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Life after AT&T

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Posted by Elvis on 09/14/04 •
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  1. Former AT&T employee started his own company NEXTANT.NET.
    Way to go Ed excaim

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  09/14/04
  2. If you live near Verizon territory, be aware they have a FTTP (fiber to the prem) project going on which may be the most abmitious endeavor of a telco these days with HERE.

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  10/20/04
  3. I got a contractor job through TEK SYSTEMS - a nationwide staffing agency. 

    Using a place like this has gotten me more interviews for more jobs than any found through the want ads, job fairs, jobs posts on the internet, etc - and eventually placed as a circuit design engineer - albeit a temp job with no benefits or paid time off.  But $20/hr this way beats what I’ve found on my own (<$10/hr dead end jobs.) Term is six months and the employer then has the option to permanently hire.

    So, signing on with a recruiter may evetuallly lead to a full time job with a good company for unadvertised jobs. 

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  12/18/04






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