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Bad Moon Rising Part 20 - China Stalks Wall Street


Like the uncoiling of the untapped KUNDALINI energy in the aspiring adept - watching China’s rise to become the dominant economic power of the planet is a powerful shifting of energy, and great awakening for us all.


China stalks Bear Stearns

NY Daily News
October 22, 2007

The Chinese government is eyeing a stake in beleaguered brokerage Bear Stearns, a powerful indication of China’s goal of buying into Wall Street.

China Citic Bank’s interest in owning a piece of Bear Stearns, America’s fifth-biggest brokerage firm, became public when a top Chinese banking official mentioned it during a meeting at a Communist Party summit in Beijing.

“We are seeing an acceleration of Chinese financial institutions expanding abroad, such as Citic Bank bidding for Bear Stearns,” said Jiang Dingzhi, vice chairman of China’s banking agency. He did not elaborate.

His comments were the first Chinese confirmation of a potential offer for a stake in Bear Stearns, which has been hit hard by credit market turmoil.

Speculation about a Chinese investment in Bear first surfaced in April 2006 after it was reported that another government-controlled institution, China Construction Bank, was seeking to buy as much as 12% of the brokerage giant.

The deal could help Bear Stearns build Chinese operations, Standard & Poor’s investment banking analyst Matthew Albrecht said.

Other potential suitors, such as investors Warren Buffett or Joseph Lewis, who owns a 7% stake, may not be able to match the strategic benefits the Chinese bank can offer.

Bear Stearns is coming off a rocky summer in which two hedge funds it managed went bankrupt and lost billions of dollars on bad bets in the subprime mortgage industry.

Bear Stearns’ profits were among those hardest hit by rising delinquencies and defaults among subprime mortgages - loans given to customers with poor credit history - and the declining value of securities backed by the risky loans. Shares of Bear Stearns have plummeted 21% since early June. But yesterday, in a down market, they advanced 2% to $123.05.

Citic’s potential bid comes as Chinese companies step up investments abroad. An agency created by Beijing to invest $200 billion from China’s foreign exchange reserves paid $3 billion this year for a stake of less than 10% in U.S. investment fund Blackstone.Eyes stake in No. 5 brokerage


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