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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Great Replacement Redux 4

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TWENTY ONE YEARS LATER, President Ronald Reagan signed into law amnesty for more than three million illegal aliens who had entered the country. President Reagan then promised the new employer sanctions would"remove the incentive for illegal immigration by eliminating the job opportunities,” and that the law’s amnesty provision would allow millions who were hiding in the shadows to “step into the sunlight.” ... And now, another 21 years later, we hear the same language as the pro-amnesty and open borders advocates demand that American citizens ignore history, reason and the national interest. They are again marketing the same false assurances about border enforcement and insist there will be no social or economic cost to the taxpayer or the nation. More than four decades of disruptive and destructive immigration policy initiatives should be a sufficient history lesson for all Americans.
- Lou Dobbs Tonight, May 22, 2007, Internet Archive
The Republican Party’s flirtation with pro-worker politics is both absurd and clever. It allows them to claim that racial and gender diversity and inclusion (not to mention anti-racism and anti-sexism) are somehow ploys of the woke - read ‘Jewish’ - elites to rob the ordinary (white) person of what they supposedly earned through hard work. Further, efforts to oppose racism, even symbolically, are portrayed as an assault on “American” history and the white population - the victims of a woke agenda that OPPRESSES “STRAIGHT WHITE MEN”.

This illusory pro-worker conservatism has nothing to do with labor rights… Rather, it is an opportunistic attempt to create a united front of the supposedly productive classes and fractions of American society against the supposedly parasitic forces - both elites and “Others” ( foreign-born and domestic) - that are draining the country of its national strength.

This was just as true in the lead-up to the Nazi domination of Germany. In fact, a wing of the Nazi Party focused on trying to win the German working class to Nazism.

The capitalist class is hoping and praying that white workers, in particular, will value their “white uniform” rather than recognize that they are being crushed - not by the poor, not by immigrants of color, not by people of color, not by those challenging heterosexism, but by those who never seem to be able to squeeze enough wealth out of the bodies of working people.
- Republican Redux Part 24, 2021
The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries, which result, gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty
- George Washington’s Farewell Address, 1796
White Americans have been discriminated against ever since Alfred Blumrosen broke the law in the 1960s and imposed discriminatory racial quotas. White Americans did nothing about their loss of constitutional protection. Consequently, after more than a half century of institutionalized racism against white Americans, white people cannot even get a job. In 2021 blacks comprised 12.6% of the population and got 94% of the new jobs. Whites comprised 59.3% of the population and got 4% of the jobs.
- White Ethnicities Are Being Replaced, Paul Craig Roberts, May 19, 2024
After each recession, fewer men have rejoined the workforce; most recently, in 2008, THREE-QUARTERS OF THE JOBS LOST WERE LOST BY MEN.
- Desperate Men As Pawns, May 2023
It’s gotten to the point where one in six prime working age [25-54 years old] men has no paid work at all.
- Record Millions Of Prime-Age Adults Giving Up On Ever Finding Work, Adam Taggart, May 19, 2024
What does it take to turn the anger of despairing men into violence? The grief and antagonism that erupt after every school shooting focus on either a prevailing gun culture or mental health problems, but masculinity is surely an indispensable component. Research has shown that the roots of these paroxysms of violence are in the toxic relationship between “masculinity threat” a mans individual perception that he cannot live up to the ideals of dominant masculinity - and a cultural betrayal, the sense that men are owed something they are no longer getting.
- Desperate Men, 2017
Philosopher Hannah Arendt noted that those people most likely to align themselves with totalitarian movements lack a sense of their own usefulness to society and feel excluded.
- Trump gives isolated Americans the chance to hate alone together, Alternet, May 18, 2024
In Fascism, the dominant group are the greatest victims. The men are the greatest victims of encroaching feminism. Whites are the greatest victims of blacks. Germans are the greatest victims of Jews.
- How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them



Theory?  I doubt it.  This isn’t scapegoating Latinos, Mexicans, WELFARE APPLICANTS, or some other easy target.

It may have been the CRUSHING of the middle-class from jobs being OUTSOURCED, offshored, and union-busting - was done in the name of corporate greed with the blessings of government - shining a light on political corruption, corporate cronyism, and disregard for 99 PERCENT of the public, but today’s immigration thing is a step up in its sheer numbers from THE PAST.

The democrats letting them in can get lots of VOTES from their gratitude, and giving them money can help the economy because they’ll spend it right away, but there gotta be more to it than that.  If the establishment means to turn it into a class war, I hope we’re smart enough to realize the immigrants aren’t the enemy, and we’re all - even SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD kids - PAWNS of the ruling class.

