AT&T Occupational Recalls 1/23/06

Rumor has it - AT&T will be announcing more recalls today.

If true - (former) CWA members, including former AT&T occupational technicians who took lucrative (102 weeks pay) VTP (Voluntary Termination Pay) buyouts up to 36 months ago - will be included and given a chance to return to work for AT&T at their former pay.

About a hundred former techs with 20+ years seniority and above average performance that got layed off at the same time ARTICLE 43 unionized their brother and sister CNRP employees’ jobs in 2004 - won’t be given any opportunites.

It’s demoralizing, unethical, and just plain rotten - not to extend the recall to the rest of us, and will be another slap in the face if AT&T and the CWA - expand the open jobs to start recruiting techs off the street, rather than calling back the rest of it’s involuntarily separated highly-skilled technicians and technicianettes.

CWA officials - Ralph Maly and Larry Cohen - haven’t replied to any of my emails.