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Friday, February 27, 2009

Letter To Kathy


More than any time in history, mankind now faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness, the other to total extinction. Let us pray that we have the wisdom to choose correctly.
- Woody Allen

Here’s some excerpts from a letter written by this CUSPER to an old friend today highlighting the plight of SOME OF US AMERICANS struggling to survive.

I’M SURPRISED there’s still a middle class to TALK ABOUT.


- snip -

President Bush SNEAKED SOME STUFF into law right before he left.  I thought that included poor people getting free medical and their PILLS taken care of.

- snip -

It’s a foregone conclusion the building where I work is closing in a few months, and work moved to company-owned buildings in other states.

We don’t know yet who’ll be offered jobs in the other places, or if RELOCATION money offered to anyone, but doubt I’ll be offered either, since the other places already have PEOPLE THAT DO MY JOB, and the company layed off a bunch of them last year.

In 2003 AT&T MANAGEMENT tried to coax us to move to a company-owned building in Conyers Georgia, with a (hollow and worthless) verbal promise of employment longevity if we’d relocate, and offered $20K bonus to anyone that volunteered.  The veiled threat behind it meant certain doom for those that said no. Those who took the bait moved - got the $20K - and just about all of them got LAYED OFF within a year, not much later than those of us that didn’t.

I’m near certain the larger plan with the company I work at today is to CONSOLIDATE OPERATIONS IN AMERICA, and OUTSOURCE WHAT’S LEFT until just about everything is out of the United States, so if they offer something like AT&T did, I’ll probably say no. MOVING OUT OF A HOUSE TO A NEW STATE costs tens of thousands of dollars that I don’t have, plus there’s an eight month glut of homes for sale in ORLANDO, and I’m still trying my coax my mom to move down here with me.

- snip -

Your husband’s two year job search, although very sad, isn’t uncommon to us former middle-class techies.

It gotta be killing him on the inside.  Thank goodness he has you to lean on.

If misery loves company, he has lots of it.

Highly-skilled professionals I got layed off with five years ago are STILL LOOKING for good jobs.  Another marriage is breaking up.  That’s two people I worked with at AT&T whose families fell apart from FINANCIAL STRESS. The guy drives a limo now for $10/hr.  This must be his tenth job in five years.  The other poor soul was out of work since his last temp job at Cingular (now AT&T) ended 13 months ago.  He finally got a part time job a few weeks ago cleaning toilets at Disney three nights a week at $7.65/hr.  He’s living in his brother’s house for free, after loosing everything, and sleeps in his car in the parking lot on alternate days with the sun beating down on his head to save money on gas, and have enough to pay child support for his baby girl after his marriage’s breakup.

I think you’re both lucky that your family hasn’t been torn apart from money issues.



What’s A Typical House Just Outside Of Orlando Worth These Days?
Let’s take my house as an example.

Steves house value

It’s worth about $160K today - $180K a year ago, and $250K two years ago.

According to a report HERE, it would take almost a year to sell - ASSUMING of course the DEPRESSION our country’s in doesn’t get any worse.

If that chart keeps going down, pretty soon I’ll owe more on it than it’s worth.

And if I got no job, and NO HOPE OF GETTING A JOB, it may be time to WALK AWAY from it, and all those pesky credit card bills whose INTEREST RATES JUST WENT UP.


Posted by Elvis on 02/27/09 •
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