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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dying In The Sun


I’m a VETERAN ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN bouncing about from temporary job to temporary job because this is now how companies are doing business. No benefits raises their profit margin. I had my home of 15 yrs foreclosed upon in April and am now relegated to living in one of these motels in farflung places. Those of you who are so smug have no idea that you too are being socially engineered...and your time is coming also. Say goodbye to your pensions, social security, etc.
- Mike, El Dorado, AR, Mail Online, 7/9/11

“There was a reason: I had no hope,” she recalls. “There was no point for the future. I had just lost another job opportunity that I thought I had done a really good job at and they just dismissed me. I was old, and they’re not going to hire me. With that, I couldn’t have my life back.”
- The Link Between Unemployment And Suicide, Huffington Post, April 15, 2011

Flanagan apparently masked the depth of the distress he felt as he fought to save his position. He felt like he was fighting a large corporation that pretty much didn’t care, his father said. “This final blow was so devastating. He couldn’t deal with it.” The father said he saw no other signs of depression before his son’s suicide.
- Bad Dreams, Bad Truths, 2/8/07

The links between unemployment and suicide are more evident in the older male population.
- Unemployment Can Triple The Risk Of Suicide, Angela Wilson, 4/1/09

It is the scar of feeling like you are worthless and of no light at the end of the tunnel… The long term unemployed do not show up on the unemployment numbers.  They spend their days looking over job boards trying to network and doing everything that experts tell them to do but they are not finding the doors open when they knock.
- Scars Of The Long_term Unemployed, Rich’s Management Blog, 6/24/11

IMAGINE YOURSELF a single, 55 year old BABY BOOMER whose LAST REAL JOB - and hope of RETIREMENT - ended a decade ago.
- Dark Tunnel of The Burned Out Boomer, October 14, 2012

Stress really does mess with your mind. A new study has found that chronic stress can create many of the brain changes associated with mood disorders.
- Why Stress Makes You Miserable, Science, 6/25/2012

There are 5.4 million people who’ve been out of work for more than six months, which is generally considered when long-term unemployment begins. They make up 42.8% of the unemployed.
- Only 1 on 10 find job after long-term unemployment, CNN, June 14, 2012


Well, the checking account is almost empty.  I HELD ON to the house, my dignity, and mental health through three corporate downsizings, LONG STRETCHES OF UNEMPLOYMENT, a couple of dozen temp jobs, and a fiance walking out on me after one of those downsizings.  I abandoned my elderly mother and KILLED MY CAT to try to hold on to the last good paying job that had me TRAVELING ALL THE TIME - two things I’ll never forgive myself for - but it looks like MY LUCK’S FINALLY RUNNING OUT here in the sunshine state.  It took nine years.

With no job, no hope, no dreams, and paralyzing fear of the future, the light in my heart is all but BURNED OUT.

Why so GLOOMY?

False Hope

There’s lots of jobs on the public job boards, and lots of busy work applying for them all. 

The State of Florida even has a WEBSITE that emails me a list of new jobs every day.

And lots of headhunters call inquiring about my availability for work, and what my career goals are. 

They sound like there’s a million jobs to pick from, and the tuff part for me will be choosing.

I wonder how many of those opportunities they’re talking about ARE REAL.

Gutting of Unemployment Insurance

I went over LAST MONTH’S JOBS REPORT and the UNEMPLOYMENT insurance program in FLORIDA.  The news makes it seems like the economy’s on a rebound.  Nothing can be farther from the truth.  Not IN MY ZIP CODE anyway.

DID YOU KNOW that until NEOCON Rick Scott took over as Florida’s governor, the state’s 60 year old unemployment insurance SAFETY NET used to pay benefits up to 26 weeks?

NOW it’s a sliding scale with MAXIMUM WEEKS AT 23, decreased one week for each half a point the STATE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE goes down under 10.5 percent.

So if the unemployment figure is eight percent - the maximum benefits anyone can get is 17 weeks.  17.  Nine less than 26. 

82 less if you include the ENDING OF FEDERAL EXTENSIONS this year thanks to the LOOKBACK LAW.

This comes at at time when long term unemployment is facing FIVE MILLION PLUS Americans.  From the uneducated to the highly-educated.  From young to old. From black to white. From New York to San Francisco. From the WASHINGTON POST MAY 2012:

Right now, nearly 30 percent of all unemployed Americans have been out of work for more than a year. All told, thats 3.9 million workers, slightly more than the number of people who live in Oregon.

For one, long-term unemployment is an equal risk for all unemployed workers, regardless of education level.

And if you’re a revolving TEMP you may NEVER qualify for unemployment insurance.

Nobody Cares

A big surprise in last week’s presidential debates was the first question to both candidates asked about the over five million, forgotten LONG-TERM UNEMPLOYED.  It was sad but not suprprising to hear them both talk over eachother but say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  Another SIDESTEPPED QUESTION asked about getting JOBS FOR KIDS FRESH OUT OF COLLEGE.  More long-winded posturing from both of them.

