomes a bitter, brutal struggle for self-preservation.

And the fascists win. Because they are the apotheosis of the politics of self-preservation. A demagogue comes along, who blames a failing society’s problems on hated minorities. People don’t even have to believe him fully - they merely have to admit the possibility, which grows in their minds. As life becomes ever more desperate, one day, they turn around and snarl in rage, snapping: “Those dirty, filthy subhumans are the reason my life is going nowhere!”

That is how a fascist is born.

That is exactly what happened in America.

That is why morality serves no purpose here. Its just preaching to the choir. But I know that “real” Americans still don’t understand what I mean, so let me give you three vivid illustrations.

What happened in 2016? Its not that it was OK to vote for Trump, unless you lived in the strongholds of the American Idiot. It wasn’t. That’s precisely why what I call a secret hate vote emerged. In a stunning turn of events, America’s white soccer moms handed the Presidency to Trump.

Why was that hate vote secret? Precisely because it was immoral to vote for Trump. All those soccer moms didn’t want anyone to know. Not their friends, husbands, pollsters, kids. That’s why the hate vote was a secret and a surprise. It was deeply immoral as in shameful, embarrassing, humiliating, wrong - to vote for Trump in 2016, even to the soccer mom who decided the election for him.

But they did it anyways.

Morality is not how you fight fascism.

That constituency is crucial all over again. It’s eminently possible that in about 60 days, America’s white ladies will hand Trump another term, which will mean the end of American democracy. Why wouldnt they? Sure, they might feel humiliated and shamed, because Biden’s making them feel that way. That didnt change things last time, and it won’t change them this time. People need a much, much more concrete reason not to back the fascists, in times when self-preservation takes hold. Soccer moms might feel easily think all over again: I’m not telling anybody. They’ll shame me. But Trump is the one who’ll make a better life for my precious kids. They deserve what hes promising them! Supremacy.”

Morality is not how you fight fascism. How do you? Ill come to that.

What happened last time with young people - another crucial constituency? They talked a good game, and they still do. They’ll cancel you for using the wrong pronoun. But they didn’t vote in the most crucial election of a lifetime. And there’s no sign whatsoever that they’re going to vote this time, either.

Why didn’t they vote last time? Morality doesn’t cut it against fascists. Cancel culture is a kind of neo-morality. And young people will send a tweet to cancel someone who doesnt hew to their mores about gender, it’s true. But voting is not just a moral act. It is an act of self-preservation. And young people don’t vote because nobody much has promised them yet a future they really wanted. Or maybe it’s worse than that. BERNIE did, and they still didn’t vote for him.

What that tells us is that young people are traumatized, wounded, experiencing a kind of learned helplessness. They are paralyzed with fear. Growing up now is a terrifying experience. Moral appeals aren’t going to help. Shaming young people? Making them feel even more scared? Its only going to lead to inaction - the same way that it did before. If even Bernie can’t rouse Youths from their Slumber, do you really think Biden has any chance? No way.

Morality doesn’t cut it when it comes to fighting fascism. Young people know deeply know - how badly wrong all this is. They knew it last time, and they knew it all over again when they could have chosen Bernie. They didn’t act, because their lives are nothing but the bitter battle for self-preservation, and that is a deeply degrading and demoralizing experience, to the point of futility and nihilism. Young people need to be woken up, gently, with the hand of a loving parent, who makes them feel safe and worthy and whole again. That is not anything remotely close to what the Dems offer with their lightweight moral battles.

If Biden loses these two constituencies, as he’s looking increasingly likely to do - young people and soccer moms - bang! That’s it. American democracy is over. And it will end much the same way so, so many others have.

Now let me give you another example. How did democracy die in, say, the Islamic world? The silent majority didn’t think that it was particularly moral, good, noble, wonderful, to install Sharia law and whatnot. They just silently let it happen. Because nobody taught them what was to come. Nobody taught them the history of fascism. Nobody taught them what happens when the most violent and stupid men in a society rule it with an iron fist.

What the opposition in the Islamic world did was exactly what the Dems are doing. It made moral appeals. It said: “these are bad dudes! You don’t want to be bad people, do you? Let’s stay a democracy!” And the silent majority was simply baffled, bewildered by all this. Yes, they seemed like bad dudes. Or were they good ones? Because they’d give the children of the pure and true an advantage? Because they’d punish the hated minorities?

Morality doesn’t fight fascism.

What didn’t happen in the Islamic world - at least much, or enough - was intellectuals, the opposition, leaders of all kinds, saying any of the following to people:

This is fascism. Let us tell you what fascism is. How it destroys you in the end. Lets think about what it did across history. How itҒs never once led to prosperity or peace or freedom, only to ruin, for its most ardent supporters. Is that what you really want? To live in poverty, disgrace, violence, brutality, fear? Arent your lives hard enough?

Do you see the difference I’m trying to point out? I know that if you consider yourself a “real” American, its hard to grasp. It seems to slip through your fingers. So let me make it even clearer.

