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Stupid Customers

Greedy businesses are intent on squeezing customers dry, and try to turn every contact - whether a sale, service issue, complaint, or something else - into an opportunity to separate customers from as much of their money as possible.  As conscientious consumers pushed around by these companies and their cheap shots - the thing to do is to TAKE OUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE.

Some cases in point.

My internet service died.  I called repair. Before getting to the reason I called - the repair technician insisted on explaining, and tried to sell me - a special offer to double download speed. What kind of idiots would train their techs to try to upsell service, while the service is broke - during a repair call?  What kind of foolish customer would take it? All it accomplished was raising my blood pressure while waiting for my line to get tested.

My brand new $350 cell phone died.  The Cingular rep apologized with the usual canned script, then assured me a replacement will be in the mail tomorrow and should arrive in seven days.  When I got mad at the long wait, she sounded delighted to explain the extra charges to have the replacement phone delivered tomorrow.  Cingular wound up eating the overnight shipping charges and a credit for my inconvenience.  But not without threatening to take my business to another carrier first.

I prepared my friend’s computer for shipping by packing it nice and tight in a heavy corrugated box surrounded in bubblewrap and plastic filler, then drove down to UPS - a company employing lots of middle-class Americans, many Teamsters Union members - and because of that - my shipper of choice.  The lady at the counter insisted on opening the box, explaining to me it’s policy - then says she can’t ship it unless she packs it to UPS specifications - which she didn’t explain, and which aren’t posted anywhere I can see - and of course - she’ll have to charge extra for this unneeded and unwanted packing service - not to mention the unwarranted snooping.  In contrast, the folks at Federal Express down the block were happy to take the box - without any snooping, or repacking - and ship it with a smile.  Union shop or not - Fedex got my business and will continue to get it, unless they start pulling the same crap. 

And I thought only new car salespeople were taught to treat customers like morons.

Silly me.

Posted by Elvis on 10/24/07 •
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  1. Is Dell’s Tech Support Staff Trying To Sell You Things Yet?

    January 8, 2008

    We’re curious whether anyone has had to call Dell’s tech support line in the new year—and if so, did they try to upsell you on unnecessary add-ons, devices, accessories, service plans, etc.? Because we got an anonymous email the other day from someone who claims he works as a Dell tech support specialist, and he wrote that “starting after the first of the year… we are now going to be required to sell you items that you don’t need.”

    I work for Dell as a tech support specialist, starting after the first of the year, we are going to sell you stuff when you call in for Tech support on your system. Not only are you going to be requesting for tech to trouble shoot your system, we are now going to be required to sell you items that you don’t need just to make more money for Dell Inc. it’s not bad enough that you spent money on a system that is not working but also have to hear a sales pitch on products that you can find else ware cheaper on web or at a local store.

    A final funny touch: the email was signed “Tech support/Sales.” Sadly, that sounds almost like a position someone would think was a good idea.

    Let us know if you encounter any unusual sales pitches on your next Dell tech support call!


    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  01/10/08






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