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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pet Not-So-Funny Business

A while ago, to help PATCHES battle her CANCER - I bought a bottle of ES CLEAR.

What is ES Clear for Cat Cancer?

ES clear is a unique combination of specially-selected herbal extracts, painstakingly formulated by a leading naturopathic vet.

As a firm believer in the power of herbs and other healing alternatives - acupuncture, meditation, Reike, etc - I was excited to find this product.

The web page goes on to list the ingredients…

Burdock: Considered one of the best herbs to use as a nutritive liver tonic that helps clean the blood. High in calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine and riboflavin. It is used to treat flaky, oily or inflammatory skin disorders. It is also used in treating, arthritis, rheumatoid disorders, and inflammatory kidney and bladder disorders.

Sheep’s sorrel: Astringent qualities in treating hemorrhages of the stomach. Used in treatment of cancer and other degenerative diseases, good source of vitamins and minerals

Slippery elm: Used in treating the digestive tract as it serves as a soothing, protecting, and lubricating demulcent and a general astringent at the same time. Helps lubricate the digestive tract which in turn helps eliminate toxins and waste. The astringency of the herb lubricates and helps reduce inflammation in the throat, making swallowing easier, and soothing painful coughs.

Contains vitamins such as vitamin A, B complex, C, K, and high amounts of calcium, magnesium and sodium.

Turkey rhubarb: Increases salivary and gastric flow, improves appetite, supports the colon as a simple and safe purgative, builds and cleans the blood.

It doesn’t mention the other ingedient - ALCOHOL - found out after plunking $45 down, waiting for delivery in the mail, opening the box, and reading the label.

What kind of people would hide that fact, and mislead vulnerable pet owner’s emotions with worthless testimony:

I cannot thank you enough for the availability of your product and for extending Miss Boomer’s life.

What kind of foolish pet owner would risk getting his sick cat sicker, by feeding her this snake oil?

Why not give her a beer instead?  It’s made with HOPS you know.


My next CAT is going to be adopted. 

I’m planning to give a home to a stray that needs one.

PET RESCUE BY JUDY, run by A LOCAL IN THE COMMUNITY, seems a great place to find one. At first her website with lots and lots of dogs and cats reminded me of one of those missions staffed by volunteers with hearts much bigger than mine - until I read the terms for adoption that looks more like a business contract, that really turned me off:

I understand that Pet Rescue By Judy (PRBJ) obtains pets that are strays or from a third party and therefore all information regarding its age, health status and/or other issues is estimated and is not warranted by Pet Rescue By Judy. If I adopt a pet from PRBJ I agree to keep it as an indoor pet, treat it humanely and cater to its needs. I will not allow it to roam free or become a nuisance, nor to be used for experimental purposes. I will not sell, give away, destroyed or otherwise disposed of it without notifying and obtaining permission from PRBJ. I understand that the stated minimum adoption donation is not a reflection of the costs incurred by PRBJ for this specific pet and will be applied to the cost of rescuing of current and future PRBJ pets. If I adopt a pet from Pet Rescue By Judy, I agree to keep my contact information current on the PRBJ website so that I may be contacted should my pet become lost and returned to PRBJ. I certify that the information entered on this application is true. Enter your name and date:

Where are these people coming from with their unreasonable conditions, and demands to retain ownership?

My next of kin gets my cat after I die, she’s not going back to some animal orphanage.  If the curious cat wants to check out the back yard, so what? What if she’s suffering from some terrible, incurable disease, and the vet and I decide to humanely put her to sleep to end the pain? That’s our decision - and nobody else’s business.

What would PRBJ’s animal resue mission do? 

Get me arrested if I let the cat adopted from them loose in my back yard?

Would I need their approval to let my neighbor’s daughter watch her when I go on vacation?

Would they seek damages (demand money) for breach of contract if the poor cat suddenly and unexpectedly died before asking them for permission?

And when the cat finally does die, why does does PRBJ reserve the right to dictate how to deal with her remains?

It’s not funny. 

