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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Corporate Policy Of Indifference

Last week I got a call from a former colleague at AT&T.

She just got layed off as a manager. 

We bantered about old times, and how nowadays love and compassion seems to have MOVED AWAY from just about everything. Concerning layoffs - the contrast between the way we were treated 15 years ago and now is striking.

Back then AT&T hired an outside psychology company to counsel BOTH those GETTING LAYED OFF, and those staying - to DEAL WITH the STRESS OF UNEMPLOYMENT and related loss. Then they had resume writing experts show us how to make a good one. Head hunters visited our office. Money for retraining was offered right away.  A rep from the state came and explained their programs. Together, AT&T and The State Of Florida paid for my Novell CNE and a bunch of other computer classes.  Financial counselors espoused us with their wisdom. And on, and on, and on. The support was unending.

60 DAYS after notification, we were officially unemployed. The support still didn’t stop. AT&T set up rooms in their local buildings and gave us former employees free access to them for another six months.  Each had PCs with word processors and printers, telephones, and fax machines. We were encouraged to use them to conduct our job search.

TODAY, as soon as you’re notified, you’re (thrown) ESCORTED OUT OF THE BUILDING.

And left to die.

Posted by Elvis on 10/11/06 •
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In memory of the layed off workers of AT&T

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