Maybe not today, but soon enough we’ll SEE what’s in plain sight to our BLIND EYES, and when we do, hopefully not repeat history by taking to the streets and attacking our neighbors like we did back in the 60s when I was in gang fights of black vs white, before MARTIN LUTHER KING brought peace between us, and the next thing you know, we’re breaking bread together.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. set forth the goal. Civil rights and union membership were to be intertwined. The labor movement, Dr. King wrote in 1958, “must concentrate its powerful forces on bringing economic emancipation to white and Negro by organizing them together in social equality.”

The intent of whatever PROPAGANDA the ruling class spreads, is to distract us from figuring out it’s them screwing us all, by getting us to hate everyone, and not care what they may be doing.

We’ve been replacing American workers for over 20 years.

Men - especially white men - TRADITIONALLY made up most of the workforce - so they they get hit the worst.

In it’s latest “Labor force characteristics by race and ethnicity, 2022,” the BLS REPORTS:

Among adult men (20 years and older) in the largest race and ethnicity groups (White, Black, Asian, and Hispanic), Hispanics were the most likely to be in the labor force, with a participation rate of 79.5 percent, and Blacks were the least likely, with a rate of 68.0 percent. The labor force participation rate was 74.9 percent and 70.1 percent for Asian adult men and White adult men, respectively. Among adult women, Blacks (62.0 percent) were more likely to participate in the labor force than were Hispanics (59.9 percent), Asians (59.5 percent), and Whites (57.1 percent). Among teenagers (16 to 19 years), Whites were more likely to participate in the labor force than were other groups, with a participation rate of 39.0 percent, followed by Hispanic teens (33.2 percent) and Black teens (29.8 percent). Asian teens were the least likely to participate in the labor force at 23.0 percent.

In 2003 “outsourcing to India” caused KEVIN FLANAGAN to KILL HIMSELF.

In the months leading up to his 2003 suicide, Bank of America had forced Flanagan and his colleagues to train their foreign replacements before laying them off. These transplants entered the United States on the H-1B worker visa. After months of the humiliation of having to train his replacement, a BROKEN Flanagan climbed into his truck and shot himself in the head the day Bank of America let him go.

In 2007, we learned corporate America was BRINGING IN immigrants to replace us under H1-B WORK VISAS with this INSULTING VIDEO on skirting labor laws:

A video posted on YouTube is stirring anger and debate in Silicon Valley. It shows attorneys with Cohen & Grigsby telling their corporate clients how to get around Federal rules around hiring foreign workers.

A Reddit poster last month WRITES:

I noticed a trend starting early last year, the company starting doing layoffs at first for the tier 1 soc roles and helpdesk, not all of them but a good amount, then after a week or so we were introduced to NEW TEAM MEMBERS FOR THE SAME ROLES THAT WERE LAID OFF BUT THEY WERE BASED IN INDIA.

The employers of legal immigrants with WORK VISAS replacing American workers may get tax breaks for doing it.


The OPTIONAL PRACTICAL TRAINING (OPT) program, in which the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT pays American employers to discriminate against American workers has grown rapidly in recent years, and during FY 2017 it used nearly $2 billion swiped from trust funds for the elderly to favor 240,000 alien college grads over an equal number of U.S.-resident grads.

In April 2023 EPI WROTE:

The top 30 H-1B employers hired more than 34,000 new H-1B workers in 2022 and laid off 85,000 employees

Working America has been in big trouble for decades.

Government lets it happen, and propagandizes the opposite, while our quality of life KEEPS GOING DOWN:

Lowered expectations and acquiescence in long term working-class HARDSHIP are now built into what we are told to regard as RECOVERY.

20 years ago they knew outsourcing American’s jobs and production overseas, was gonna end up hurting the middle-class.

They must know that flooding the country with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants is gonna hurt us too.

Now they may be weaponizing immigrants and refugees to destroy society from inside.

It almost seems there may be a conspiracy by our own leaders to bring down our own country - and maybe NATO WITH IT:

NATO would be significantly weaker if the United States was not a member. Overall, NATO would lose around half of its strength in troops, tanks, aircraft, and warships

A 2022 article in Reuters READS:

Spain, as host of an upcoming NATO SUMMIT, will push for the inclusion of “hybrid threats” such as irregular migration, food insecurity and terrorism in the alliance’s new policy roadmap, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares said in an interview.

