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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Desperate Times Demand Revolutionary Measures


Don’t waste any more time or energy on the presidential election than it takes to get to your polling station and pull a lever for a third-party candidate-just enough to register your obstruction and defianceחand then get back out onto the street. That is where the question of real power is being decided.
- Chris Hedges, May 2012

Towards Sociopolitical-environmental Collapse

By Prof. Peter Phillips
Global Research
May 14, 2012

Runway capitalism is moving unrelentingly towards sociopolitical-environmental collapse cheered on by a two-headed single party machine known as the US Congress. Activists, who see the coming disasters as catastrophic, are seeking revolutionary change through non-cooperation, and occupy disruptions. Yet, many are the still delusional hopefuls desperately fumbling with traditional responses; including “Kum ba yah” marches, and the futile support for progressive left-leaning candidates seeking positions of influence inside the Washington beltway.

Do we understand that habeas corpus is no longer a legal protection in the US or that THE US PRESIDENT CAN TORTURE AND KILL AMERICAN CITIZENS, let along anyone in the world?

How can we ignore the inconvenient truths of WARRANTLESS WIRE TAPS and electronic monitoring for everyone?

Why do we tolerate that US-NATO forces killing people in over one hundred countries in the world using special service operatives, private assassins and drones - a million civilians deaths in Iraq alone?

How can we be so blind as not to see our corporate media is a PROPAGANDA FOG MACHINE for the one percent? These questions, reflecting the reality of America today, are so far from the values of our traditions that accepting any aspect of authority from Washington DC is a sacrilege to our honor. We are in desperate times.

In Congress, wealth begets membership, and wealth is the reward for correct action. The members in the House and Senate have a collective net worth of $2.04 billion, up from $1.65 billion, in 2008.  While at the same time, Americans’ household net worth has continued to declined and the number of people living in POVERTY has risen for the fifth year in a row.

The American Congress is in reality an artificial organization serving as cheerleader to the TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATE CLASS of the world. Congress offers its members little more than a transitional path into the good life of corporate affluence as long as the members remain loyal to party discipline.

Our legitimate electoral process has been completely usurped by the Supreme Court ruling that a corporation’s free speech rights allow unlimited campaign spending, and congressional lobbying knows no bounds. Any candidate willing to serve in the Democrat or Republican parties in the US congress today, even as a gadfly of resistance, is stepping beyond the pale of constitutional government.

Even if a Progressive Democrat of America Moves On into the congressional circle, the magnitude of compromise demanded makes effective action impossible other than occasional symbolic votes of resistance. Those stepping out of party lines will invariably result in orchestrated opposition during the next selection cycle - Just ask Cynthia McKinney.

Reform is not an option. The only action possible is a complete and total return to the social justice values of our US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We cannot allow extrajudicial killings, privacy invasions into our homes, and police state interceptions in the commons. We cannot allow global capitalism to continue to kill and impoverish billions of people and destroy the planet.

Protecting and even rewriting our Constitution and our Bill of Rights will require revolutionary acts. We must retool our elections and eliminate/ignore the dark clouds of corporate media. A mass movement at this level requires grass roots action by a core of at least ten percent of our population. Getting one out of ten people actively involved is not at all impossible; this is where our traditional values meet human rights. We are a people of hope that only need to overcome our fears and find the voice of our values by using radical democracy for human betterment for all.

The right to vote is a long held value. We are often asked, “Why waste your vote on an independent third party candidate, who will never has a chance to win.” Can voting for a candidate who reflects your own political values and beliefs be a wasted vote? It seems that voting for your true beliefs is a self-actualizing act, and compromising ones values to pick the lesser of two evils is self-alienating. Therefore, we urge all to continue to vote, but find candidates outside of the two party oligopoly. Maybe someday, self-actualized voting will be fashionable. 

Peter Phillips is a professor of political sociology and social movements at Sonoma State University. He is the president of Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored, and co-host with Mickey Huff of the weekly Project Censored Show on KPFA. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).



To be taken by surprise

It is my opinion that some people are too zealous for the Republican Party. They will do anything to raise the chance of a vote, and they will attack anyone who might take away even a minute amount of voters. As was the case when I ran as the WriteIn President. There was no way I would win, but I tapped into something that scared the hell out of these hate filled people. So much so, that I was harassed, threatened, and eventually taken out of sharing my idea’s. The police and the medical people that did terrible things to me because I had an opinion about how to make a better America. For the record, I do hope there will be many writein electoral people at the next election; as well as, the next presidential.

I do not want a leader who puts another country in front of American interest. As is the case with leaders in the Senate and Congress who say we must make sure Israel gets 3 billion dollars in donations while government resources, and senior programs are cut. I think making all of government take a pay cut. That means the President, the Congress, and the Senate. I now understand why I was such a threat to the Republican Extremist. I am able to spark imagination in our society! The one thing any dictator does when they take power is to destroy the poets, the teachers, and the thinkers. Yet, by the grace of the lord. I am once again a free man. Most people who get tortured in America shut down and shut up. Well, I am not most people. I am a child of God.

You can use your connections to the police to intimidate us. You can stop us from marching on Wall Street, and you can detain our leaders who promote the 99% movement. Nevertheless, each time you take away one of us who speaks in a way that motivates the masses to sign petitions, other will rise. It has taken time.., and determined prayer to stand up to these evil people. Those who have so much money, yet refuse to share or pay their taxes. WE need leaders who will force a flat tax on all people. That way regardless of how much money you make, every one will pay the same 15% instead of us paying 36% in taxes while the rich use loop-holes to only pay 10% This can be changed, and it takes every person who votes to sign petitions. If you do not understand what a petition is, you have only yourself to blame.

The one thing those in power do not want is for you to know you can invoke change through petition, and writein candidates. IF you only seek to keep this 2 party monopoly going, then our schools will continue to lose money; as well as, most social programs. If you really think it is in the best interest of America to give Tax Free Bonuses while your neighbors go hungry then by all means do nothing. You are so lazy, you might as well say: I love those in power!!! I do not, and I will not let them intimidate me. I have the right to vote, I have the right to sign petitions, and we can change the laws, that in time will change the system. If you want one vote for one American. Then the time to start is now. Do you have the courage to take back your constitution?

- Anonymous

Posted by Elvis on 05/20/12 •
Section American Solidarity
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