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Friday, September 06, 2019

Legalized Extortion

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“Our deductible is so high, we practically pay for all of our medical expenses out of pocket.” Her family of four pays premiums of $1,200 a month for coverage with an annual deductible of $12,700.
- Wendy Kaplan, 50

“Obamacare, which should more correctly be called by its secret Corporate name, Baucus-care, makes 30 million people buy private health insurance, a near-worthless middleman racket that produces nothing, but is an exquisite parasite that does intrude to the max between doctor and patient for the sole purpose of extracting profit. And taxpayers have to pay for all those who can’t.”
- Op-Ed News - July 2012

No matter how worthless and expensive it may be with high deductables, copays and premiums - it may be cheaper to have insurance than not.


Is the restaurant owner who pays the mob for PROTECTION, better off paying them or not?  Sure he won’t get his legs cut off - or business burned down - that’s why he pays.

I kinda pay the insurance company for protection too. 

On the surface it seems they protect me from heartless, price-gouging doctors.

What do I mean?

Doctors make deals with insurance companies to be IN-NETWORK - meaning they charge the insurance companies a lot less than they do everyone else.

Patients make deals with the same insurance companies for access to these in-network doctors’ prices.

Regardless how watered down and useless insurance coverage may be - just by paying these crooks middlemen, and going to an in-network doctor - you get the bargained for price, even if the insurance company pays nothing (THANKS TO big, fat yearly DEDUCTABLES) - ever - for a claim.

Then there was the day I thought I had pneumonia. 

Lucky me only had to pay the in-network price for the doctor who treated me thinking it was a flu, but it got worse and I thought I was dying, so decided a hospital visit should be next.

I called the insurance company to get an idea how much it’ll cost me.

The agent said unless the hospital says it’s a “life threatening emergency,” they’ll deny all claims.

An emergency room visit, x-rays, tests, etc - can cost thousands - and if they don’t find something that’ll kill me right away - means I have to pay the entire bill.

If I were to roll the dice and take a chance at an emergency room visit - make sure to drive to the hospital myself - because an ambulance is considered TRANSPORTATION - a charge that’s probably not covered at all. 

No thanks.  I’ll just lay on the couch until either it goes away on its own, or I die.

It went away after two months of laying in bed, but I had to stay home from work and almost got fired because the boss wanted a doctor’s note to explain the long absence.

So much for having one of the signs of an impending hear attack, and told to call 911 immediately.


The charge just to walk in a hospital is astronomical.

If I don’t have a heart attack now, I certainly will when the hospital bill comes in.

Even with an in-network discount.

This is worse than legalized extortion. At least if I pay the mob not to burn down my business - they won’t.

I wish our doctors would wise up and give discounts to us instead of the insurance companies screwing us all.

So, what else happened during those two months I spent on the couch coughing my brains out you ask?

The city almost took away my house because I was too sick to get out of bed to cut the grass.

$250/day fine because they said it was getting to high.

Looks like I’m not the only one getting hit with fines for that.... while our roads and bridges are COLLAPSING.


The Grass Gestapo Is Out of Control: 30K in Fines and Potential Foreclosure for a Too-Long Lawn

By Dagney Talbert
The Organic Prepper
August 12, 2019

A few weeks ago, I noticed a woman standing in my neighbor’s yard doing something I thought was pretty damn strange: she was measuring blades of grass with a tape measure.

Then I noticed the city truck parked on the street.

Turns out, the woman was with codes compliance or whatever they call it, apparently, her job is to drive around looking for reasons to harass and extort people for things like tall grass.

Posted by Elvis on 09/06/19 •
Section Dying America
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