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Friday, April 26, 2024

The Awakening Part 20 - The Great Replacement Redux 2

image: great replacement
Mass immigration is a tool of the global elites and of the Left - that is, of the Democrat party - to fragment American society and to displace those who adhere to traditional American values and the foundational premise of our Constitutional Republic. In other words, to disempower Whites, who will become a minority in their own country by mid-century. This isn’t a slur on Blacks or any other nationality, but in essence it is White Europeans who invented and perpetuated Western Civilization. This great displacement of Whites is therefore synonymous with the displacement of Western Civilization.
- The Great Displacement of Americans: Devolving Western Civilization, Dirty Laundry, 2020


The first milestone in the GREAT REPLACEMENT OF AMERICAN WORKERS and the middle-class was Kevin Flanagan’s suicide in 2003.


In April, 2003, Kevin Flanagan, a computer programmer with Bank of America, was fired from his job after being forced to train his replacement, an Indian worker who was taking over Flanagan’s job as part of Bank of America’s effort to replace its American workforce with foreign labor.  Flanagan walked outside into his office parking lot and shot himself to death.



In a Sept. 27, 2011 speech at St. Anselm Colleges New Hampshire Institute of Politics in Manchester, David Axelrod, one of Obama’s top strategists, said there has been a “hollowing out of the middle class in this country” in recent decades as “wages have essentially flat-lined” for many workers.

In 2010, according to census data, the median earnings for a full-time white male worker were $50,074. By comparison, in 1973, the median for that category, in 2010 dollars, was $50,513. So Axelrod not only was correct that white men were no better off, adjusted for inflation, in 2010 than they were 37 years ago, they were taking home about $8.44 less per week.

A 2020 TIME ARTICLE on inequality NOTES:

The U.S. workforce is now better educated and more urban than it was in 1975. It is also far less white and male - with white men falling from over 60 percent of the prime-aged workforce in 1974 to less than 45 percent by 2018

In 2020 after filling out job applications on the internet, I POSTED ONE OF THE APPLICATION’S EEO PAGES HERE:

Twice the past month on jobs I applied for - one at a good-old American telecommunications company, and the other a city government job - the self-identification page for ethnicity and race threw me for a double-take

The first drop-down box for ethnicity is either “Hispanic/Latino (default)” or “Not Hispanic/Latino.”

Being a red-blooded Caucasian/White American male, born, living and looking for work in the United States, I selected “Not Hispanic or Latino,” then “White,” and finished filling out the forms, which wound up being an utter waste of time.

I got ‘thanks but no thanks’ denial emails minutes after applying, surprised at how fast that was.

In 2022, Chris Hedges wrote about THE NEW CLASS WAR:

The longer the Democratic Party does not deliver real reforms to ameliorate the economic hardship, exacerbated by soaring inflation rates, the more it feeds the frustration of many of its supporter

Its signature infrastructure package, Build Back Better, when you read the fine print, is yet ANOTHER infusion of billions of government money into corporate bank accounts. This should not surprise anyone, given who funds and controls THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

Biden has presided over the loss of extended unemployment benefits, rental assistance, forbearance for student loans, emergency checks, the moratorium on evictions and now the ending of the expansion of the child tax credits, afIsraelll as the pandemic again surges. The handling of the pandemic, from a health and an economic perspective, is one more sign of the empire’s deep decay. Americans who are uninsured, or who are covered by Medicare, often frontline workers, are not reimbursed for over-the-counter COVID TESTS they purchase.

Most of these gains made in the 1960s have been rolled back under the onslaught of neoliberalism, deregulation, and a corrupt campaign finance system, legalized by court rulings such as Citizens United, which allow the rich and corporations to bankroll elections to select political leaders and impose legislation. The modern incarnation of 19th-century ROBBER BARONS, including Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, each worth some $200 billion, summon us to our radical roots.

Class struggle defines most of human history. MARX got this right. It is not a new story. The rich, throughout history, have found ways to subjugate and re-subjugate the masses. And the masses, throughout history, have cyclically awoken to throw off their chains.

Today ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSERS are coming into our country by the droves - not just the usual Central and South Americans, but also Chinese.

AXIOS writes:

The reality at the U.S.-Mexico border over the last three years is unprecedented - back-to-back-to-back records for migrant encounters by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.

