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Monday, September 19, 2022

Latest Pawns of the Ruling Class - Illegal Immigrants

image: marthas vineyard people feeding illegal immigrants
Years ago, visiting Ghana, I heard stories about how, when families became more affluent, they added rooms to their houses for their relatives. But that seems not to be our way. Here owners of McMansions tend to favor empty rooms over poor kin.
- Income Inequality Within Families is Emerging as a Major Issue
In the island’s offseason, 63% of its homes, whose median value is $1.35 million, are vacant. Former President Barack Obama’s property alone reportedly has 10 bedrooms. As of this writing, Airbnb offers 355 vacancies. Nevertheless, not one of the Vineyard’s residents, nearly 80% of whom voted for Joe Biden, is on record having offered an extra bedroom, guest cottage, pool house, basement, unclaimed rental, gazebo, or tent to accommodate the migrants, who slept in a church hall.
- Behind Closed Doors, Martha’s Vineyard Liberals Reveal Their Hypocrisy


WHILE PRESIDENT BIDEN is letting who knows how many illegals and asylum seekers CROSS THE BORDERS as easy as CROSSING A STREET - without so much as screening them for covid:

U.S Border Patrol agents along the El Paso, Texas, sector of the southern border are encountering an average of 1,500 migrants each day amid controversy about the busing of migrants into U.S. sanctuary cities.


In long-term encampments from the woods of southern New Jersey to the congested northern end of the state, an increasing number of immigrant day laborers are joining the ranks of the homeless.

Others are getting jobs one way OR THE OTHER:

U.S. poultry plants, hungry for labor, rely on migrant workers and staffing agencies to fill jobs. With migration soaring from Central America, some minors are making their way into that pipeline. Reuters found one Guatemalan teen who, with the help of illegal brokers, landed a job at an Alabama plant.

It’s pretty odd we’re not hearing about CORPORATE AMERICA or farmers PUTTING MORE OF THEM TO WORK LEGALLY as meatpackers, watermelon pickers, etc, like they usually do.  Especially in today’s climate where businesses and goverment claims there’s a WORKER SHORTAGE.

I wonder if a place like THIS ONE contacted any of them:

We will be a leading company whose objective is to hire people from the third-world, and eventually train them in order to enable the assistance to people within the first-world. That way the employee with the employer through GT Connections; this bond will generate benefits for both ends, it means, we will generate jobs to people in need. They will be properly guided by GT Connections in order to develop high standards of both customer and employer satisfaction. On the other hand, THE EMPLOYER OBTAINS THE ACTUAL BENEFIT of an aid for his business in progress involving a monthly low investment saving time when delegating whatever it takes for the furtherance of his business.

In another show of extreme insensitivty and lack of morality, other politicians - like Florida governor DeSantis - are using these poor souls as pawns for political reasons, by spending millions of taxpayer money to shuffle them off like trash to the other places.  Today it’s Martha’s Vineyard - an affluent town where millionaire former presidents like Barak Obama own LUXURY MANSIONS - whipping up hate with the masses, by scapegoating the immigrants as unwelcomed and unwanted - a trick right out of FASCISM 101.

I’d much rather hear governor DeSantis spent the $12 MILLION for the public’s - and immigrants - good.  But, I’m happy to see the people of Martha’s Vineyard aren’t buying into to this cruel, brutal, FASCIST exhibition, and feed these people, even if only for a night.

Can you imagine an American politician doing something like that, or act like an honest, decent human being to the public (other than former president JIMMY CARTER and maybe Senator Bernie Sanders) when not in front of a TV camera?

I can’t. 


Remember when TAYLOR SWIFT bought a house for a homeless pregnant fan, and MILEY CYRUS brought a homeless guy to the music awards?  There’s two rich people who may not have totally lost their hearts to the TRAPPINGS OF WEALTH.

