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Sunday, September 26, 2021

NWO - Bidenism

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“We are currently experiencing what medical professionals have resorted to calling a PANDEMIC OF THE UNVACCINATED.” We know vaccines are safe and effective. We know wearing masks in enclosed areas like schools, washing hands regularly, using sanitizer, and social distancing work. Even so, an alliance of idiots and evil profiteers seek to convince people otherwise. Articles like THIS and THIS spread misinformation, ably backed up by enormously influential media outlets like Fox News.
- Help Us Fight the Two-Front War against COVID-19 and its Allies, Center For Inquiry, August 30, ,2021



We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us.

I’m pretty convinced UNCLE JOE is as much to be FEARED as President Trump.  Probably a lot more, but I’m TRYING TO BE OPTIMISTIC.


Liberty Vs Fascism: Your Choice

By Austin Craig
Seeking Alpha
September 9, 2021


A President preaches sedition against states and the elected leaders.

We are at a cross roads. Liberty & religious freedom of choice, vs the nanny state (ah la 1984).

Employment blackmail.

The vax is safe and effective. so much so that we all need to be forcefully jabbed.

I’m going to go on a bit of a rant here and if you are not inclined to read about liberty and freedom on choice I would urge you to stop reading now. This is going to get political (and poorly worded). Politics impact investments and they impact our lives but more so this is a post about liberty and freedom of religion.We are at a cross roads as a nation. Do we go down the road of fascism or do we maintain the Republic of the United States? Do we descend further into 1984 or do we draw the line as PICARD WOULD SAY?

Covid Hysteria as a Power Play

Covid mania has impacted our society. Yet once you look at the numbers it is fractionally more lethal than the common cold (.026 of 1% vs .01 for the cold). Obviously this ramps up as you age but so do comorbidities. So what is all fuss about? Power. It is all about power and control.

A President Preaches Sedition Against The States

sedition - NOUN conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

In Biden’s speech he actually called out state governors who are trying to protect the rights of its citizens. He stated that employees, guilty of rebellion (by disreguarding the law), should continue to disreguard the law) and that if any state educator has lost wages for continuing to ignore the law of the land he shall pay them the lost wages “100%” because he has their back. Never mind the American citizens stuck in the everexpanding disaster that is called Afganistan might disgree on how much of your back Joe has.The point is Joe is preaching sedition against the states.


No jab, no job. Biden is unable to legally force everyone to get the jab hence he is going after the power of the purse in a bid to try to make those that refuse the jab to become unemployed. Yet he has the nerve to call state governors who tell employees “You have a choice to wear a mask and so do your students”. He labels them “bullies” yet in a moment of irony is guilty the same in blackmailing workers. No jab, no job.


I suspect we are going to see a virtual storm of lawsuits across America and thankfully so but these will take time and by then you will have employees fired for refusing to deny liberty and engage in religious discrimination. If you have endured this much then you deserve a reward. Abott (ABT) might be a play here based on home test kits.

The Natural Vax & Fascism

After some debate with a friend you can call covid a flu or a cold. Maybe something inbetween. I’m sure someone smarter can try to define the chimera virus but for simplicity I’ll call it a cold.Colds mutate, hence jabs do not fully work. To make maters worse according to the Israelies the jab only offers diminishing protection. By 6 months it is only at 16% ... hence the CDC is wanting to jab not at a year as previously stated or 9 months but now we are down to 6 months much over the protests of the FDA.No where in Joes speech did he once mention the superior natural vax… which simply getting the cold.So enjoy the circus, enjoy the power play, enjoy the madness. Never would I have thought we would be at the door of fascism. Do we close this door or step though it?

Disclosure: I/we have a beneficial long position in the shares of ABT either through stock ownership, options, or other derivatives.



