AFL-CIO’s Dark Past

Around the same time the CWA AND AT&T CONSPIRED to let a bunch of technicians go in 2004, AGAINST ALL ETHICS AND MORALITY, labor activist Harry Kelber was writing the six part series below, giving us a little AFL-CIO (CWA’s parent) history.

· Meany Hired a Former Top Communist To Run AFL-CI0s International Affairs
· AFL is Funded for Covert Activity by CIA In Long-standing Ties with Spy Agency
· U.S. Labor Secretly Intervened in Europe, Funded to Fight Pro-Communist Unions
· U.S. Labor Reps. Conspired to Overthrow Elected Governments in Latin America
· Kirkland Built A Secret Global Empire With U.S. Funds to Control Foreign Labor
· Do Solidarity Center’s Covert Operations Help American Labor on Global Problems?