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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Religious Diversions Part 6


Violence is shrouded in justifying myths that lend it moral legitimacy, and these myths for the most part kept people from recognizing the violence for what it was. The people who burned witches at the stake never for one moment thought of their act as violence; rather they though of it as an act of divinely mandated righteousness. The same can be said of most of the violence we humans have ever committed
- Gil Bailie

The LORD God gave man this order: “You are free to eat from any of the trees of the garden except the tree of knowledge of good and bad. From that tree you shall not eat; the moment you eat from it you are surely doomed to die.
- Genesis 2:16-17

God made Earth, then the first humans - Adam and Eve - to take care of it, and have a relationship with Him. God told Adam he was free to eat from every tree in the GARDEN OF EDEN, except the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL. Even though God said he’ll die if he ate the fruit - with a little help from Eve - he ate it anyway.

What am I doing writing about ADAM AND EVE?  Looking for truths and lies in our most cherished beliefs, and clues to why we’re so complacent as Americans - allowing this goverment to destroy our most cherished feedoms - without STANDING UP for ourselves.

Lets take two small children - Adam and Eve. 

Adam was born an inquisitive seeker and always getting in trouble cause he never seems to listen. Eve’s a good girl, and always does as she’s told.

Mommy tells both children “Dont touch that frying pan.” Neither has a clue its burning hot.

Eve listens to Mommy and keeps away. Adam - being the uncontrollable free mind he is - just has to touch, and winds up burning his finger.

What if Mommy left cheese laced with bug killer in the corner of the living room floor, and ordered both children not to touch it explaining it’s to kill the mice? Adam may be be tempted anyway, take a bite - and get sick.

What if Mommy gave him a bottle of bleach to hold for a second? He may take a sip out of curiosity and die from poisoning.

What if Mommy is one of those religious types that believes SEX WITHOUT MARRIAGE IS A BAD THING, and forces Adam as a teenager to resist his natural male impulses, while teenage Eve has no problem following the church rules, growing up sexually inactive?

What’s the message here? 

WE ALL GIVE IN TO TEMPTATION - it’s human. And Mommy’s a fool for giving Adam the bleach. Could Adam also be untrusting, bad for not listening to Mommy, got sick (punished) for disobeying, and died for being curious? If Adam has premarital sex, is he condemed to live in eternal sin? Is Eve a role model we should all apsire to be like?

Lets take two grown ups - Adam and Eve.

Adam is a SCIENTIST, and eternal seeker of knowledge and truth. He neither believes in God, nor is an Atheist - simply undecided.  In science - old truths (the Earth is flat) are always being tested, with new truths (the Earth is round) taking their place.  Eve is devout Catholic - does what the church priests tell her to do, is content in her beliefs, and trusts her God to WHISK HER TO HEAVEN someday.  Her faith is rock solid.

What’s better for us as a species - a world of Adams, or a world of Eves?

The best I can figure - is only small children need total guidance. As we get older, we need to be allowed to grow, by finding our own paths, making mistakes along the way, while learning to develop our own individuality, discern our own truths, trust our own instincts, and love from our hearts.

Organized religions don’t let us grow.

If religion KEEPS GAINING STRENGTH in this country’s political arena, and WE THE PEOPLE choose to ALIGN OURSELVES with religious leaders MASQUERADING as politicians - rather than gaining a deeper UNDERSTANDING AND APPRECIATION of PEOPLE OF OTHER FAITHS - we may become JUST AS HATEFUL of them, as THEY ARE OF US.

I DOUBT ANYTHING short of a mass AWAKENING, combined with a great leader like Martin Luther King - can lend us enough power and inspire us to take back control of this country from the RULERS HURLING US all down a dark path - towards a repressed RELIGIOUS state.


