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The Mother of All Privacy Battles Part 4

Rise of the Anti-NebuAd Vigilantes


If you’re pissed off that ISPs are using software like Phorm and NebuAd to track your browsing habits, you could try out ANTIPHORM LITE, an app that generates a never-ending string of spyware radar-chaff, running a second browser that continuously, plausibly browses the web, screwing up your profile and confounding the snoops. They’ve posted the full source for audit as well.

AntiPhorm Lite is a stand alone application that can be left to run on it’s own or in parallel with your own surfing sessions and can be run as either a hidden background process, a desktop console application or in conjunction with your favorite browser, which ever you prefer.

To an ISP It is indistinguishable from a real person surfing the internet. It performs intelligent decisions about where to surf and combines multiple search engines with millions of contextual search subjects and general interest links of your choosing.

The engine features cross references in subject threads, back peddles along re-searching threads, revisits history during a session, recursive branching, subject thread and page lingering, gone-away modes and exhaustive search abandonment. It uses natural time delays based on search interest, page size and link return quality and it is throttled to prevent heavy traffic recognition or misuse. 


ANTI-NEBUAD relies on the client, so short of them blocking the domain, they can’t really do much to stop this one.


BAD PHORM - When good ISPs go bad.


DEEP PACKET ADS - Since Charter is using Deep Packet Inspection to monitor HTTP traffic and serve ads, here is a research program (meant to stimulate discussion on this issue) that creates “noise” HTTP traffic to make collected data meaningless.


SQUIGGLESR is a Firefox add-on which generates personalized queries to deceive search engines and protect users privacy. Keywords extracted from RSS flows and search engine statistics are used to create coherent and news related queries. Clicks are randomly simulated on non-sponsored results.


TRACKMENOT protects users against search data profiling by issuing randomized queries to popular search-engines.

Posted by Elvis on 05/29/08 •
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