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Tucker Tech AT&T Inside/Outside Plant Contracts

Sources at AT&T say Tucker Tech is paying between $16-$17/hr - no benefits - for the inside and outside plant contracts they got for AT&T, replacing layed off and voluntarily terminated employees.  Their website is HERE.

Posted by Elvis on 02/24/05 •
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  1. One of the guys I used to work with - who got layed off from AT&T last year - starts 4/4/05 as CWA represented Tucker Tech Inside/Outside plant technician, contracted to AT&T - $16.50/hr - no benefits.  He’ll be working at AT&T alongside his former workmates who weren’t layed off.  Good luck.

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  03/23/05
  2. Since I got layed off two and a half years ago, Tucker Tech has been contracting out former AT&T techs back to AT&T for a fraction of their former pay. 

    If you’re a retired or desperate former AT&T worker - it may be worth the effort of sending them your resume.

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  01/22/07
  3. Another two years and nothing’s changed.  AT&T is still laying off technicians and replacing them with contacted temps.  A guy who worked with me, who got layed off about a year before me, is now employed as a contractor to his former company.

    $17.50/hr - no benefits.

    Posted by Burned Out Baby Boomer  on  02/28/09






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