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Saturday, February 07, 2009

IBM To Layed-Off - Want A Job, Move To India


Is this the same IBM that applied for a PATENT FOR THE OFFSHORING OF JOBS in July 2007?

I think so.


IBM to laid-off staff: Go to India

India Times
February 6, 2009

Armonk-based IBM which recently gave PINKSLIPS to above 2000 employees in the US and Canada has an `innovative offer for them: Re-locate to cheaper destinations.

In a move to support the pinkslipped employees, the world’s largest technology employer has asked its laid-off employees in US and Canada to join its projects in cheaper-wage destinations like India, China, Brazil and Eastern Europe.

In the last week of January, IBM had announced atleast 2,800 jobs cuts to trim costs as customer spending squeezes. The firings took place in the sales and distribution unit and software division.

The company has asked the laid-off staff to join IBM’s new Project Match programme, which would help ex-employees to relocate in IBM’s low-cost operation countries. Under the programme, the company will also be offering financial assistance with moving costs and immigration help with visa issues.

According to the company’s internal notice, “The potential for developing career and new business skills by living and working abroad has been communicated to employees. Project Match will help employees locate potential job opportunities in growth markets where their skills are in demand.”

The memo said former workers will be put in contact with hiring managers at IBM in countries including Slovenia, Romania, Brazil, Nigeria, the Czech Republic, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

The company specified that only “satisfactory performers” who are “willing to work on local terms and conditions” should pursue the jobs. The wages paid to those moving would be as per the local standards. The company expects many may get lured by the offer as employees seek for “life experiences”.

However, the move has not gone well with the IBM staff union. Slamming the offer, a union spokesperson said that not only were jobs being shipped overseas, but Big Blue was trying to export the people for peanuts too. He added that at a time of rising unemployment IBM should be looking to keep both the work and the workers in the United States.


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