It looks like the folks in Martha’s Vineyard were nice to the immigrants, and got a lot of good press for it, while the ruling class stayed behind their moats, locked doors, stone hearts and MORALLY CORRUPT policies - POLITICALLY SCAPEGOATING another minority, and turning the issue into a cruel, ugly, game of politics meant to stir up hate and division, ignoring that these people are human beings.

But, after two days, the poor immigrants were shuffled off again - to a MILITARY BASE.  So, the rich folks at Martha’s Vineyard drew a line - “After we feed you for a day - get out.”

As much as I can’t stand Governor DeSantis - his stunt shined a light on the how opened the hearts and homes of the FILTHY RICH really are.  Including role models like former presidents.

Once you learn to devalue one person, its easy to devalue anyone.

The ruling class is damn good at it.

Sadly, they’re not alone.


The surprising details behind DeSantis’ and Abbott’s immigration stunts

By Zachary B. Wolf
September 15, 2022

Republican governors are in a cynical competition to outdo each other and send migrants from the US border by bus to New York, Washington, DC, Chicago and, now, BY PLANE TO MARTHA’S VINEYARD.

Two unannounced planes carrying an estimated 50 migrants landed in the wealthy seaside enclave of Massachusetts on Wednesday night, surprising locals.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis claimed credit for the stunt, which took the migrants from Texas, not Florida, and left them without planning on the street.

His stunt may have been outdone by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who started sending buses of migrants to Washington, DC, back in April and on Thursday morning, left asylum-seekers OUTSIDE VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS’ HOUSE at the US Naval Observatory. She’s under intense criticism from immigration hawks for saying on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday that she was confident the border is “secure.”

Many rightly pointed out that the political point came at the expense of vulnerable migrants who had already been through a tremendously arduous journey—but some of the details of the transport may surprise you. For starters, many of the migrants were appreciative of the ride.

Are these migrants in the country illegally?

These stunts by Republican governors are built on the false idea that the migrants are in the country illegally. Technically, those on the buses and planes are asylum-seekers who have been processed by federal immigration authorities and are awaiting court dates.

Where are the migrants coming from?

While most of these migrants crossed the border with Mexico, they are fleeing poor economies and dangerous situations at home in Central America and, increasingly, South America. After crossing the border and claiming asylum, they are released in the US to wait for hearings on their asylum claim.

One person left in Massachusetts, a 45-year-old named Leonel, told The New York Times about his three-month journey from Venezuela through Colombia and Central America. He tried more than once to cross the US border with Mexico before being detained and then released in San Antonio.

It was there that he was approached and asked if he wanted to go to Massachusetts.  It’s not clear if he knew he was headed to a wealthy island community unprepared for the arrivals.

Are they being forced on the buses and planes? No, they are not

Anger at the stunts is in part also fed by the idea that the people are being forced onto buses. That is not true, as CNN’s Gary Tuchman found when he visited a shelter in Eagle Pass, Texas, in August.

He met asylum-seekers planning to meet up with family and friends already spread around the country. Other migrants coming to the US without somewhere to go were happy for the free trip.

Who is happy for the ride? These people have incredible stories

Tuchman talked to a 28-year-old woman named Genesis Figueroa from Venezuela who traveled for a month and a half by foot, bus and boat to get to Eagle Pass with her husband.

“I got very tired. My legs hurt and I got sick,” she told Tuchman in Spanish. “I came down with pneumonia. I was hospitalized for three days in Guatemala.” WATCH TUCHMAN’S REPORT.

He also talked to cousins traveling from Venezuela; one man’s brother died during the journey after disappearing while they crossed the Rio Grande.

Nearly 750 migrants are known to have died at the southern border since October 2021, CNN’s PRISCILLA ALVEREZ RECENTLY REPORTED.

“We left in search of a dream, but now it’s a very difficult, hard situation,” Luis Pulido told Tuchman in Spanish. He was going to get on a DC-bound bus, hoping to get off in Kentucky to be met by relatives before moving toward Chicago.

What happens after the bus ride?

