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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

My Pearle Vision Visit

image: rose colored glasses

I visited the optometrist in back of the neighborhood Pearle Vision, paid my copay, and walked to the front of the store with a prescription for eyeglasses.

Expecting to walk out with a new pair of TRANSITION bifocals WITHOUT THE LINES, Pearle Vision wanted $368 after insurance ($750 street) for one pair of those things in a cheap $100 frame. 

Insurance covers up to $120 for frames, so the high out of pocket price is all lense.

I don’t have that kind of money, so got a a cheap, plastic, no tint, no fancy bifocal, pair of lenses for a reasonable $25 copay instead.

Why so expensive for the transitions or fancy POLYCARBONATE lenses? 

This place EXPLAINS:

Pearle vision, along with most other well-known eyeglasses stores, is owned by a huge company that owns major brand names. This means they have a lack of competition which would usually drive prices down.

You may think that the cost of the frames and lenses is what drives up the prices of a pair of glasses. But in fact, that isnt true. Frames are usually made where many other products are made, in China. Having things made in China is much cheaper than anywhere else.

Luxottica is a giant Italian company that owns most major optical retailers and even major brand names. Now that Luxottica own the big stores, they can keep their prices high since there’s no competition to drive their prices down.

Luxottica seem to own most of the eyewear market and even owns a lot of vision insurance. They own the vision insurance plan EyeMed Vision Care and even the online store EyeBuyDirect.

Some online eyewear retailers are considerably cheaper, and the quality of their eyeglasses is just as good as those sold at major stores such as Pearle Vision.

On the way home, I stopped off at CVS and bought a THREE PACK of scratch resistant reading glasses for about $20.

Posted by Elvis on 06/20/23 •
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