But nothing of substance like what the STATE OF CONNECTICUT IS DOING to help it’s people.

Why do we support SHIPPING JOBS OVERSEAS while more and more Americans are INVOLUNTARILY OUT OF WORK?

Half this country lost it’s MORALITY, and the other half isn’t doing much more than TALK ABOUT IT. Check out THIS POST, or watch the 15 minute video clip.  Does it move your heart at all?

Skewing The Numbers

The BLS U6 report is a more accurate representation of the unemployed population than the report we hear on the news because it includes those that fell off the radar - including people that exhaused their unemployment insurance (that’s right - if you use up your unemployment benefits, and still don’t have a job, statistically your’e not unemployed anymore,) part-timers, and long-term unemployed.  From the BLS WEB PAGE:

U-6 Total unemployed, plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force.

At least it was.  To artificially fluff those numbers, full time work is now officially 30 hrs/week. 

We can thank OBAMACARE and our elected officials for that BRIGHT IDEA.

And look forward to more DUBIOUS REPORTS of an economic recovery.

Reverse Discrimination

Back when I went to school a high school diploma was as important as a college degree is today to secure a job.  What’s the first two questions interested employers ask? 1) Are you working now? 2) Do you have a college degree? A lot of people my age don’t have degrees.  We’re not stupid. Thats just the way it is.  Plus we’re over 40.  That’s QUESTION THREE. Another BIG PROBLEM.  Employers act like being a seasoned-veteran with good work ethics and lots of experience whose job was outsourced to India - doesn’t make a good worker.

My neighbor’s son lives alone and rent free in the house his dad left him after moving back to Mexico.

Although YOUNGER than me, and bi-lingual, we both lack meaningful employment.

The difference between us is he gets government assistance - like $200 a month in food stamps along with that free house.  And if he winds up in a hospital, may be able to get treated for free, UNLIKE THE REST OF US.

I get penalyzed with a 10% early withdrawal penalty for using my 401K and RETIREMENT SAVINGS to keep the mortgage paid, and food in my mouth.  That’s about 30% tax on that money.  Without a job.  While my neighbor gets government assistance from all those taxes I paid over the past 40 years.  Not that he shouldn’t be denied help if he can’t find a job - but neither should I.  And I certainly SHOULDN’T BE PUNISHED for using my hard earned retirement money to weather this financial storm, and trying to keep a roof over my head.

Highest Foreclosure Rate in Country

The housing crisis in Florida has been BAD AT LEAST AS LONG as I’ve been writing here.  Now the state’s foreclosure rate is the WORST OF THE WORST in America:

For the first time since 2005, Florida led the nation for foreclosures, according to a report by a real-estate research group that tracks home sales across the country.

During the past year, foreclosures dropped 13 percent nationally but increased by more than that amount in Florida. The state had one FORECLOSURE legal filing for every 117 houses during the third quarter the highest rate in the country and double the rate for the entire nation, according to a third-quarter report by RealtyTrac.

A Glimmer Of Sunshine For Orlando Home Sellers

For Orlando homeowners thinking of selling - the Orlando Sentinel REPORTED in August - home values may be going up.

Can you believe it?

“People have gone from not being able to find a buyer to not being able to find a seller,” Tenaglia said. “It’s completely upside down from where it was a few years ago.  It’s really exhausting. You just convince a client about the market and then it changes - ‘Oh, now there’s not 50 houses on the market. Now there are just five.’”

Such examples may be heartening to the legions of homeowners eager to restore property values damaged by the housing slump, recession and global credit crisis of the past five years, but they do not constitute a normal, stable market.

In terms of price, the more-affordable properties have been the most in demand recently. Houses priced under $100,000 are “ridiculously” hard to find right now, according to one local real-estate agent, and it is getting difficult to locate listings priced under $200,000.

Wanna buy a $100K house in beautiful Seminole County Florida, just outside lovely Orlando?

Mine will be on the market pretty soon.  Make me an offer - before the bank takes it away.

Dark Night Of The Soul

If I told you I’m not suffering DEBILITATING DEPRESSION and numbing fear from the hopelessness and painful awareness of the lack of job prospects for long-term, unemployed, middle-class, baby boomers, or emptiness and deep sadness of LOSS and loneliness from being single with no wife or kids for support, and DISAPPEARING FRIENDS that shun me like I’m a leper - I’d be lying.

If I told you I can rise above this mental and emotional anguish like the Buddhists who claim suffering is a result of temptation - I’d be lying too.

Next stop in life for this HOPELESSLY UNEMPLOYED American is to be shed AGAIN of all DIGNITY, self-esteem and attachments - cause NO JOB = no money to pay the mortgage, and the ultimate failure of not being able to provide for one’s self, loved ones, or the greater good.

Just in time for another THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS.

Thank God I don’t have kids.

But I wish I had some hope.

YOU’LL KNOW WHEN I’m out of money because this website will go dark once the electric gets shut off.


Posted by Elvis on 10/27/12 •
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