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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Song Remains The Same

Whether they make a lot of money, or a little money - SOME COMPANIES seem so short-sighted, greedy or intent on driving business AWAY - if it wasn’t so sad - it would be laughable.  Here we have the iconic BELL LABS merging with another iconic company FORMING a collosal mega-company, that could take over in IT’S marketplace. 

So what do they do?  Lay off their prized SCIENTISTS, get rid of their HIGHLY-SKILLED workers, and CUT costs everywhere. 

Wouldn’t building-up and INVESTING-IN the company be in order? 

SHORT TERM PROFIT, NOT LONG TERM GROWTH means just that.  Looks like another great company and icon of America’s strength in technology may be on it’s way to a corporate-greed induced death.  While the NEXT big THREAT goes UNNOTICED.

Was it Stalin that said “We’ll hang the capitalists with the noose they sold us”?


Alcatel-Lucent Reports A Drop In Profits, But A Gain In Orders

By W. David Gardner
Information Week
May 11, 2007

Despite a projected second quarter revenue growth, the company is cutting 12,500 jobs in an effort to IMPROVE COST SAVINGS.

In an indication Alcatel-Lucent is emerging from the initial difficulties of its MERGER, the firm reported Friday that profits dropped 35 percent in the first quarter. However, the merged firm said it expects revenue to grow in the second quarter and some stock analysts raised their ratings on the firm after the earnings report was announced.

Net income for the quarter was Euros 199 million ($268 million) while revenue for the quarter was Euros 3.9 billion—a drop of 8 percent from the year-earlier quarter.

Chief executive Patricia Russo said the firm is seeing “strong order flow” across its businesses and she expressed confidence Alcatel-Lucent will be able to grow faster than the market the company addresses.

The company is cutting 12,500 jobs in an effort to improve cost savings. The firm said sales in its enterprise division rose 9 percent, although they weren’t enough to offset other drops in its business.

The quarter had also been significant for Alcatel-Lucent’s time in court. Earlier in the month, Judge Rudi Brewster, of the U.S. District Court for San Diego, tossed one of Alcatel-Lucent’s five remaining claims that Microsoft’s Windows Media Player, Messenger and other programs infringe on its speech recognition patent.

It was one of the six patent claims Alcatel-Lucent has filed against Microsoft. On February 22nd, a jury that heard the first case ruled in favor of Alcatel-Lucent and awarded $1.5 billion in damages. The next trial is scheduled for late May, with the remaining three claims to be heard in the months following.


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Section Dying America
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