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As I write this post - the CORONAVIRUS is sweeping the planet - killing people and crippling economies, while entire populations are forced to stay locked in their homes, with no paychecks coming in.

A stimulus was passed, but - like the 2008 bailout - gives billions of dollars to bankers and businessmen, and not much to everyone else - and nothing to the LONG-TERM UNEMPLOYED/UNDEREMPLOYED and millions of other starving Americans.

But that’s a topic for another post.

Here in the Unites States, the overarching goal of our society is PROFITS OVER PEOPLE.


Trump believes rich people should be able to recoup their flagging riches while “low risk” workers, a term that is being bandied about by anxious capitalists worrying about their portfolios, are encouraged or ordered to go back to work to produce the necessary surpluses. What these capitalists really mean isn’t low risk workers, they mean expendable people. The frightening thing is that the ruling class, or at least a large part of it, probably generally supports getting the greatest economy in history up and running as soon as possible. Rationalize it like the author in National Review: cost-benefit analysis. How many deaths compared to how much money? They cant think any other way, and they can’t understand those of us who see these things differently: that perhaps an old geezer who no longer produces surplus value still has a right to live his or her life out in comfort and safety, or young people shouldn’t be thrown to the wolves just because rich people are betting enough of them will not get sick before they generate some profits for the bosses This is a very cynical society.”

I guess it’s NO SURPRISE.

“Once again the CDC is putting profits over people with its latest recommendations that downgrade worker protections at a time when they are needed most,” said Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO.

Back to reason for writing.

I guess this is no surprise either - Letters like this from well-known politicians and the DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE spam me every day:

Adam Schiff emailed.
John Kerry emailed.
Andrew Yang emailed.
Amy Klobuchar emailed.
We emailed—too many times to count!

Now were emailing you again because we urgently need your $ before our End of Month Deadline.

We won’t sugarcoat this: Failing to hit our goal is not just a setback—it could completely DEVASTATE our chances of protecting our Majority.

From your health care, to our voting rights, to the future of our planet—everything our Democratic Majority has fought for is on the line.

That’s why hitting our End of Month goal is so important!

Even with no job, and no money - the indifference of our ruling class - and so called GRASS ROOTS MOVEMENTS exposes itself more and more every day.

Asking the people at the DNCC politely, and not so politely to stop bugging me for donations - results in more letters like above..

So -like I did to emails from President Obama and Vice President Biden EIGHT YEARS AGO - the DNCC will be manually added to all my spam lists.

The majority that needs protecting are “we the people” not the 1% who somehow manage to stay on top.

Posted by Elvis on 05/03/20 •
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