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These Are The Best Countries To Grow Old In

By Tyler Durden
September 23, 2022

NORWAY is the best country for RETIREES.

In this year’s GLOBAL RETIREMENT INDEX by investment bank Natixis, the Scandinavian country takes first pla

As Statista’s Martin Armstrong DETAILS, for the ranking, 44 countries worldwide were assessed, according to factors such as health, finances in retirement, quality of life and material wellbeing in old age. An index score was then assigned, with 100 points the best possible result.

Iceland is one of the biggest fallers this year. With 79 points, the island nation is only good enough for third place in 2022. In last year’s ranking, Iceland scored four points more and held the top position.

Switzerland stubbornly holds on to second position despite a loss of points, as this infographic shows.

The UNITED STATES DOESN’T MAKE THE TOP TEN, only scoring 69 points and finding itself in rank 18 (11th for Finances in Retirement, 17th for Health, 21st for Quality of Life, and 30th for Material Wellbeing)…

image: usnites stated retirement index 2022


Posted by Elvis on 09/23/22 •
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