And CBS NEWS writes:

Last year, U.S. Customs and Border Protection recorded two-and-a-half million instances of detaining or turning away people attempting to cross into the United States from Mexico.

So what’s the fastest growing group among them? Chinese migrants. Yes, you heard that right… Chinese. We saw large groups, including many from the middle class, come through a 4-foot gap at the end of a border fence 60 miles east of San Diego.

On Twitter yesterday San Diego District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond TWEETED:

Yesterday alone, Border Patrol apprehended 2,000 illegal border crossers within the San Diego sector, including 206 Chinese nationals. This surge in illegal crossings has propelled San Diego to the unfortunate position of leading all nine southern border sectors in April, a trend unseen since the 1990’s.

Since October 1st, the San Diego sector has witnessed a staggering 214,855 apprehensions, representing individuals from over 75 countries across the globe.

Moreover, the closure of the processing center has led to over 30,000 migrant drop-offs in the past two months alone, with projections of more than 1,000 drop-offs expected today. This doesn’t account for the frequent occurrences of boats washing ashore, averaging three to four incidents weekly.

Human smugglers have identified California, particularly the San Diego border sector, as the path of least resistance for illegal immigration. Border Patrol has inadvertently become the ‘Uber’ for migrants entering San Diego County, and the County is the travel agent.

The border crossers may not be getting as much exposure on mainstream news today (thank goodness for independent news sites and Twitter), but ANTI-GENOCIDE, mostly white students of IVY LEAGUE colleges with big ENDOWMENTS are getting plenty. Government is scapegoating them as violent anti-semetic radical extremists.

WATCH about 20 minutes of pure PROPAGANDA starting off with House Speaker MIKE JOHNSON on the steps of Columbia University:

Today, HAMAS issued an endorsement STATEMENT of the protesters on this campus.
They called them the future leaders of America.
It is detestable.
All of this has to be said because the cherished traditions of this university
are being overtaken right now by radical and extreme ideologies.
They place a target on the backs of Jewish students in the United States.
And here on this campus, a growing number of students have chanted in support of terrorists.
They have chased down Jewish students.
They have mocked them and the reviled them.
They have shouted racial epithets.
They have screamed at those who bear the star of David.
Enjoy your free speech.
They’ve told Jewish students to wear the star of David to leave the country.
And shamefully, some professors and faculty have joined the mobs.
Things have gotten so out of control that the schools canceled in-person classes.
And now they’ve come up with this hybrid model where they will discriminate against Jewish students.
They are not allowed to come to class anymore for fear of their lives.
And it’s detestable, as Columbia has allowed these lawless agitators and radicals to take over.
The virus of anti-Semitism is spread across other campuses.

After he was done, a few other politicians got on the pulpit one by one, demonizing and disgracing the audience with the same baloney. They’re doing what they do best - getting people to turn on eachother, and laughing at our ignorance, setting the protesting students and teachers up as Hamas-loving terrorists, not peace-loving people standing up for humanity.

Add this boomer to the group, because I don’t support the bloodshed of innocent people either, and can’t stand the government for its hate against its own people.

To balance things out, check out THIS LETTER posted on the NEW YORK SENATE WEBSITE:

“We stand in solidarity with the students practicing peaceful protest at Columbia, NYU, CUNY, Cornell, the New School and all across the country, and we condemn the violent repression that university administrators and the police have wreaked upon these students.

We are moved watching students exercise their protected rights to freedom of speech and assembly in a united call for an end to the ongoing genocide in Gaza and for their universities to divest from institutions that profit from this genocide, Israeli apartheid, and occupation. We also stand firmly opposed to antisemitism, which is part of the same machinery of fear and division that these students are organizing against. We have seen students lead in creating peaceful, multiracial, interfaith spaces on campus; this practice of solidarity is inspiring and is what is needed to foster mutual understanding and combat hate. Demonizing activists, students, and higher education is a page out of the long-standing playbook for crushing movements for racial and economic justice.

Universities should be spaces to express and deliberate new ideas. Instead, university collusion with the police to brutally sweep and surveil student encampments has transformed these educational spaces into something resembling military outposts. We stand with the students in demanding amnesty for those their administrations and the police have targeted: universities must reverse student suspensions and guarantee no further retaliation.

