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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Discrimination Of Anti-Vaccers In Florida Is Now Illegal

anti vax not anti facts
We were told - follow the science. But when we said, “Great, sure, show us the science,” companies court-sealed EVIDENCE and have been using legal means to withhold safety information... For example, it took NUMEROUS LEGAL DEMANDS, multiple appeals, and two lawsuits TO FORCE THE CDC TO HAND OVER the V-Safe DATA it said would be public ... Leaked information has been repeatedly censored. (Nothing says “safe and effective” quite like censorship eh?) ... The safety and efficacy of affordable, re-purposed generic drugs was covered up in an effort to push novel (profitable) mRNA gene therapy drugs while people died.
- Health Freedom Summit
We continue to hear from Dr. Fauci and the FDA that doctors should never use drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin to treat COVID-19. Instead, they advise experimental or toxic but profitable agents like Remdesivir. Later, we discover a corrupt alliance between Big Pharma and the FDA, CDC, and NIH.
- Truth, Lies and COVID Treatment, January, 2022
Minnesota nurses say that negative reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine are underreported as hospitals discourage their staff from recording them. Another nurse also said she got a concerning email from her hospital instructing her not to report whether or not new cases of the virus are occurring in patients who have been vaccinated. These reports that the COVID shot may be more dangerous than the public is led to believe came by way of a town hall hosted by Rep. Erik Mortensen.
- Minnesota Nurses Say Vaccine Injuries Likely Underreported, Alpha News, August 30, 2021
A woman who suffered severe nerve damage after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination and four others with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 vaccine injuries launched a lawsuit against President Joe Biden and his administration on May 22… Top government officials violated the plaintiffs rights to free speech and peaceful assembly when they pressured Big Tech companies to crack down on people sharing their experience after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines, BRIANNE DRESSEN, the woman, and the other plaintiffs say… Through threats, pressure, inducement, and coercion, Defendants now work in concert with social media companies to censor content the government deems ‘disinformation’, ‘misinformation’, and ‘malinformation’ - a feat that the government could never lawfully accomplish alone,” the 124-PAGE suit, filed in U.S. court in southern Texas, states.
- Vaccine Injured Fight Back
The nonprofit hospital suspended Bowden in November over what Bowden claims were disagreements over the way she treated COVID-19, particularly over her use of ivermectin, and her objections to Houston Methodist’s vaccine mandate, according to the complaint.
- Doctor Suspended From Houston Methodist Sues Hospital January, 2022
The pandemic exposed the fact that many doctors no longer call the shots when it comes to treating patients, the COVID Cartel does. The COVID Cartel includes the Biden Administration, federal health agencies, Big PHARMA, mainstream media, and Big Tech… The Right to Treat Act would ensure that federal health agencies return to their proper functions of gathering and providing public health data and regulating drug safety not telling doctors how to practice medicine… Because federal health agencies sabotaged the early treatment of COVID-19 using widely available and safe generic drugs, an untold number of people needlessly died from COVID-19. Americans and doctors should have the freedom to use fully approved drugs without fear of reprisal. It’s time to once again let doctors be doctors and allow them to fully practice medicine.”
- Sen. Johnson Introduces Legislation to Reaffirm Doctors Right to Treat Patients without Interference from Federal Health Agencies, February, 2022


Florida Expands Ban on Vaccination, Testing and Masking Mandates

National Law Review
May 26, 2023

On May 11, 2023, Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law a “medical freedom” bill (SB 252), which amends and expands the existing Florida statute Section 381.00316, prohibiting businesses from requiring their customers and patrons to provide documentation of COVID-19 vaccination status. Under the amended law, businesses in Florida will be prohibited from discriminating in any way against a person (no longer just a customer or patron) based on vaccination status and from requiring face masks and COVID-19 tests. The new law goes into effect on June 1, 2023.

Notably, certain of the prohibitions in the new law are not limited to COVID-19 vaccines or response efforts. The vaccine provisions extend to all emergency use authorization vaccines and all messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines, and the masking/face covering limitations are also broadly drafted. As such, the restrictions enumerated below will be in place and may impact businesses response to any future pandemic or public health emergency should it occur.

Under the amended law, no business entity in Florida (as defined further below) may:

Require any person to provide any documentation certifying vaccination with a COVID-19 vaccine (or any other emergency use or mRNA vaccine) or post-infection recovery from COVID-19

Require a COVID-19 test to gain access to, entry upon, or service from the business operations in Florida or as a condition of contracting, hiring, promotion, or continued employment with the business entity

Discharge or refuse to hire a person; deprive or attempt to deprive a person of employment opportunities; adversely affect a person’s status as an employee or as an applicant for employment; or otherwise discriminate against a person based on knowledge or belief of the persons status relating to vaccination with COVID-19 vaccine (or any other emergency use or mRNA vaccine) or COVID-19 post-infection recovery, or a person’s failure to take a COVID-19 test

Require a person to wear a face mask, a face shield, or any other facial covering that covers the mouth and nose; or

Deny a person access to, entry upon, service from, or admission to such entity or otherwise discriminate against a person based on such persons refusal to wear a face mask, a face shield, or any other facial covering that covers the mouth and nose.

The amended statute defines “business entities” broadly as any form of corporation, partnership, association, cooperative, joint venture, business trust, or sole proprietorship that conducts business in Florida. The term also includes charitable organizations, not for profit corporations and all other businesses operating in Florida.

If a business entity requires a person to receive a vaccine other than a COVID-19, emergency use or mRNA vaccine, the business entity must provide for exemptions and reasonable accommodations.

Under the two exceptions written into the law, the face mask, face shield or any other facial covering restrictions may be maintained by: (1) health care providers and health care practitioners if they are in compliance with the standards to be developed by the Florida Department of Health (DOH) and Agency for Health Care Administration by July 1, 2023, and (2) business entities when a face mask, a face shield, or any other facial covering is required safety equipment in accordance with standards to be adopted by the Florida DOH, which the law directs to adopt emergency rules to develop such standards.

Employers who violate the amended law are subject to a fine up to $5,000 for each individual and separate violation. The amended law does not limit an aggrieved persons right to recover damages or other relief under any other applicable law.


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