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Being Poor

Being poor is knowing exactly how much everything costs.

Being poor is hoping the toothache goes away cause you can’t afford to see a dentist.

Being poor is a cough that doesn’t go away cause you can’t afford to see a doctor.

Being poor is knowing you work as hard as anyone, anywhere.

Being poor is relying on people who don’t give a damn about you.

Being poor is getting tired of people wanting you to be grateful.

Being poor is wondering if your well-off relative is lying when he says he doesn’t mind when you ask for help.

Being poor means knowing things you never wanted to know and seeing things you never wanted to see.

Being poor is people surprised to discover you’re not actually stupid.

Being poor is people surprised to discover you’re not actually lazy.

Being poor is knowing how hard it is to stop being poor.

Being poor is knowing you really shouldn’t spend that buck on a Lotto ticket.

Being poor is seeing how few options you have.

Being poor is a $200 paycheck advance from a company that takes $250 when the paycheck comes in.

Being poor is never buying anything someone else hasn’t bought first.

Being poor is having to live with choices you didn’t know you made when you were 14 years old.

Being poor is knowing you’re being judged.

Being poor is stopping the car to take a lamp from a stranger’s trash.

Being poor is people angry at you just for walking around in the mall.

Being poor is not talking to that girl because she’ll probably just laugh at your clothes.

Being poor is hoping you’ll be invited for dinner.

Being poor is people thinking they know something about you by the way you talk.

Being poor is six dollars short on the utility bill and no way to close the gap.

Being poor is checking the coin return slot of every soda machine you go by.

Being poor is people wondering why you didn’t leave.

Being poor is watching your Mother die a slow agonizing death from cancer at home because your state doesn’t provide nursing home or hospice care for the indigent patient.

Being poor is recycling the tea bag over and over.

Being poor is wearing a dead wristwatch because you don’t have money for a new battery.

Being poor is watching those “christian children’s” organizations” on TV and wishing that you had it that good.

Being poor is thinking $10 an hour is a really good deal.

Being poor means your shoes fall apart at that 10 an hour job after waiting in the rain for the bus to get you there.

Being poor means the neighbors call the town because your grass is too high but you don’t own a lawnmower.

Being poor is dreading holidays.

Being poor is something that lives inside you forever.


Posted by Elvis on 09/05/05 •
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