Article 43


Who was left out of Article 43?

In July 2004, Article 43 of the 2003 AT&T/CWA contract officially unionized AT&T LNS (Local Network Services - formerly TCG, a CLEC they ACQUIRED in 1998) non-represented techs (like me), and existing CWA represented Comm techs of AT&T into a new CWA represented job classification - network specialist.

In May 2004 - some LNS techs realized their colleagues got union welcome packages, but they (we) didn’t. Claiming to be unaware of this - CWA union officers - specifically RALPH MALY of CWA NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS in Washington DC, ROY HEGENBART, Local 3250 President, and other officials - verbally blasted AT&T for hiding techs from bargaining.  Over the next few weeks the missed techs were identified by the union, signed union cards, received CWA welcome packages, and notified by the CWA of status as CWA represented techs.  We proudly wore our new red CWA shirts and hats in solidarity.

Those same CWA officials may have deliberately misled and/or used us for undisclosed or BAD FAITH bargaining, while at the same time continuing their empty assurances that AT&T won’t ever get away with hiding techs from bargaining - because on August 31, 2004 - the same techs were silently (no press release or internal memo) notified of their LAYOFF from AT&T. Many had over 20 years EXPERIENCE, were OVER 40 years old, and above average performers.

CWA officials - Mr Maly, Mr Hegenbart, and others contacted - haven’t returned phone calls, or emails, or provide any representation to us new members.

As it turns out - the CWA treated us with more disregard and disrespect than AT&T ever did.

Since when does a union turn it’s back - or deceive - like that?

Posted by Elvis on 09/06/04 •
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  1. I feel sorry for my former co-workers for what both AT&T and CWA did to them.  The CWA refused to assist me in an issue with Bell Atlantic in 1973, and I lost 19 1/2 years of I can’t say I’m totally surprised. 

    I think it just goes to prove that AT&T will get exactly what it wants, no matter how many employees it fucks.

    Posted by Andy Smith  on  09/11/04
  2. Some techs were talking about suing the CWA and/or AT&T for FRAUD, WRONGFUL TERMINATION or PROHIBITIVE PRACTICE.  I doubt we have grounds for a case, but I’m no lawyer.  From what I read - at least in states like FLORIDA where I live - we’re employed AT WILL.  That means any company can fire anyone, for any reason, whenever they want.  They can segregate workers into any group(s) they want, and since AT&T has an existing contract with the CWA, both parties can amend it however and whenever they want.  If any of this broke federal DISCRIMINATION laws - like keeping Catholics and firing Protestants - that could make a strong legal case.

    I don’t think any of the actions the CWA or AT&T pulled is illegal. It only suggests American corporations may control big giant unions, and both may choose to treat workers as unfairly and unethically as they want.  If you want to try a class action lawsuit, for something like age discrimination, give a law firm like THESE GUYS a call and post back.

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  09/11/04
  3. The CWA folks at the local here and Washington DC still haven’t returned any phone calls or emails. I sent at least half a dozen emails this month to Mr Maly in Washington and a final one 10/27/04 to President Hegenbart of Local 3250.  Others report similar lack of communication from the union.

    The CWA can’t save my job anymore, I’m already layed off, but I can still smell the stink of their lack of integrity, and hear the empty words of their worthless, misleading, tough sounding officers.

    As a result of this experience, I’m suspicious of the CWA’s true INTENTIONS. Their actions, and lack of actions, suggests it’s MISSION may not be entirely in the best interests of the organized labor movements of this country.

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  10/30/04
  4. It’s been over a year.  The CWA still spits out idealistic hot air while membership decreases, the AFL-CIO split two months ago because unions CAN’T GET ALONG WITH THEMSELVES, and the US labor movement is still in dire need of real leadership and fresh blood.

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  09/27/05
  5. Today’s a big day - AT&T’s about to RECALL LAYED OFF TECHNICIANS, if they haven’t started already - but not folks screwed by Article 43.  I emailed Mr Maly of the CWA asking for an opportunity to be on the recall list. This is the same officer who let us die in 2004. Any reply will be reported here.

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  01/16/06
  6. Friends at AT&T tell me MORE TECHS ARE GETTING RECALLED and more temps will be hired as contractors in the near future.

    The recalls for techs are limited to former CWA and IBEW members (minus those of us screwed from Article 43 and the CWA) who were layed off or took voluntary early retirements.

    The CWA remains silent to emails from this former member, so it’s likely there won’t be any good news for us anytime soon.

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  01/25/06
  7. One of my former colleagues (who was burned by Article 43 and the CWA like me) works for TUCKER TECHNOLOGIES, a CWA represented staffing agency - outsourced to AT&T doing one of his former jobs at half the pay with no benefits.  CWA caught wind of it last week and may want to get him fired to rehire a AT&T retiree.  How’s THAT for another slap in the face?

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  01/30/06
  8. One of the guys I used to work with at AT&T in Florida tells me a CWA tech who voluntarily retired a year ago was recalled. 

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  03/12/06
  9. It’s been two years - Read about it HERE.

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  09/05/06
  10. Wanna vomit?  Read THIS.  About 2000 CWA recalls - minus those screwed by article 43 - are on the way.

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  06/24/07
  11. It’s been FIVE YEARS.

    How time flies.

    And nothing changes.

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  11/17/09
  12. CWA Is A Sham

    As an ex ATT employee I can tell you first hand what CWA did to help me find another job within the company when ATT closed our shop and laid us of… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    In fact, CWA all but blackmailed it’s members into accepting a contract that closed off any jobs in the core of ATT. That effectively gave us only one division to apply for and they were full with no openings.

    When SBC, before they bought ATT announced that we were now Union employees. (Workers NEVER voted to Unionize!) I KNEW we were being set up.

    Hamburg, AR

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  07/27/11






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