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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rose Colored Immigrants


Then I looked and there was the Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads.
- Revelations 14:1-2


I don’t think the illegal immigration issue can be taken by itself without a deeper EXPLORATION of the DARK SIDE of exploitation of illegals, and everyone ELSE - by big business and the politicians in their pockets, before the rich legacy Dr Chopra mentions can be appeciated today. 

An essay about THE RICH LEGACY OF WAL-MART and it’s LOW PRICES would be just as ROSE COLORED without taking into the account the tests of our time.


The Rich Legacy Of Illegals
By Deepak Chopra
July 2, 2007

We are often REMINDED, especially near the Fourth of July, that America is a nation of IMMIGRANTS. But that doesnt keep people from feeling RESENTFUL against the flood of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, the vast majority IMPOVERISHED Mexicans, who have flooded into America. There seems to be a gulf between them and us, we legal immigrants who came here on the Mayflower or as recently, perhaps, as thirty-six years ago. That was when I came to Plainfield, New Jersey as a young doctor from India. Yet is the gulf between legal and illegal that real?

Stiff immigration laws were a CREATION of the twentieth century. Eugenics was a legitimate science at the turn of the century, and respectable leaders spoke direly of the bad seed that would be mixed into American genes by hordes of arriving immigrants, particularly Eastern European Jews driven by the brutal pogroms of the Czar. As it turned out, five major Hollywood studios were founded by Jews fleeing Poland at the time. The same ґbad seed gave us the quintessentially American music of George Gershwin and Irving Berlin. Racism joined up with fear of anarchists and the “Red” Scare after WW I, leading ultimately to the Communist scares of the Fifties, all of them baseless. Yet they gave us what we NOW HAVE, a draconian set of immigration laws that exist, first and foremost, to keep people out.

But the Statue of Liberty doesn’t read “Give me your huddled masses who went through proper channels for their visas.” America has always existed as an idea - the fabled American dream - and without that idea, the nation would sink into being a rich, self-involved, materialistic place with a penchant for military adventures. It requires the constant refreshing of the American idea to preserve our identity. Consider this: under the present restrictions, a large percentage of Americans would be illegal if they had to arrive here today. This includes the Pilgrimsthey didn’t have a good job waiting for them, and for most it was a close call whether they could provide food and housing for themselves.

Todays illegals are a secret, or not so secret, godsend. Unlike Russia, with its declining population and increasing burden of older people, or Italy, with a birth rate so low that it may not be able to replenish the current generations, the U.S. is as rich in youth as it is in old people. I won’t repeat the many valid arguments that show the economic benefit of immigration. The bald fact is that the current wave of anti-immigrant sentiment resembles every other. At bottom its about racism, xenophobia, the desire to deny others the American dream, and above all FEAR. No one knows how the tide is moving. With the collapse of a comprehensive immigration bill in the Senate, it’s likely that we will get piecemeal legislation. More states will pass anti-immigration laws along with the 17 who already have. The right wing will probably get more fences built along the Mexican border. The whole picture smacks of a great feast where those who have filled their plates want to keep anyone else from eating.

But there is hope that the country will realize that our rich legacy of immigrants needs to be kept alive. We live in an age of refugeeism as desperate overseas as the era that brought Italians, Irish, and Jews across the water a hundred years ago. That batch of people who would be illegal today did pretty well by the American dream, and theres every reason to believe that the current wave will, too.


Posted by Elvis on 07/04/07 •
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