I can probably get a mail order RUSSIAN BRIDE easier than a cat at Judy’s.

So I’ll probably be passing up her foster home/adoption service.

Here’s where I’m looking now:


If you have an adult, declawed, fixed, litter trained, indoor, mellow cat, you can’t keep for some reason, and are in Central Florida - I may have a new home for her.


DeGeneres Doggie Drama Continues

ABC News
Oct. 17, 2007

A doggie drama that pits talk show host Ellen DeGeneres against an animal shelter is heating up as the shelter owner says she’s received death threats and is afraid for her safety.

The controversy began when DeGeneres adopted a pup named Iggy from Pasadena, Calif.,-based MUTTS AND MOMS animal shelter. But when the dog could not get along with DeGeneres’ cats, she gave the dog to her hairdresser’s 11- and 12-year-old daughters.

But the shelter stepped in and took the dog back, saying DeGeneres had signed an agreement that if she cold not keep the dog she would give it back to the shelter. In addition, the shelter says it has a policy of not giving puppies to families with children younger than 14.

DeGeneres, who is known for her rambunctious and spirited greetings at the beginning of her talk show, stunned her audience Tuesday when she broke down on air, sobbing as she begged the animal shelter to return the dog to her hairdresser.

“Today is a hard day for me. Today is bad. I am not capable of coming out and pretending to be funny & when things are going so terribly wrong right now,” DeGeneres said.

Then the bubbly comedian launched into an emotional monologue.

“I feel totally responsible for it and I’m so sorry,” she said on air. “I’m begging them to give that dog back to that family. I just want the family to have their dog. It’s not their fault. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have given the dog away. Just please give the dog back to those little girls.”

‘Can We Have Iggy?’

DeGeneres adopted Iggy from Mutts and Moms last month. She said that she spent $3,000 on the puppy to try to acclimate it to live with her cats.

But, DeGeneres said, “It was just too much energy and too rambunctious.”

DeGeneres said her hairdresser’s daughters, who already have a dog, wanted a puppy.

“They said, ‘We love Iggy. Can we have Iggy?’” DeGeneres said.

Weeks later, people from Mutts and Moms came to the family’s home claiming to be on an inspection, but instead they took Iggy back.

Police allowed Mutts and Moms to leave with Iggy because DeGeneres had technically violated her agreement with the agency.

“Well, I guess I signed a piece of paper that says if I can’t keep Iggy it goes back to the rescue organization,” DeGeneres said.

The girls, meanwhile, are heartbroken and want Iggy back.

Marina Batkis, the owner of Mutts and Moms, says she’s looking out for the best interests of the puppy.

“If Ellen wants to start her own rescue group then she can decide where the dogs go,” Batkis said. “Who is she to say who is a good home and whose not? And who is she to say where I should place my animals and how I should do this? I don’t tell her how to run her show.”

Batkis’ lawyer played a voice mail message for “Good Morning America” that he says is from a DeGeneres public relations representative.

The voice mail says: “We’re filing a legal case against you. We’re going to be contacting the media. This is not going to be good for your store or your organization.”

Batkis says that because of the way she’s been treated by DeGeneres, she absolutely has no intention of giving back the puppy.

In response, DeGeneres taped a message that will air later today on her show.

“This has become so insane. It’s not even, it’s just just the dog just needs to go to the family. It’s like the fight should & not be about anything,” she said. “It just needs to be in a good home. That’s all you’re supposed to do is put a dog in a loving home.”



Rescue group finds new home for Ellens dog
Mutts and Moms doesn’t believe hairdressers family is right for pooch.

October 17, 2007

Ellen DeGeneres’ doggy drama intensified when the agency that took the talk show host’s adopted dog back said they have found a new home for the canine.

Access Hollywood spoke with Keith A. Fink, the attorney for Mutts and Moms owner Maria Batkis, Wednesday morning and the attorney said that another home has been found for the dog although he was not able to say for certain that the dog has been physically given to the new owner yet.

