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Sunday, July 17, 2011



Where I work we’re all managers with demanding jobs that forces us to put in long hours, lots of travel, and little time at home.

Terms like “overtime pay” and “forty hour work week” or “my wife’s baking brownies tonight - I can’t wait to get home” aren’t big in our vocabulary.

Our typical activities include waiting through airport delays, battling fatigue, carpooling with other road-warrior comrades, and enduring extended stays away from home in small short-term hotel rooms.

Some of us WORK up to sixteen hours before calling the day over.

Some of us have spouses, small children, elderly parents, or tail-wagging pets we rarely spend time with because of business travel, or because we’re always working.

Some of us come close to near-abandoning our FAMILIES for our jobs. 

One guy’s daughter graduated high school this year while he was on the road working. He said he sees her so little, he didn’t know she was old enough to start high school.

LIMBO DIED because I put my job in front of my duties as her caregiver.

Here’s a picture of a coworker after he squished himself into the back of the minivan we carpooled in last month:

carpool.jpg alt=Squished

The stories can go on, and on.

Not everyone enjoys being ON THE ROAD all the time.

In STAFF MEETINGS, and other communications with local management, WORK/LIFE BALANCE and EMPLOYEE WELLNESS are issues not talked about.

I think they need to be brought out in an open, supportive atmosphere, so we can all share eachother’s wisdom in developing good coping skills, and being better people.  Including the MANAGERS that treat us like automatons. They’re human too.

Or else the STRESS will probably come out somehow, somewhere, in some unhealthy form or expression.

Some people may like being away from the kids, or spouse, or mother in law.

Some folks move on to less demanding jobs that allows them more time with their loved ones.

The rest of us deal with the stress by turning to drugs, drinking to excess, taking on other addictions, or internalize it to the point it grows into some psychological disorder.

Some of us may bury ourselves in denial or turn into WORKAHOLICS

Some like me BURN OUT, loosing energy and spirit.

In a TOXIC WORK PLACE, asking THE BOSS for relief MAY GET YOU the old “Be happy you got a job” and “Get back to work” lines.

How do you cope with OVERWORK, and excessive BUSINESS TRAVEL?

Posted by Elvis on 07/17/11 •
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