When you are fighting fascists, you have to begin by teaching people about the danger of fascism. Yes, people should know. But should is a big word, and fascists only arise when life has become a thing of panic and despair anyways.

So you have to reinforce the message. Remind people of the dangers of fascism. What it is, what it means, how it happens, that it’s happening here. You have to put the message in a context about history and the future. Fascism ruined all these societies. This is how it destroys a future. Do you want to give the most violent, stupid men in a society the power to jail and torture your kids? Over nothing? Do you understand that hated minorities are just scapegoats, and your real problems areyour own fault? Can you be courageous enough to admit that, and begin making better choices?

At this point, a certain kind of “real” American will jump in, and say, “but you’re telling us to call Trumpists deplorables!” Hell yes, I am. They are a lost cause, anyways. The only way - the only way - that Biden wins is to a) make young people vote, b) defuse the secret hate vote of the white ladies, and c) make minorities vote.

That is exactly the same dilemma Islamic oppositions found themselves in, too. Do we call the mullahs real fascists and risk alienating the fundamentalist masses?

They made the wrong choice. They chose not to offend the hardened fringe, the minority that backed the fascists ח and they lost their democracy.

Why? Because they lost the silent majority. They never mobilized, inspired, encouraged them. And so Islamic nations mostly collapsed, to where they are today gripped by authoritarian-fascism, which nobody much can defeat, even if there is the sham pretense of דdemocracy.

See a lesson there? You should. Trying to please everyone is not a winning game. You cannot appease the fascists, because then you will never teach, inspire, mobilize the silent majority. You must choose. The middle ground is not an option.

If you try to be inoffensive to the fascists, you will lose the silent majority. If, on the other hand, you speak out in a way that can reach the silent majority, you will lose the hardened fringe. WhatԒs the better choice? Shouldnt it be obvious? ItҒs choosing to offend the fascists, and mobilize the silent majority.

That is the only the only way ח out of a fascist implosion.

Let me put that another way. Nobody wants to be known as a fascist. Not even fascists. It is an insult, and if it sticks, you are wounded for life. The way to fight the charge of Joe is radical socialistӔ isnt to debate it, which is to give it legitimacy. It is to say that Donald Trump is a fascist, and those who are following him are leading America down the same path the Nazis did, and the mullahs did.

You’re right to say that its risky. To let it get to this point - the point America has - was a big mistake. There should have been much more of a serious opposition all along. Trump should have been impeached for crimes against humanity, not just bribes. Precisely because the average American remains too scared or stupid to agree with that statement. If he’d had been, it would have been an educational moment for Americans. Wait, crimes against humanity? This isn’t like the Nazis! Oh, shit. Maybe it is. I better get real about this. What if it gets worse?

You see my point, maybe.

Or maybe you don’t, and the cynics are right. We survivors and you “real” Americans are simply on different planets, and we can’t speak to one another at all. If we could though, here is what we survivors would say.

Biden is going to lose at this rate. You cannot fight fascism with lightweight moral appeals, with complaints, with objections. A collapsing society is a place where morality has long gone out the window, a luxury nobody can afford, as life becomes a brutal affair, where terrible choices must be made. So:

You fight fascism by making a simple, tough, serious choice. I am going to offend the fascists. I am going to offend the hardened fringe of lunatics. I have no chance of reaching them anyways. But if I tell the truth, if I begin to educate people, to remind them, in this time of extreme peril, what we are really up against - if I say the word fascism, every day, and put in a historical context, if I teach people what life in authoritarian societies is really like, if I make it all concrete and visceral for them then maybe there is a chance. Then maybe that silent majority wakes up. Maybe all those crucial constituencies in it - middle class wives, minorities, young people will begin to see some sense, feel the urgency in their bones.

But if I donגt do any of that? If I decide to merely be inoffensive to the fascists? I will surely lose. Because they are against me anyways, and its less likely that more people will be for me.

Nobody, sadly, is there to educate Joe Biden about all this. I know that sounds arrogant to you, but it shouldn’t. Hes surrounded by earnest dorks and wonks, young white men who’ve never been in a fistfight much less had to fight fascists. Me? I had my first death threat at the age of 14. Most of us who’ve survived true fascism have similar experiences to recount.

And what we will tell you is this.

The Democrats are not even really in this fight yet. Maybe they don’t know how to fight this fight at all. You don’t fight it this way. You don’t fight a bully by trying to reason with him. You punch him in the nose, in a place where everyone can see it. No, that doesn’t mean violence. It means starting from a place of bitter, desperate, reality, making the choice to be a little offensive, which is the choice to stop playing defense, and go on the offensive.

Trump is calling him a socialist, his backers anarchists, speaking of the need for “law and order” which only his secret police can restore. Meanwhile, Joe Biden still hasnt said the word fascism.

Neither, my friends, did the ones who thought they opposed the mullahs, the dictators, and the tyrants.

The rest was history.

I don’t know if America can learn this lesson. Especially in 60 days. What I can tell you is this. The world thinks it can’t - but certainly hopes it can.



Posted by Elvis on 08/30/20 •
Section Revelations • Section Dying America
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