Biden’s Vaccine Fiat Forges a Fascist Pharma Corporate State

By Connor Mortell
Mises Institute
September 9, 2021

About six months ago, I wrote an article here explaining that STATE PREEMTIONS OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT ARE A BAD THING - EVEN WHEN RON DESANTIS DOES IT. I vehemently stand by these principles. However, it is now time for Ron DeSantis to take that principle of decentralized control and run with it - against the Biden administration. Just as it is acceptable to see local governments passing laws in defiance of their state, it is now time for the states to pass laws in defiance of the federal government. This is because on September 9, 2021, President Joe Biden announced that all employers with one hundredplus employees will be required to mandate vaccines or weekly negative covid tests.

Never in my lifetime has something occurred that was so egregiously opposed to Misesian concepts of liberalism and freedom. In fact, this is directly in line with perhaps the most opposite ideology to liberalism: fascism. Benito Mussolini said himself that “Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” In today’s political discourse, people abuse the word fascism and sometimes even cite this definition of corporatism while stretching it somewhat from the truth. However, the state requiring that businesses require the vaccine from one of three large corporations that were propped up by the state is undoubtedly the merger of state and corporate power that Mussolini dreamed of.

In my earlier-mentioned piece criticizing DeSantis’s intervention remitting fines passed by local governments in regard to local covid regulations, I had two main issues with the order. First, was a preference for localism, citing the president of the Mises Institute, Jeff Deist, who claimed that Insisting on universal political arrangements is a huge tactical mistake for libertarians.Ӕ This concern is even more true as it relates to Bidens newest announcement, as this is simply another universal political arrangement, now expanding to the national level. My other concern was that the a sweeping universal political arrangement like this - even in the best-case scenario, when the decision is hypothetically good for everyone with no costsets a precedent that the central state now has authority over that issue.

Right now, take a moment to think of the issue that is by and far most important to you. We all have one. Then think of the politician that threatens that more than anything. Do you want that individual to have this precedent to rely on when he or she takes power one day?

Luckily, the solution to this was described by the great TOM WOODS:

Nullification is the Jeffersonian idea that the states of the American Union must judge the constitutionality of the acts of their agent, the federal government, since no impartial arbiter between them exists.

Many businesses across the country will act in civil noncompliance, but that is simply not enough. If one wants to see this end, states across the country will have to undoubtedly reject this. I am not here to make any criticisms of the vaccine. I still stand by my initial piece that these bans on mom-and-pop shops wanting not to run the risk of interacting with unvaccinated individuals is a dangerous threat to liberty. However, I’d argue that any act of nullification at this point has little or nothing to do with the vaccine or the pandemic. We are now facing one simple question: Will we accept or reject a precedent for the merger of state and corporate power? If we choose to reject it, then the governors of the free state of Florida as well as New York, the governors of Texas as well as California, all these governors alike must stand firm against this tragedy.



This is Why Biden’s Presidency is Failing
Even Joe Biden Doesn’t Seem to Know What Bidenism Is - And the Result is a Mess

By Umair Haque
<a href=" rel="nofollow">Eudamonia</a>
September 23, 2021

In case it’s not obvious - and don’t kill me for saying it - Joe Biden’s in a mess. His agenda’s in a mess. And his approval ratings in freefall as a result. His fanbase of liberals notwithstanding - who regard him as something of a saint, above questioning and criticism, which is deeply unhealthy - the average American, and the average person around the globe seems to be thinking, saying: what happened joe? We expected better than this.

Let me first outline how Biden’s agenda is a mess, and then explain why.

On the domestic front, all of Biden’s big initiatives are stalling. Social spending, pharmaceutical reform, immigration reform, antitrust - they’ve all hit the shoals. The Democrats cant seem to discipline the two thorns in their side, SINEMA AND MANCHIN, Senators who’ve stopped progress on all these fronts dead - and that’s before we even get to the Republicans.

On the global front, Biden’s had a disastrous summer. Chaos ensued in Afghanistan - whether or not leaving was the right decision, leaving this way PROVED TO BE CATASTROPHIC. Then Biden proceeded to alienate, well, all of Europe, by signing an arms deal with Australia and the UK, behind Europes back. Meanwhile, Covid still rages around the globe, not to mention in America, and “climate change,” aka global warming, intensifies by the season.