Once there was a bishop who was worrying over what seemed to him the evils of the doomed world. Tossing on his bed at midnight he thought he heard the Lord say: “Go to sleep, bishop. I’ll sit up the rest of the night.
- Reinhold Niebuhr

Organized Religion and Mind Control

Derin Sular
December 1, 2003

Using mind control techniques in order to better control the masses is not merely limited to those who govern. There are also many religious, secular and business groups which use various mind control techniques. Organized religion, however, possesses the only comparable power to that of those who govern.

Religion, at its core, intends to serve the good. It brings a call to people to join the righteous path. It has the intention to shape the human being in a way that will make a better person. To achieve this, it sets forth various rules and methods.

But by nature, people think and act in different ways from each other. Moreover, they perceive the same things in so many different ways. Therefore, as a religion ages, it always splits into more factions and sects.

When the passage of time is involved; culture, politics and other corruptive influences distort the essence of religion, whether on purpose or not. When these are combined with imperfect decision making by human beings, wisdom of ages may end up a bunch of nonfunctional rules and restrictions that do not make much reasonable sense.

This is when religion really becomes organized religion.

New generations who are born to this distorted belief system either blindly follow it or refuse to accept most parts of it - even though they have faith in the concept of a supreme being.

This may foster social polarization between believers and non-believers - as well as polarization among sects. Because, when religion is equated to rules and restrictions, it loses its edge, and the door to bigotry opens. Rules and restrictions become the religion itself. The involvement of the previously mentioned blind followers and narrow-mindedness in the equation takes this to a further level.

This is how a cult mentality that embraces conformity is born.

Rulers of the cult (and also those who wish to manipulate the cult) embrace this conformity. Because, conformity makes it a lot easier to control (and in some cases manipulate) the masses - since masses composed of individuals who are exactly like one another will act and react accordingly and predictably. On the contrary, it is very hard to control a fully independent and liberated individual.

As a following intrinsic requirement, individualism and autonomy are discouraged. Therefore, members of such cults or sects think, look, act and dress more or less the same. Consequently, those who do not conform to the cults customs are treated with suspicion.

Cult members are provided with the same source(s) of information, while alternate reading is discouraged. They believe almost exactly the same things, which is, most of the time, what they are told or taught to believe.

Such a strong demonstration of conformity naturally brings the rejection of pluralism. All rulers who want to impose their vision on others detest diversity. Therefore; SCIENTISTS, philosophers and artists are the biggest enemies of status quo and mind control.

They are dangerous enemies, because they do not fit in the mainstream. They question the authority that prevails. They question some facts that are intended to be kept well concealed. Therefore they are labeled and categorized by those with slave minds.

As you may have guessed, the rest of the picture is quite the same as in any other kind of mind control. Those with slave minds tend to protect what they believe is true, and unconsciously filter out information they don’t want to receive.

Since the majority of human beings, by nature, resist change - in other words, since they are reluctant to abandon their paradigms - different perceptions of human beings make it difficult for different groups of people to perceive things accordingly, and this causes lack of mutual understanding.

To this day, INTOLERANCE has caused great destruction both for HUMAN RACE and for religion itself.

Although the world is becoming a more intimate place, this new environment is yet to be used for exchange, communication and cultural richness. The differences and conflicts between individuals, nations and cultures become more and more exacerbated because of lack of understanding, lack of dialog, prejudice and stereotyping, derived from paradigms and norms injected in brains.

In most regions of the world, this intolerant status quo mindset is imposed on the society along with other limitations by those who benefit from the current state of affairs.

Free individuals have the essential right to form social, religious and political organizations - as well as to promote them in every possible legitimate way. This is how FREEDOM OF SPEECH and choice prevails.

Therefore, in a free society, there is no room left for the implementation of manipulative techniques in order to control individuals. In other words, freedom cannot prevail without taking all intervening and enslaving hands off of the brains and hearts the individuals.

Only individuals with free minds can have real beliefs, lives and dreams.

In other words; everything in the beliefs, lives and dreams of those without free minds is false.



Religious Diversions
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Posted by Elvis on 01/05/08 •
Section Spiritual Diversions
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