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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Are People Really That Messed Up?


“We are addicted to our beliefs and we do act like addicts when someone tries to wrest from us the powerful opium of our dogmas.”
- Michael Kisor

“Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it.”
- Ayn Rand

“For it is easy to criticize and break down the spirit of others, but to know yourself takes a lifetime.”
- Bruce Lee

What do these statements have in common?

Union workers MAKE TOO MUCH money. We should get rid of unions. They killed the auto industy.

People without a job are lazy bums and DESERVE NO HELP.

These NEOCON slams on the middle-class and unemployed contradict our human nature of COMPASSION and MORALITY.

People can’t be that heartless, or we’d all be dead.  Some may be PSYCHOPATHS. But I think more are afraid, and trying to deal with bad things right in front of their faces by fooling themselves into believing everything is as it should be in a perfectly perfect rose-colored world they believe we live in. The psychological dynamic is called THE JUST-WORLD PRINCIPLE.


The just-world hypothesis (or just-world fallacy) is a COGNITIVE BIAS referring to the common assumption that situations and situational outcomes are caused or guided by some universal force of justice, order, stability, or desert. In other words, the just-world hypothesis is people’s tendency to attribute consequences to, or expect consequences as the result of, a cosmic power responsible for the righting of past wrongs, injustices, or imbalances. The premise of the fallacy popularly appears in English in the form of various figures of speech, which often imply a negative reprisal of justice, such as: “You got what was coming to you,” “What goes around comes around,” and “You reap what you sow.”


More recently, researchers have explored how people react to poverty through the lens of the just world hypothesis. High belief in a just world is associated with blaming the poor, and low belief in a just world is associated with identifying external causes of poverty including world economic systems, war, and exploitation.

The truth is

UNION membership is way down and workers getting screwed more and more because of that.  EQUITY EXTRACTION and going bankrupt are business tactics to reward EXECUTIVES at the expense of workers, customers, retiress and SOCIETY.

Unemployment is bad.  You’ll find lots of UNEMPLOYED PROFESSIONALS BEGGING FOR WORK, not wanting to milk the welfare system like the few who do.

What about these spiritual convictions?

A new-age, REINCARNATION-BELIEVING friend matter-of-factly explained my blind neighbor did something horrific in a past life warranting the loss of sight.  And the condition is how to make things right in this lifetime by ”BALANCING THE KARMA.”


A psychic channeler of the GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD authoritively declared a woman I truly, deeply, loved is my twin-flame SOULMATE, but we’re not meant to be together until we’re both ready.  Maybe in this lifetime, or maybe some future incarnation.

So that explains UNREQUITED LOVE.


A smart and funny Baptist friend somberly explained the other day:

“People don’t know HOW TO ASK the right questions when they pray to God, that’s why they don’t get what they ask for.”

Yeah. Right.

“Dear God, please get this elephant off my foot.”

“Sorry pal. No. You’re not asking me right.”

Even after screwing Job in The Bible, allowing the rape and torture of small chlidren, letting people to grow old and frail, suffer from cancer, endless wars, etc - we explain it away with some ridiculous religious justification that blinds us from reality.

The just-world principle helps explain political polarizing, new age nonsense, and RELIGIOUS FAITH.


And will say, think, OR DO anything to justify them.

Posted by Elvis on 05/09/12 •
Section Spiritual Diversions
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