The world’s confidence in Biden has been badly, badly shaken. And so has Americas. Biden’s losing the confidence of, to name just a few, key allies, leaders, institutions, and people around the world. That is not a good thing. Because you know where this ends: Biden could end up being a one-term President.

So. Is Biden’s summer of doldrums an anomaly, or trend? To ask that question another way, why is Biden’s agenda in a mess?

The answer to that question is deceptively simple, and painful to have to say out loud. Bidens agenda is in a mess because BidenҒs agenda is a mess. What do I mean by that? Its incoherent. ItҒs inconsistent. It’s flatly illogical, in many places. And it’s not nearly brave, bold, or daring enough - at least at this juncture in history. The world needs a much more visionary America, and America needs to be that country, too.

Every President has - or ends up having - a governing philosophy. Even if they dont say so, it can be clearly discerned from their actions. What was GWBҒs? Shoot first, ask questions later. Clintons? Compromise with the Republicans to the point that many policies were indistinguishable. ObamaҒs? A kinder, gentler version - on the surface - of free markets and American capitalism.

So what is Bidenism?

The problem is that Bidenism is itself inconsistent. It wants to achieve big goals - which means, formally, in this arena, structural socio-economic transformation, without institutional reform and revolution. But thats probably not possible. Hence, Biden is ending up mired in a maze of inconsistencies and incoherences - from which there’s probably no way out, unless his fundamental governing philosophy changes.

Let me explain, with an example.

Biden recently GOT UP IN FRONT OF THE UN, and preached, if not outright demanded, more global cooperation, on issues like global warming and inequality and so forth - all the great Existential Challenges of the 21st century. The world was baffled by this. Why? Well, it was Biden who just SIGNED AN ARMS DEAL with Australia and the UK, alienating Europe and China. Guess who the two most crucial parties are in fighting global warming and inequality and all the rest? That’s right, Europe and China.

So theres Biden, demanding more global cooperation on the one hand - and yet not demonstrating or leading by example with the other, in fact doing the very opposite, not cooperating globally. In case itҒs not obvious, global cooperation at this juncture in human history doesn’t mean more arms deals. You can’t drop a nuclear bomb on climate change. It’s fruitless.

The world was BEWILDERED by Biden because of this weird level of inconsistency. The lack of self-awareness about it, too. People around the globe and their leaders don’t hate Biden, or scorn him, the way they did Trump. They like him. But they’re baffled. How can he not see that his own agenda is badly inconsistent? How can you demand global cooperation on common problems the week - literally - after you just alienated half the world… for missiles and bombs? What the?

So after Biden gave this speech, mostly, the world shook its head. What to make of this President? He doesn’t seem to be a bad guy, a fascist, a megalomaniac, like Trump. ButsomethingŒs wrong. Is he really so oblivious he doesnt see the mismatch between his words҅and his actions? And why is that glaring mismatch there in the first place?

Let me give you another example, to make my abstract point about not being able to socioeconomic transformation with institutional reformation and revolution much more concrete.

Biden says that he wants to stop Covid. Hell agree that weҒre not doing a good enough job as a world on it. And yet Americas still right there at the WTO enforcing vaccine patents.

This is badly, badly inconsistent. America is the most powerful country in the world. If Biden really wanted to stop Covid, heҒd tell Americas WHO delegation to stop enforcing vaccine patents. Sure, heҒd get blowback from Big Pharma. So what?

This goes way further than simply being inconsistent. Its worse: itҒs illogical. Covid vaccines dont deserve patent protection. Why not? Because pharmaceutical companies did not develop them. Who did? They were created - all of them - at public institutions, with public funds, by public officials, by researchers, professors, labs. Covid vaccines are pure public goods. That means that they deserve to be shared as widely as possible, because that is how the most benefit from them accrues to everyone. I benefit when you take a vaccine, and when some poor kid in Africa has one, too. That is how we prevent new, vaccine resistant variants from developing. That is how we eliminate Covid.

