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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not Made In America



Where NEBUAD left off, ALU’s PROJECT RIALTO, GEMINI PARTNERSHIP, NETWORK GUARDIAN, and OTHER INITIATIVES, make it pretty clear to me, this company is out to beat NebuAd at DATA MINING, and reach DEEPER THAN EVER into our privacy.

Let’s hope wireless subscribers FIGHT FOR WIRELESS PRIVACY over the airwaves LIKE CONGRESS DID FOR INTERNET PRIVACY.

And while were speaking - and crying - about global technological leaders - read this:


Network giants reject ‘buy American’ Obama mandate
Parts are cheap, labor is not

By Austin Modine
The Guardian
June 10, 2009

Cisco Systems and Alcatel-Lucent want “buy American” provisions stricken from Barack Obama’s $7.2bn US stimulus program to expand broadband internet access.

BLOOMBERG has reported the networking giants have FILED COMPLAINTS with the federal agency overseeing broadband funds, saying a mandate for US parts would be “grossly inefficient” and a “radical departure” from normal markets.

President Obama’s ECONOMIC STIMULUS PACKAGE requires projects funded under the law use steel, iron and manufactured goods produced in the US. Expectations can only be made if the agency involved deems the mandate “inconsistent with the public interest,” supplies are “no longer produced in the US in reasonably available quantities and of satisfactory quality,” or will increase the overall project by more than 25 per cent.

“We’re talking about technologies that are no longer made in the United States,” Alcatel-Lucent veep of public affairs John Marinho told Bloomberg.

“The completely globalized supply chain of the broadband equipment sector means that many types of the most important equipment is not produced in the United States,” Cisco said in a filing with the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

CISCO has requested the public interest waiver for a large selection of its telecom equipment, including edge and core routers and switches, IP set-top boxes, WiMax and WiFi equipment, plus hardware and software for security, storage, data center switching, load balancing, and application management.

“Reorienting the global electronics supply chain for this specific program in a short period of time would be both inefficient and expensive,” Cisco said in the filing.

In a letter to the US agency over seeing the allocation of funds, Alcatel claims that construction labor makes up the overwhelming majority - from 70 to 90 per cent - of the cost of broadband network rollouts.

“Broadband deployment is an effective way to provide immediate job stimulus for construction workers and technicians regardless of where the equipment came from.” Alcatel president Robert Vrij wrote.

Those speaking against Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent getting a “buy American” waiver is Debbie Goldman, Washington DC-based policy director for the Communications Workers of America.

“This is about creating American jobs - not Chinese jobs,” Goldman reportedly said.



Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support “Buy American” in Economic Recovery Legislation

Alliance For American Manufacturing
February 6, 2009

Americans overwhelmingly support federal requirements for American-made materials in all federally funded infrastructure investment in the 2009 economic recovery bill, according to a random survey of 1,001 U.S. adults conducted Jan. 29 Feb. 1 by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Alliance for American Manufacturing.

The national POLL found 84 percent favor ֓Buy American requirements (66 percent strongly, 18 percent somewhat). Only 4 percent strongly oppose the requirement and 7 percent somewhat oppose it. The overwhelming support was consistent regardless of gender, age, income level, education, or region.

“Buy American is a good deal for taxpayers and workers,” said AAM Executive Director Scott Paul. U.S. taxpayers understand the issue at hand.  Buy American is longstanding U.S. policy and consistent with our international trade obligations. The Senate should pass economic recovery legislation as soon as possible with Buy American requirements intact and reflect the will of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

The question on the economic recovery bill being debated in Congress was conducted by Harris Interactive in a national omnibus survey conducted by phone among adults living in the contiguous United States.  The survey polled 1,001 adults 18 years of age or older and is representative of the U.S. adult population. For complete methodology, including weighting variables, please contact David Roscow or Steven Capozzola.

Said Scott Paul, “We know that Buy American enables us to create 33 percent more manufacturing jobs.  Thats why we are confident that at the end of the legislative process, the Obama Administration and Congress will agree to strong Buy American provisions.”


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