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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hollow, Worthless CWA

As union represented techs are shuffled around AT&T, BellSouth, Cingular, SBC and whoever else AT&T owns - the same CWA officials that SCREWED me and a bunch of other 40-something, highly-skilled, seasoned, veterans of AT&T four years ago - spew out more HOT AIR aimed at the rest of their members.

An AT&T tech I used to work with says he got one of the jobs mentioned in the blurb below last month.

After the April ‘08 post, I can’t find any more info on the issue.

Maybe the CWA just dropped it, or made some kind of backroom deal with AT&T.

Which wouldn’t surprise me at all.


February 8, 2008

AT&T Unilateral Work Intergration Violates All CWA & IBEW Contracts!

We have been informed by both the company and numerous AT&T Legacy T Locals that the company will be fully integrating the work of Legacy T Article 43 Techs and their counterparts in the S (BELLSOUTH) Contracts. The Telecom Executive Board Vice Presidents have scheduled a conference call for Wednesday afternoon to address this issue and what CWA’s strategy will be and how best to deal with these blatant contractual violations.



Arbitrary Re-Assignment of Work

April 8, 2008

AT&T continues to arbitrarily introduce new work rules for Legacy T Central Office and Outside Plant work across the country. The Company is attempting to cross-contractual lines and have work shared between SBC, PacTel, Ameritech, BellSouth and Legacy T Technicians without engaging in bargaining with CWA. Our National Union has filed NLRB charges challenging the companys plan. We are coordinating our efforts with CWA Locals across the country to combat AT&T’s decision to violate the collective bargaining agreements with CWA.

We have sent the following notice to Legacy T and BellSouth managers in Local 3250’s jurisdiction notifying them of our position and that all attempts by the company to proceed with work sharing will be challenged pursuant to the 2005 CWA-AT&T Legacy T Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Rick Resnick
AT&T-Global Network Operations

The Union was informed that AT&T Legacy T and Legacy S Southeast (BellSouth) managers have now implemented the integration of work assignments and responsibilities for Legacy T Central Office, Fiber Regen, Power, and Remote POP sites in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. This work is currently performed by Communications Technicians who are represented by CWA Local 3250 and are covered by the 2005 AT&T Legacy T and CWA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The Union objects to the company’s plan to re-assign responsibilities of Technicians that currently perform Legacy T, Article 43 work and integrate into these duties and responsibilities Legacy S Technicians that are currently covered by different and separate Collective Bargaining Agreements.

It is the Unions position that if the company imposes the integration of employees to perform work outside of their respected bargaining unit agreements the company will be violating the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements by unilaterally altering the scope of the bargaining unit and diminishing the value of all wages, hours, terms and conditions of employment contained in the working agreement.

We request that the company halt all integration of employees at AT&T facilities currently represented by the 2005 AT&T Legacy T and CWA Collective Bargaining Agreement and recognize and adhere to all Collective Bargaining Agreements currently in effect at AT&T.

The Union has also learned that Legacy T Bargaining Unit members are now reporting to Legacy S (BellSouth) supervisors and managers who will be responsible for contract administration, work performance and discipline procedures that they are neither versed or familiar within the AT&T Legacy T and CWA Collective Bargaining Agreement. This will lead to errors in contact administration of wages, hours, terms, and conditions of employment and cause irreparable damage to occupational careers when the Collective Bargaining Agreement is misinterpreted. The Union strongly objects to this initiative and demands an immediate halt to this practice.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience with the Company’s position regarding these issues.


Roy Hegenbart
CWA Local 3250


Posted by Elvis on 08/02/08 •
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