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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Moon On The Rain 2

burning-earth.gif The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke

15 or 20 years ago I was reading about the prototype of an engine that fuels a car with HYDROGEN and spits water or soap bubbles out the tailpipe.  If put in production it could save us a lot of money, and drastically reduce the carbon emissions that produce the GLOBAL WARMING effect, which threatens our very EXISTENCE.

What happened? 

Earlier this century TESLA’S INVENTION to BEAM free electricity to us all, had no way of putting a BILLING METER on it - which may be why funding was stopped, and the project silently died.

Maybe it’s the SAME for the car engine of the future, BIG PHARMA’S RESEARCH, and anything else that may ADVANCE US as a species - but not advance corporate profits.

If you believe the INTERESTS OF HUMAN SURVIVAL are superceded by the interests of GREEDY CORPORATIONS and a GOVERNMENT that controls our destinies with FRIGHTENING self-serving motives - you may also wonder how DARK the light that GUIDES US as human beings has BECOME.

CHINA wants to beat us back to the moon - and just may - unless big business is certain it can make money off exploiting it’s resources, or “we the people” stop HANGING OUT IN THE DARK.

Which will it be?


The Economic Development of the Moon
A Response to Plundering the Moon

By Mark Whittington
Associated Content
November 2, 2007

Andrew Smith, the author of Moondust: In Search of the Men Who Fell to Earth, recently published a polemic in the British newspaper The Guardian, entitled PLUNDERING THE MOON, that argued against the economic development of the Moon. Apparently the idea of mining Helium 3, an isotope found on the Moon but not on the Earth (at least in nature) disturbs Mr. Smith from an environmentalist standpoint. Even a cursory examination of the issue makes one wonder why.

Many scientists assert that Helium 3 would be very useful as a fuel for future fusion power plants. Helium 3 would burn cleanly and with little or no radioactive residue. When the technology to build such fusion reactors is developed, coupled with the ability to mine and transport Helium 3 from the lunar surface, a source of clean, limitless energy would be made available

Other DREAMS of economically developing the Moon involve mining it for materials to build space based solar power stations, which would beam the energy gathered from the sun to receivers on Earth. The prospect of either Helium 3 fueled fusion or space based solar power or a combination of both replacing fossil fuels should excite people who express concern for the Earth’s environment.

Not so Andrew Smith. He is not very clear as to why he feels this way. But he does make clear what he wants to happen in the last paragraph of his polemic. “Earth’s sister has played a role in teaching us to value our environment: how extraordinary to think that the next giant leap for the environmental movement might be a campaign to stop state-sponsored mining companies chomping her up in glorious privacy, a quarter of a million miles from our ravaged home.”

Extraordinary indeed. There is not even any caribou (or life of any kind) on the Moon to serve as an excuse for keeping the lunar surface pristine. When the Moon is economically developed, not one species will be endangered as a result. There are no species inhabiting the Moon nor will there be but for what we humans will bring when we return to stay.

Not that the Moon can be actually said to be pristine. After being formed billions of years ago, the Moon has been subject to bombardment by meteors, asteroids, and comets that has left craters and other scars on its surface. The notion that mining the Moon for Helium 3 or for materials to build space based solar power plants would somehow harm the Moon’s aesthetic BEAUTY is to have a unique view of what aesthetic beauty means.

One can be forgiven for suspecting that the true motives of environmentalists, whether they oppose mining the Moon, drilling for oil in Alaska, or building wind farms off Nantucket, involve less a love for the environment and more a hostility for technology itself. Modern politics has been driven, in part, by not only an irrational fear of technological progress but an antipathy toward corporations, fueled by popular culture, that make a profit off new technology.

It would be a pity if the economic development of the Moon, which has such a potential for addressing problems of energy and the environment here on Earth, could be stymied by political protest brought about by irrational fears. The attitude expressed by Smith is likely shared by many others. It suggests that the job of education of the benefits of the economic development of the Moon and space in general will be a long and arduous one.


Posted by Elvis on 11/03/07 •
Section Bad Moon Rising
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