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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Italy and Covid

image: italian congresswoman speaks of covid

This is one of the best speech that the Italian Parliament has ever had. The courage of Sara Cunial is fantastic, all the Italian people is supporting her fight that coincides with our fight: the struggle of having a really free society based on transparent information and real power belongs to the people that exercise it within the Constitutional limits. These very limits that are being broken by the Governent that is not working for the good of the people but rather for the interests of lobbies and the Deep State and other secret societes that are ruining the whole country. The words of this lady have to be spread all over the web, let’s fight back the tyranny all together we are unstoppable!


Corona Fake Pandemic: Italy Subjected to a Holy Inquisition of False Science

By Global Research News
February 13, 2021

The ability of the old trick of media bombardment was used as a means of propaganda to condition the minds of Italians by leveraging their atavistic fear of dying and censoring anyone who dares to raise their heads and denounce these abuses.

You had to mask yourselves so that you would not be recognized by the Italians who know very well that you are responsible for this emergency. They are all in this room: the Centre-Right of the Venetian and Mantovan Twill Company, model 0, that in the last 10 years has cancelled 40% of the beds in intensive care, as well as the so-called Left that with its Zingaretti has been the perfect executor of the predatory neo-liberal policies of the last thirty years speculating as jackals, enriching private individuals waiting for the Guardia Finanza that evidently in these hours is already in the offices of the Giunta of Lazio.

Zingaretti, then, taking example from the Lombard vaccination campaign that caused the disasters that we are paying for today has well thought to impose it even in Lazio, knowing all the while that there is already ample evidence that influenza vaccinations have implications and in 40% of cases accounting for more viral interference as if you did not know that coronavirus is correlated with indicators of other critical environmental pollution: First of all, also electromagnetic pollution with its harmful effects, and retarded consequences, because the construction of the antennas as well as those of major works from north and south of Italy have never stopped for Covid. One wonders why?

And so, in the midst of this Holy Inquisition of Scientism, we can sacrifice military personnel, policemen, medical personnel, our children, our elderly to the testing of a vaccine that we know - and even rocks know will not help at all! On account of the evolving virus.

All obviously endorsed by this 5 Star Movement that we have seen even today is in full identity crisis but which remains attached to the skirts of the PD, by betraying all - I mean all the electoral promises in exchange for a few comfy-chairs, too preoccupted with ites to Tallinn.

Closing colleagues: Nests of injustice in the Giusta of Lazio? Congratulations! If we weren’t in a democratic country we would think things were bad, but really bad!

All these DPCMs are unconstitutional. We know this very well: they are the symbol of authoritarianism from a mass-media health regime stained with the red blood of our natural constitutional rights far beyond those of April 25.

History does not forgive, President, and one day very soon you will have to explain why you have sacrificed Italy and our constitutional charter, submitting us to the geopolitical game beign played by the United States and China, letting this country become the territory of new wars, made indeed with the virus, and selling all our information, even the most private and intimate ones, to the highest bidder.

So I turn to you, Mr. President, and to the relator, Mrs. Lorenzin, who is already so dear to the Italian people, and I have a message from all the Italians who are not here, who want to show you what they will do with all these unconstitutional measures!

(the MP then shreds a copy of the #CuraItalia Law)



Topic: Italian Congresswoman’s words direct at the culprit~Bill Gates

Exhorting One Another
May 16, 2020

She is making address in the Italian Chamber, May 14, 2020, and did a phenomenal job!

We, the people, will build the fires of resistance to such an extent it will not be possible to repress all of us. I ask you, leader, to be our spokesperson who will give advice to President Conte: Next time you receive a phone call from the ӑphilanthropist Bill Gates, forward it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. If you won’t do this for us, tell us how we should define the lawyer who takes orders from a criminal.
- Sara Cunial

It is as though Bill Gates is “the beast” of this current assault on every person’s “free will” <~those two words spoken by the Italian Congresswoman.

There are plenty of people protesting the suspension of the Constitution in my own county and 3 others to the north and east of here in N.CA.

But it’s almost as though it is needful that reps, like this woman actually need to be encouraged to shut down Gates. 

He is the vermin, he is the one who has destroyed children and families all across the world.  ............kind of an AC type, hm?!

I don’t mean that he is a type for AC...........but this is odd he creates fiasco and then enters “the saviour”....joining with politics to mandate his venom as a cure.


Posted by Elvis on 02/13/21 •
Section Revelations • Section NWO
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