If President Trump wins the 2024 election, he may PULL THE U.S. OUT OF NATO:

Last month, NATO, the world’s most successful military alliance, celebrated its 75th anniversary. Some fear that it may have been its last anniversary with the United States playing a leading role. Former U.S. President Donald Trump still views the alliance as obsolete. If reelected, he says he would encourage Russian leaders to do “whatever the hell they want” to member states that do not pay what he considers to be enough for defense.

Even though they seemed to play down the FORMER FOX NEWS REPORTER, I think POLITIFACT did a good job listing the “great replacement” issues:

The “great replacement theory” is white supremacist rhetoric that warns of an elaborate conspiracy by Democratic and Western elites - and possibly orchestrated by Jewish people - to systematically replace white Americans with non-white people through immigration, interracial marriage and other means. Online writings linked to the gunman show he was motivated by a belief that the white race was dying out, like several other mass shooters before him.

But Carlson has routinely invoked the ideas at the center of the theory, warning that Democrats including President Joe Biden have weaponized immigration as a political tool to strengthen their voting bloc, weaken the power of white people and seize permanent government control.

The New York Times reported that Carlson has “amplified the idea that Democratic politicians and others want to force demographic change through immigration” in more than 400 episodes of his show “Tucker Carlson Today,” totaling over 50 hours devoted to that theme.

What’s this about mass shootings and gunman?  I think the PROBLEM is related to LOW INCOME, a LOUSY LIFE, and all the other THINGS being POOR comes with:

Counties with growing levels of income inequality are more likely to experience mass shootings. We assert that one possibility for this finding is that income inequality fosters an environment of anger and resentment that ultimately leads to violence.

About immigrants and demographics, I’ve seen news over the years about letting them vote.


On inauguration day (Jan. 20, 2021), President Biden signed an EXECUTIVE ORDER to ensure the Census Bureau counted all residents, including undocumented immigrants. The order stated, “At no point since our Nation’s founding has a persons immigration status alone served as a basis for excluding that person from the total population count used in apportionment.” President Trump had pushed to have undocumented immigrants not counted as residents, presumably to reapportion House seats away from states with high numbers of undocumented immigrants.

NPR WROTE in December 2021:

Lawmakers in New York City have approved legislation that will allow about 800,000 legal non-citizens to vote in local elections…

Immigrants are counted for districting purposes.

I like to think Hitler is dead, but his evil may still be alive through the hearts and souls of people with tremendous power, and tremendous influence, including - if there really is a conspiracy - the people behind it.

Politicians may let big company executives get away with hollowing out the middle-class for their own selfish financial gain, or the pleasure of watching us suffer, but like we witnessed with covid - lockdowns, censorship, and blind obedience to follow authoritarians’ directions to stick ourselves with dangerous drugs - they can flip the switch to full-blooded totalitarianism anytime. But, they may get the same pushback from those of us that refused to wear covid masks, challenging NIH leader Fauci’s head games that DIDN’T WORK.

Thanks to Trump supporters in the beginning, and others who refuse mask mandates today - TO THE EXTREME of getting in physical fights, the globalists and politicians in their pockets may be wondering if they can control us as easily as they may have thought when they published that COVID-19, GREAT RESET BOOK.

The other TOTALITARIAN WANNA BE - PRESIDENT BIDEN - and his BARKING at all of us to GET VACCINATED or feel his WRATH - isn’t doing too well either, even though he’s threatening US citizens like me and you to get a shot or not be able to do things like walk in public.

Besides pledging their loyalty to their American saviors, giving the illegals free money and homes may help get more money in circulation, hiding how bad our economy really is, and they probably won’t push away the next covid kool-aide if asked to drink, or go AWOL if drafted.

The Center For Imigration Studies in 2022 WRITES:

United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR), which receives billions in U.S. taxpayer money, is handing out cash debit cards and other funds for lodging and prescription medicines to U.S.-bound migrants who spill out into this southern Mexican city by the hundreds of thousands.

Paul Craig Roberts NOTES:

EVERYONE KNOWS that the IMMIGRANT-INVADERS are not “refugees” from oppression. Official US statistics document"refugees" from 160 countries. As there are only 200 countries, that would mean 80% of countries are tyrannies from which people are refugees.

A new documentary by the EPOCH TIMES asks more questions and begs more answers.

Over 7.2 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States since President Joe Biden came into office. This record border crisis is not organic, behind it are official policies, heavy financing, and agreements between the U.S. government and the United Nations.