Let me say it again. Covid vaccines do not deserve patent protection because pharmaceutical giants did not create them. They only manufacture them. There is a world of difference. It therefore makes precisely zero sense to grant patents for Covid vaccines - all it does is prevent really stopping Covid. It makes even less sense to have an army of well-paid lawyers at the WTO enforcing all this illogic and stupidity.

Now, Americans don’t quite get this. Nobody much teaches it to them. They really believe, most of them, that vaccine patents are good and sensible and so on. But the world sees all this with glaring precision. What does the world see? An America that doesnt care about it at all. That is happy to let it die of a pandemic for no good reason. That wonҒt share vaccines, even though theyre public goods, and instead has created gigantic capitalist monopolies over them.

WhatҒs the net result of all that? The world’s confidence in Biden is plummeting, just like his approval rating in America. Don’t think that just because countries are poor, they dont see hypocrisy, illogic, and stupidity. Of course they do - often more sharply than rich ones. The world sees the rank illogic of Biden’s policy on vaccines, which is so illogical, in fact, let me spell out all the levels clearly now.

Biden wants to stop Covid, but he won’t give the world vaccines, because his administration is paying armies of lawyers a fortune to enforce patents that shouldn’t exist in the first place, since pharma companies didnt create vaccines. Now put yourself in the shoes of someone from, say, Malaysia or Peru or Pakistan. What would you feel? Anger? Disappointment? Disgust? All the above. And then China would step in, and give you vaccines. See how America loses this way?

All those are examples of what I mean by “Bidenism is incoherent and inconsistent.” Why enforce vaccine patents which shouldn’t exist? That trickles down into a larger failure that affects Americans. Why is America wracked by Covid all over again? New variant. Where do new variants come from? Undervaccinated populations. Whos that? The entire rest of the world, apart from rich white nations.

What does all that do? It gives Red Staters a feeling of smug validation, even though they might not know it. The world isnt taking vaccines - so why should they? If vaccines were so great, why isn’t there a push to give them to everyone on earth, like there was for smallpox and polio? Maybe the conspiracy theories are true, they imagine.

Biden reinforces the worst tendencies of Americans through inconsistencies - because Red Staters are looking for the tiniest chink through to place the sword of folly and ignorance. And Bide’s giving them ignorance, licensing it, by pretending that enforcing vaccine patents which shouldnҒt exist is perfectly reasonable. Ignorance is ignorance, and when a President ignores reality - then why shouldn’t Red Staters?

Now let’s come to some domestic inconsistencies. Here we need to speak a little brutal plain English. Biden and the Dems will tell you that their domestic agenda is sweeping and grand. It’s not. What’s grand and sweeping. The New Deal was. How big was it? It was equivalent to 40% of the country’s GDP.

Bidenism isn’t even close to that number. His social spending program is maybe, maybe about 10% of GDP over ten years. That’s 1% a year. The New Deal makes that look miniscule - because it is.

Biden’s great inconsistency domestically is this. You can have socioeconomic transformation without investing enough in it. Without building new institutions to manage and incentivise and ignite it. But… can you?

Let me make clearer what I mean. There was never a better time - never - for America to have finally created an American Healthcare System, like Britains NHS, than during Covid. Millions of people needed vaccines, and still do. Millions need long-term care. Right then - right now - is when there should be a push for a whole new institution - an American Healthcare System.

Yes, I know Republicans will oppose it. I know that people on Biden’s own side will, too. Thats obvious. But the job of a leader is not to back down before the fight. Not to step out of the ring before the bell has even rung.

