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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Who Cares?

Musings of six years ago - found on a home gardening site of all places.


Farm Life: Apathy, Freedom, Government dictates and farm/country people

By TomK
Dave’s Garden
July 31, 2001

What I am wondering is what is going on in this country?

There is SO MUCH apathy among people now, even in the farm country, I have noticed that unless it AFFECTS THEM at their front door, most just have a I DON’T CARE/just keep quiet ATTITUDE.

Government now DICTATES everything from the words that appear on ladders to the amount of water toilets may flush.

And not only government but CORPORATIONS also are beginning to dictate what we grow, what we eat, where we live, what we watch and read, etc.

Most people (especially the young ones) do not seem to understand that their FREEDOM to make decisions for themselves are being slowly eroded.

Bit by bit, as rules and regulations increase, their range of movement gradually shrinks. Their options become fewer and fewer.

Our choices are GUIDED by the authorities and corporations. Yet most still IMAGINE THEMSELVES FREE.

Simple things have all added up over the years, such as mandatory seat-belts; no big deal you thought.

Wearing helmets while riding a bike; it’s for the childrens protection, roll bars for tractors, gun laws, no smoking sections, etc., etc

It’s always been because of safety, health, social justice, equal opportunity, etc., but yet government now regulates the way we live our lives and the corporate world wants our lives.

I am just trying to PICTURE THE WORLD MY CHILDREN WILL LIVE IN when they are my age. I am almost 50 and I know some who even see this post will just say who cares, I will be dead and gone, and that is where the problem lays. If 225 yrs ago the people back then had that attitude where would YOU be now???? What about just 55 yrs ago? If all of them thousands of soldiers who fought and died would have had a who cares attitude? Where would YOU be now???? So I wonder, Will they still be able to drive though the countryside and see deer? or will it all be fenced in by corporate ag.? Will they have clean water to drink anymore? Will hunting be a rich person’s activity on private club lands? Will every move they make be watch?

Will they be able to depend on friends or neighbors for help or see them as spys?

Will they be able to have choices? or WILL THEY ALL BE MADE and layed out for them by others?


Posted by Elvis on 04/01/07 •
Section Dying America
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