The world is watching different pieces of this unfold, with video of groups of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States, not trying to evade border patrol, but rather waiting to be arrested. What is being left out of the discussion is: Why?

This Epoch Original Documentary “Weapons of Mass Migration” exposes how the United States and United Nations work hand-in-hand to facilitate mass migration, which is being weaponized to destroy America.

Directed and hosted by Joshua Philipp, senior investigative reporter and host of EpochTV’s Crossroads, he sets out to investigate what is really taking place behind the border crisis and why is it being carried out.

I often think the ignorance of the masses, and rulers blinded by greed and lust for power - would be our undoing.

If not, ALL OF US WOULD BE JOINING today’s campus protests against U.S. support of Israel’s extermination of the Palestinian people.

CAYCE MAY BE RIGHT about his prophesy and the ongoing Russia/Ukraine war going on over two years.

In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallised, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.

When/if Ukraine looses, that’ll be a blow to NATO, and weaken the alliance, REGARDLESS HOW MANY MORE COUNTRIES are joining to pick their side FOR WORLD WAR THREE.

So, back to that question - why?

NATO’s collapse may do more good to turn back the DOOMSDAY CLOCK - than any peace negotiations by U.S. WARMONGERS.  Just last month the UNITED STATES VETOED Palestine’s request for UN membership, something overwhelmingly approved by other countries.

Imagine if the world realizes peace because Trump wins the 2024 elections, pulls the U.S. out of NATO, and using his NEGOTIATING STYLE, helps end the bloodshed of the Russian/Ukraine and Israel/Palestine conflicts?

He’s already THE SAVIOR for victimized white America.

Trump rallies build a sense of community among “mostly older white men and women who lived paycheck to paycheck retired or close to it, estranged from their families or otherwise without children… Trump had made their lives richer.” He noted how Trump supporters came to share homes and transportation, form relationships, and chant the same slogans (like “Build the wall") in unison. I would add that those slogans can get so much uglier: “Fuck those dirty beaners” and “Fuck Islam” are anything but unheard of.

Imagine, Trump and Putin - two guys I would never have figured - save the world.

Then, a few years later - RIGHT OUT OF SCRIPTURE - ARMEGEDDON.

In a study of all the passages that relate to the end time, it becomes clear that there are three major time periods between the Rapture and the Second Coming. The first is the period of preparation, a relatively short period, in which the TEN-NATION KINGDOM EMERGES. Its leader rises to conquer first three and then all ten kingdoms. When this leader becomes powerful, because of his backing of the ten kingdoms, he is able to make the covenant with Israel for seven years described in DANIEL 9:27. This introduces the second period of time, which covers the first half of the seven years mentioned in the covenant. In the middle of the seven years, however, a dramatic change takes place, and the ruler of the ten kingdoms becomes a world dictator, apparently without a war. This sets the stage for the third period, the last three-and-a-half years leading up to the second coming of Christ. Accordingly, there is first a period of preparation leading up to the seven-year period. Then there will be three-and-a-half years of peace, the second period, and this will be followed by the third of great trouble and tribulation. The third period will be followed immediately by the Second Coming.

What lies ahead MAY HAVE OTHER SURPRISES, and may be worse, if the conspiracy theory crowd is right and the adrenochrome filled EVILDOERS and WEF take over the planet, and except for themselves, see the rest of us as the “USELESS_CLASS”, using that as a reason to EXTERMINATE MOST OF HUMANITY, saving the finite resources of the planet for themselves.


The Global Compact for Migration is the first-ever UN global agreement on a common approach to international migration in all its dimensions. The global compact is non-legally binding. It is grounded in values of state sovereignty, responsibility-sharing, non-discrimination, and human rights, and recognizes that a cooperative approach is needed to optimize the overall benefits of migration, while addressing its risks and challenges for individuals and communities in countries of origin, transit and destination.

While white America disappears into a new multinational society, the PALESTINIAN people disappear from GENOCIDE by the ZIONISTS of the holy land.

Whether the future is TOTALITARIANISM, a DESPOT DICTATOR, Jesus’ SECOND COMING, GREAT RESET, or NEW WORLD ORDER where we’ll “all own nothing and be happy,” “the great replacement” of something is HERE.


20 Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. 2 He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years; 3 and he cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal on him, so that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished. But after these things he must be released for a little while.

Imagine a world with no borders dividing countries and resources, with no more petty wars over who owns what land.

Imagine the leader of that world.

Posted by Elvis on 05/19/24 •
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