He added that Batkis is distraught, under medication at her home, and that she cannot come out of her house. He says that both he and Batkis are getting numerous e-mail and phone threats, as well as death threats.

A publicist for DeGeneres, Kelly Bush, also allegedly took matters a step further by leaving what seemed like a threatening message for Mutts and Moms.

“Were filing a legal case against you. We’re going to be contacting the media. This is not going to be good for your store or your organization,” Bush said on the tape, which was first played by Good Morning America.

However in an interview with the New York Post’s Page Six, Bush denied making any threats.

“If Ellen’s object was to destroy my client to get her way she has done that,” Fink told Access. “My client is destroyed.”

Under the Mutts and Moms contract agreement (section 3H discusses the NO RIGHT TO TRANSFER), which Access obtained a copy of, anyone accepting a dog agrees to NOT give or sell ADOPTEE to another person, company, organization, medical research, pound or animal shelter, or, If ADOPTER fails to abide by the terms of this clause, ADOPTER will pay all costs, including any legal fees incurred, required to secure the return of ADOPTEE to RESCUE and will, in addition, be required to pay liquidated damages in the amount of $500.

The dog adopted by DeGeneres and later given to her hairstylist’s family in violation of an animal rescue agency’s rules will not be going back to the family, a spokesman said, amid threats of violence against the agency.

DeGeneres made a tearful plea on her talk show that aired Tuesday for the owners of the Mutts and Moms agency to give Iggy, a Brussels Griffon mix terrier, back to her hairstylist’s family.

The dog was removed from the hairstylist’s home on Sunday. The owners of Mutts and Moms claimed that DeGeneres violated the adoption agreement by not informing them that she was giving the dog away.

“She (Marina) is not going to give them the dog,” said Fink, who is not legally representing the owners but is authorized to speak on their behalf.

“She doesn’t think this is the type of family that should have the dog. She is adamant that she is not going to be bullied around by the Ellen DeGenereses of the world ... They are using their power, position and wealth to try to get what it is they want.”

DeGeneres’ attorney, Kevin Yorn, did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

Fink said DeGeneres’ partner, actress Portia de Rossi, signed the agreement. DeGeneres originally said on her show that she (DeGeneres) had signed it.

Bush confirmed De Rossi had signed the agreement, although DeGeneres’ name also was listed.

“She (Ellen) was wrong by not reading the agreement,” Bush told the AP in a phone interview. “She thought she was doing a good thing. She’s notorious for rescuing animals and finding them good homes. She found the dog a wonderful, wonderful home.”

Fink asserted that DeGeneres and De Rossi had breached the agreement.

“If you adopt a dog and you no longer want the dog, you can’t unilaterally decide who you want to give the dog to,” he said. “She’s trying to tell a story to make herself look good.”

As a result of the ensuing publicity, Fink said Batkis and Chekroun had received voice- and e-mail threats of death and arson, and their Paws Boutique store in Pasadena was besieged by media Tuesday, disrupting business. The women handle the volunteer, nonprofit Mutts and Moms rescue agency out of the store.

“It’s very upsetting to hear that someone is getting those kind of calls,” Bush said. “Ellen just wants the dog reunited with the family.”

DeGeneres had said her hairdresser’s daughters, ages 11 and 12, had bonded with Iggy and were heartbroken when the dog was taken away.

Fink said Moms and Mutts has a rule that families with children under 14 are not allowed to adopt small dogs.

“It’s for the protection of the dog,” he said.

DeGeneres said on her Tuesday show that she spent $3,000 having the dog neutered and trained to be with her cats, but Iggy did not mix well with the cats so she gave him away.

“She got rid of the dog not because it didn’t get along with the cats,” Fink said. “She didn’t like the dog.”

Not true, according to Bush.

“She loved the dog,” the publicist said.

Four-month-old Iggy was trained by Zack Grey at his UrbanTales pet store in Los Angeles.

“Ellen and Portia followed the process every single day,” he said. “It just didn’t work. It had nothing to do with not loving the puppy.”


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