Despite great risks, these students are creating a roadmap for how people from a variety of backgrounds can come together in pursuit of justice. Instead of disgracefully slandering them, our leaders should take to heart what they and so many others are demanding - an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Palestine and an end to Israeli apartheid and occupation.”


What KIND OF country are we? 

Chris Hedges WRITES:

Israel, by design, is creating a humanitarian crisis of such catastrophic proportions, with thousands of Palestinians killed by bombs, shells, missiles, bullets, starvation and infectious diseases, that the only option will be death or deportation. The pier is where the last act in this gruesome genocidal campaign will be played out as Palestinians are herded by Israeli soldiers onto ships.

How appropriate that the Biden administration, without whom this genocide could not be carried out, will facilitate it.

I think the propaganda won’t work this time, and more of us will see through the DECEPTION of the horrible people that run our country - and Israel’s.  At least I hope so.

Krystal Ball from Breaking Points posted SOME CLIPS AND OPINION of the student protests, minus the mainstream propaganda:

image: peaceful student protesters arrested

David at the RATIONAL NATIONAL - shares some CLIPS AND OPINION of student protests going on where the police didn’t show up.

Nothing but peace and love.

image: peaceful student protesters

It’s possible these young adults and their teachers can be thrown in jail as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS thanks to the NDAA and PATRIOT ACT, or something like the THOUSAND OR SO THAT GOT ARRESTED on January 6, 2021 for doing nothing other than taking selfies.

John and Nisha Whitehead WRITE:

Do not turn your country into a battlefield, your citizens into enemy combatants, and your law enforcement officers into extensions of the military. A standing army - something that propelled the early colonists into revolution strips the citizenry of any vestige of freedom. How can there be any semblance of freedom when there are tanks in the streets, military encampments in cities, Blackhawk helicopters and armed drones patrolling overhead? It was for this reason that those who established America vested control of the military in a civilian government, with a civilian commander-in-chief. They did not want a military government, ruled by force. Rather, they opted for a republic bound by the rule of law: the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately, we in America now find ourselves struggling to retain some semblance of freedom in the face of police and law enforcement agencies that look and act like the military and have just as little regard for the Fourth Amendment, laws such as the NDAA that allow the military to arrest and indefinitely detain American citizens, and military drills that acclimate the American people to the sight of armored tanks in the streets, military encampments in cities, and combat aircraft patrolling overhead.

As long as you remain fearful and distrustful of each other, you will be incapable of standing united against any threats posed by a power-hungry government. Early on, U.S. officials solved the problem of how to implement their authoritarian policies without incurring a citizen uprising: fear. The powers-that-be want us to feel threatened by forces beyond our control (terrorists, shooters, bombers). They want us afraid and dependent on the government and its militarized armies for our safety and well-being. Most of all, they want us distrustful of each other, divided by our prejudices, and at each other’s throats.

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS hints the mostly white people on TV could be another chapter in the GREAT REPLACEMENT:

The Main Goal of the Biden Regime Is to Sell-out the Majority White American Population and to declare them as a menace.

Tucker Carlson POINTS OUT that president Biden, illegitimately in office due to the theft of the 2020 election, has as president of the United States defined America’s majority white population as the major cause of racism and a threat to national unity. Note: it is the majority that is the threat.

Who is going to fight these wars for Biden? The answer is Europeans and the immigrant-invaders into America thanks to Biden’s open border policy. Like Rome in its own self-inflicted decay, the US will be dependent on troops from the immigrant-invaders overrunning its own borders to fight its wars abroad in defense of the borders of foreign countries.

What still surprises me is the ANTI-WHITE-MALE thing in our descent to full blown Nazi fascism.

WHAT HAPPENED? to WHITE SUPREMACY, the new Aryans, and all that?

Guess its the meat packers over at Tyson that get all the love.


U.S. poultry plants, hungry for labor, rely on migrant workers and staffing agencies to fill jobs. With migration soaring from Central America, some minors are making their way into that pipeline. Reuters found one Guatemalan teen who, with the help of illegal brokers, landed a job at an Alabama plant.

Remember that place TUCKER TECHNOLOGY I mention when writing about the CWA backing up AT&T firing a bunch of union-represented technicians?