Let me give you another example. What was the best time in recent history to have created a whole new set of financial institutions? What kind do I mean? Banks get - and this is true - endless free money, simply deposited into their accounts at the Fed. WHY DON’T YOU AND I AND EVERY AMERICAN HAVE ACCOUNTS AT THE FED? Why don’t you and I and every American have accounts at the Fed? Why do we have to use private banks - which have a monopoly over capital? Wouldn’t it be more competitive for them to have to outdo the public one? Maybe then they’d finally have a reason to do their job, instead of plunder everyones savings every decade or so, by needing yet another bailout.

See what I mean? America could have a financial system that really showed the world what was possible, what the future looked like, what reimagination was. Everyone gets an account at the central bank. Zap - money’s deposited into it. You can use it for free, and you get a credit line, too, because “debt” is just you borrowing money from me, with hedge funds in the way.

When was the best time to do all that? When Americans needed to get money monthly from the government, because the economy was shutdown due to Covid. But there was no call - none - in the Biden administration to use that as an opportunity for necessary reimagination. So now Americas right back where it began - crippled and hobbled by an obsolete, predatory financial system, which, among other things, charges people interest rates in the thousands of percent, burdens students for life, makes healthcare unaffordable, and has created a nation of debtors who die in debt.

See the problem here? Biden talks a good game about “Building Back Better."But his team doesn’t really know how. All the stuff I’ve discussed with you is way beyond them. If I sat down with Biden’s economics guys, and sketched out the new financial system above - which Americans desperately need - they’d look at me like I’m from Mars. But I’m not from Mars. I’m from Washington, DC, and most of them are, too. But there’s a difference between us.

Biden’s team is made of consummate INSIDERS. And like most insiders, these ones seem to have severe, severe deficits of creativity, imagination, daring, audacity, and self-awareness. Biden left Afghanistan in chaos because Blinken assured him it would be OK - meanwhile, literally anyone with experience in the region, which isnt Blinken, could have told you that doing it this way would lead to disaster. That theme [ inept insiders, with no little to no real-world experience, and less daring, less boldness җ is a continual one.

Hence, Biden preaches “Build Back Better” - but they don’t do it. Because they don’t seem to grasp what it must really mean, if its to work. It can’t just be about roads and bridges or even hospitals and schools - but what creates them. Institutions. No institutional transformation, no socioeconomic renewal. It takes financial systems and public agencies to build roads and bridges - better ones. It takes healthcare systems to make hospitals work - better ones.

Bidens had golden opportunity after opportunity to really Build Back Better. To spearhead true institutional transformation. A healthcare system like Canada or Britain has (even though both countries are on the cusp of destroying theirs.) A financial system that should be the envy of the world again. A foreign policy that isnҒt beholden to corporate interests like the WTO. A whole new set of mechanisms for true global cooperation.

Let me leave you with a final example. Biden could have been remembered as the man who eliminated Covid. He could have sat down with every leader in the world, and said: youre getting this many vaccines, at this time. Agree? Good, thanks. Then he could have turned to Bezos, Zuck, and Elon Musk, and said: EACH OF YOU COULD END COVID SINGLE-HANDEDLY. Contribute, or face the wrath of my executive pen.

Boom. Covid over. It would have been relatively easy. But Biden lackedsomething. Courage? Stomach? Guts? Skin in the game? Vision? It’s hard to say what that deficit in him was and is, still. But instead, Biden did something else. Something disappointing. Something weird. He enforced vaccine patents which shouldn’t exist in the first place. The world is baffled and bewildered by all this. But it wont be baffled for long. It’s already asking - like many Americans are:

Which Joe Biden is the real one? The one who preaches reformation and transformation and progress? Or the man who, time and again, backs down from it, and backs the status quo instead? Like enforcing vaccine patents instead of vaccinating the world.

Were finding out. The answer, my friend, isnҒt pretty. Theres time yet for Biden to change this disastrous course. But only if he and his team begin to understand that this course is disastrous. Because inconsistency and incoherence, as any engineer, logician, or true leader can tell you, only end in one place. Implosion.

September 2021


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