A week after their bus trip, Tuchman found Pulido and his cousin in Chicago, where they had met up with relatives, were sheltered in a small, shared apartment and were looking for work in a restaurant. They likely can’t legally work for at least 180 days, ACCORDING TO RULES posted on the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

Tuchman told me Pulido and his cousin went to their first appointments, but it was mostly administrative and they are waiting for their next appearance.

It takes a long time to get a work permit

Getting a work permit can take up to a year, New York City officials told CNN’s Polo Sandoval, who also reported on this issue last month.

He went to a shelter in Brooklyn and met a young couple from Venezuela, Anabel and Crisman Urbaez, who are seeking asylum.
They showed him cellphone videos from their two-month, 10-country trek, often on foot, which started in Peru and continued through jungles in Colombia and the Darien Gap linking South and Central America—all with their 6- and 9-year-olds and their dog Max.

How long does it take to settle an immigration case?

It takes years. The average time to complete an immigration case is 1,110 days, according to data maintained by Syracuse University. During that time, migrants and asylum-seekers start to build American lives.

How many will be granted asylum?

Less than half of asylum applications have been granted in recent years, ACCORDING TO SYRACUSEaccording to Syracuse.

During the Trump administration, the rate of denial was over 70%, but during the first year of the Biden administration the grant rate grew to nearly 40%.

Why are so many coming from Venezuela?

Alvarez wrote recently about the MASS EXODUS FROM VENEZUELA. The United Nations says similar numbers of people are fleeing the South American country—which has suffered from years of political repression and economic unrest—as war-torn Ukraine. Around 6.8 million Venezuelans are part of this diaspora.

How many people have crossed the border this year?

There have been nearly 2 million border encounters REPORTED BY US CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION so far in the fiscal year that ends September 30.

Some of those encounters are repeat crossers. Others have been turned away under a Trump-era Covid-19 policy the Biden administration has tried, so far unsuccessfully, to end. A fraction are seeking asylum.

Why are officials declaring states of emergency?

Officials in New York City, Illinois and WASHINGTON DC, have declared emergencies to deal with the buses, and they have complained they have no idea when or where to expect them, and they want warning from Texas, Arizona and now Florida.

Texas has SPENT MORE THAN $12 MILLION and bused around 9,000 migrants up north.

Overall, the buses and now planes have moved thousands of migrants, but it’s a small fraction of the nearly 700,000 pending asylum applications slowly working through the justice system.

These stories are all unique, but so many of them share the theme of fleeing a home without opportunity and being comparatively happy for the trip inside the US from the border.



Behind Closed Doors, Martha’s Vineyard Liberals Reveal Their Hypocrisy

By Paul Du Quenoy
September 19, 2022

“At some point in time, they have to move somewhere else,” Martha’s Vineyard homeless shelter coordinator Lisa Belcastro told local media after two planes carrying illegal immigrants landed at her “sanctuary destination” island’s only airport, courtesy of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. “We don’t have housing for 50 more people,” Belcastro implausibly claimed for an island community of 17,000 permanent residents that houses as many as 200,000 people every summer.

In the island’s offseason, 63% of its homes, whose median value is $1.35 million, are vacant. Former President Barack Obama’s property alone reportedly has 10 bedrooms. As of this writing, Airbnb offers 355 vacancies. Nevertheless, not one of the Vineyard’s residents, nearly 80% of whom voted for Joe Biden, is on record having offered an extra bedroom, guest cottage, pool house, basement, unclaimed rental, gazebo, or tent to accommodate the migrants, who slept in a church hall. Instead, liberal residents congratulated themselves on their “compassion” for providing basic services for less than 24 hours before soliciting donations on the internet and demanding government solutions.

A GoFundMe campaign collected $43,000, enough to buy each migrant a new moped. If you haven’t heard of a “Mopeds for Migrants” program, don’t be surprised. Within 36 hours, the new arrivals were gone, deported by bus and ferry to the mainlandperhaps past a now-ironic official sign proclaiming that Martha’s Vineyard residents “stand with IMMIGRANTS, with REFUGEES, with INDIGENOUS PEOPLES.”