Looks like they may have REBRANDED themselves over the years:

TTI is a women & minority-owned 5G telecommunications installation company that utilizes staffing & supplier aggregation to expand the nation-wide 5G network.

Maybe that helps explain why President Biden SAID IN 2020:

“Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

AS WE LEARN TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH of our past, I realize what we did to black people over the years was bad. Things like setting Negroes up AS COCAINE DEALERS in the 80s went right over my head.

I had no clue we may have been MANIPULATED. As a little kid growin up in BROOKLYN, I learned to fear and hate black people. But after four years in an unsegregated public high school in the melting pot of New York City, I realized we’re a lot alike.


There is a literal depression in the Negro community. When you have mass unemployment in the Negro community, it’s called a social problem; when you have mass unemployment in the white community, it’s called a depression. The fact is, there is a major depression in the Negro community. The unemployment rate is extremely high, and among Negro youth, it goes up as high as forty percent in some cities. (King, 1968)

As our country keeps riding down the road to oppressive tyranny, WE’RE ALL GONNA GET MORE RADICALIZED, and goverment will take advantage by pitting people against eachother, including Americans against IMMIGRANTS.

Malcom X SAID something about wolves and foxes:

The white conservatives aren’t friends of the Negro either, but they at least don’t try to hide it. They are like wolves; they show their teeth in a snarl that keeps the Negro always aware of where he stands with them [Trump] . But the white liberals are foxes [Biden], who also show their teeth to the Negro but pretend that they are smiling. The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the “smiling” fox.”

Regarding white extremists and presidents

In 2020:

[President] DONALD TRUMP defended Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old Trump supporter who fatally shot two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last week. The president also blamed the civil unrest on left-wing political violence.

Kyle was LET GO:

Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges Friday after testifying he acted in self-defense in the deadly Kenosha shootings that became a flashpoint in the debate over guns, vigilantism and racial injustice in the U.S.

On the other hand, in 2021:

President Biden said White supremacists are the greatest domestic terror threat in the US during a town hall event. “It’s complex, it’s wide ranging, and it’s real,” Biden added.

Violence isn’t the answer.  The Bible MAY SAY “and eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” like it’s supporting violence, but like BILLIONAIRE ELON MUSK MUSED IN 2022 all you get for that is two blind people:

Things like ‘turn the other cheek’ are very important, as opposed to ‘an eye for an eye’. An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind,” Musk said. “Forgiveness is important and treating people as you would wish to be treated.’ ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself.’”

When the 2024 presidential election comes, it’ll probably be BIDEN VS TRUMP again, and people will vote against the one they don’t want to see in charge again, or the lesser of two evils again

They’ll TRY TO RATIONALIZE to people like me again - that watched both of them over their presidencies, concluding NEITHER puts the public interest first - that MY VOTE for JILL STEIN won’t be important because statistically she’ll get a few votes at the most.

When democrats talk about “right wing extremists” and republicans talk about “left wing radicals”, through some SORT OF propagandist brainwashing, we wind up at eachothers’ throats.

The same thing drives us both. By having two choices, we think we’re making informed decisions.

The REAL CLASS WAR is the rulers vs the ruled.

The ruling class is tearing the fabric of society apart.

Today it’s the overwhelming number of illegal border crossers, and lies of rich, white kids HATING JEWS - one blamed on democrats, the other on republicans.

Both are attacking the multiracial cultures that define our country, driving us against our neighbors.

A healthy, growing society based on love, cooperation, and shared values, is not want a oppressive government wants.

It wants us in poverty - relying on state instead of ourselves, FAMILIES and communities.

It wants us HATING and distrusting each other, so we only trust them, never thinking of rising up against our DEAR LEADER.

The WEALTHY establishment will keep laughing at us, as we eventually TURN INTO a poverty ridden, oppressed society like the one the college kids are standing up for now.

Still thinking of voting for Biden or Trump in November?

Yes?  Then the monsters in charge have nothing to worry about.

Democrats and republicans are A LOT ALIKE.  They both NEED TO GO.

The immigrant issue is a TOUGH ONE. I don’t want to see any deported, but we MAY NEED TO SLOW THINGS DOWN.

What is important is we stand together, not divided.

That’s what the ruling class is afraid of most.

Posted by Elvis on 04/26/24 •
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