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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dark Tunnel Of The Burned Out Boomer


Losing your job at 50 or 60 is not good for your health.  There is compelling evidence that no matter who you compare the older job loser to, he or she does worse physically and mentally.
- Why Stress Is Making You Sick - William Gallo, Yale University School of Medicine, AARP, May 2009

Day-to-day, the single-most intimidating OBSTACLE I face is not the unemployment rate or another round of hapless job interviews, but ATTACHING AN IDENTITY to THE MAN I make eye contact with each morning in the vanity mirror.
- Trials of a Stay-At-Home Boyfriend - Salon, March 13, 2012

While older workers are less likely to be laid off than younger workers, they are about half as likely to be rehired. One result is that older workers have seen the largest proportionate increase in unemployment in this downturn. The number of unemployed people between ages 50 and 65 has more than doubled… The prospects for the re-employment of older workers deteriorate sharply the longer they are unemployed. A worker between ages 50 and 61 who has been unemployed for 17 months has only about a 9 percent chance of finding a new job in the next three months.
- The Human Disater of Unemployment - NY Times, May 12, 2012


IMAGINE YOURSELF a single, 55 year old BABY BOOMER whose LAST REAL JOB - and hope of RETIREMENT - ended a decade ago.

Imagine getting let go yesterday from another meaningless TEMP JOB, and crying yourself to sleep - not knowing where or when your next paycheck will be coming from.

Imagine the WOUNDS OF LOSS AND UNCERTAINTY multiplying and and deepening year after year, to the point you actually forgot what it feels like to be happy.

Imagine giving your loving pet away to adoption because you’re afraid the poor thing WILL GO HUNGRY.

Imagine FEELING RELIEVED you don’t have kids, because you wouldn’t have been able to provide for them since loosing your career ten years ago.

Imagine a desirable woman turning a romantic eye toward you, and you pushing her away because your self-esteem has been crushed so bad, you feel unworthy of love.

Imagine feeling helpless, hopeless, alone, afraid, and ASHAMED of your weak spirit and feelings, then when you ask your FRIENDS for help they INVALIDATE your inner pain, and TURN YOUR PLEAS for emotional support into competitive conversations - LACKING in COMPASSION.

Imagine feeling SUICIDAL but afraid to tell anyone because

1) they may GET IN TROUBLE,

2) you may get INVOLUNTARILY LOCKED UP in JAIL or a HOSPITAL (and a BILL from the hospital for it),

3) you CAN’T AFFORD any kind of medical treatment, or

4) it’ll make you look like DAMAGED GOODS to any employer out there hiring - ruining the SLIM CHANCE you have of FINDING A JOB.

Imagine that for the past ten years you’ve been keenly aware of the DESTRUCTION of the American middle-class, and are one of them.

Imagine today you just took the last of your next egg out of the bank to pay the bills for the next few months, and this time next year you probably won’t have a PLACE TO CALL HOME unless a miracle happens, and the job situation for LONG-TERM UNEMPLOYED improves.

Imagine watching the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES talk about JOB CREATION - but doing THE OPPOSITE.

Imagine the FUTURE.

IMAGINE your future.

Posted by Elvis on 10/14/12 •
Section Dealing with Layoff • Section Personal
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