These indigenous refugee immigrants, however, were speedily “offloaded” at Joint Base Cape Cod, a military installation now housing them in “dormitory-style accommodations.” They were “escorted” by 125 Massachusetts National Guardsmen, mobilized to address the “humanitarian crisis” posed by four dozen poor people of color. That’s 2.5 Guardsmen for every man, woman, and child - ensuring that even the most delicate petal in any Vineyard flower bed wouldn’t be disturbed during the affluent and overwhelmingly white island’s ethnic cleansing. Video of residents gathered to see the migrants off shows them cheering the restoration of pale normality as the buses departed.

If these sobering facts suggest Vineyard liberals are hypocrites unwilling to be the very change they wish to see in the world, a dive into their internal chatter confirms it. Nobody with Vineyard connections agreed to speak on the record for this article; all of those in contact feared retaliation from neighbors who sound far less tolerant than their “In This House, We Believe...” signs might suggest. Vineyard informants and the New England journalist Aidan Kearney, however, have provided screenshots from “closed” online island discussion groups, where residents revealed their true feelings.

The “not-in-my-backyard” contingent was amply represented by Esther Caroline Deming, a matron of the Martha’s Vineyard Ballroom Dance Society, who literally looked forward to when the migrants “will no longer be in our backyard.” Generously conceding that “we should treat them like human beings,” she sent them extra groceries from her fridge.

Fellow progressive islander Deb Dunn announced a fund for the migrants “to get transport to family members in other states,” far away from anything she might hold dear.

Leslie Finnegan was “sure that once transportation can be arranged, they will be taken to Boston,” a hundred miles away from her. When someone asked “why not keep them” and invited Finnegan to “show the world what opening your home looks like,” she replied “the wonderful MV community has welcomed them with open arms"if only for a few fleeting hours before a military detachment removed them.

“Can we just come and give them nice clothing?” asked Debra Marlin, whose career appears to involve painting pictures of dogs. One migrant was later spotted wearing a Ruth Bader Ginsburg T-shirt, so Marlin may have contributed something - if not the use of her beautifully appointed canine art studio, which looks spacious enough to house a migrant family.

Pat Nagiwhose tweets (now “protected") have called for the deaths of gun rights advocate Kyle Rittenhouse, former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, and former President Donald Trump - noncommittally asked, “What else do they need?” A neighbor reminded Nagi that she owns two Vineyard rental properties that are now presumably vacant, but her militant leftism does not appear to have accommodated further initiative or even the courtesy of a response.

When Amy Lemieux, a woman of no discernible occupation who seems to spend a lot of time skiing, was challenged to welcome migrants into her Vineyard home, she replied that she had “been looking all day for how I can support the efforts.” Somehow, she just couldn’t figure it out before their deportation from her idyllic island.

Carole W. Saucier, whose website advises on proper care for reptiles, made no public offer of assistance to her island’s new human arrivals, but posted that she could not “believe they delivered these poor people to one of the most expensive places to live.” What a faux pas!

Yoga and walking enthusiast Maria Schneiderman Cheevers (she/her/hers, in case you were curious) also betrayed no humanitarian inclinations, but condemned DeSantis for allegedly wanting to “rob” women of what she called their “bodily attonomy” [sic]. She might have watched MSNBC’s coverage, which reported that the migrants are “not angry with Ron DeSantis” and “are actually thanking him for having brought them to Martha’s Vineyard.” Maybe she was too busy learning how to spell.

The final word goes to a Vineyard “author” and self-identified Democratic voter whose Facebook name is “Sy San.” “Now the illegal immigrants are being transported to us because our votes agreed to support them,” Sy posted in a singular resort to reason, “I can’t understand how anyone can formulate a logical argument as to why we shouldn’t receive these folks.” At least one state governor agrees with Sy San and promises to send more. Let’s hope he does, and then make popcorn to watch how Sy’s hypocritical neighbors react to embracing greater diversity.


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